Puerto Vallarta Garden Club - 'Why Bees Matter'


The Vallarta Garden Club will hold their next members meeting on Tuesday, March 12, with special guests Talit Leon Mantecon and David Erne speaking on the importance of bees.

Did you know that a large percentage of the food we consume each day relies on pollination, mainly by honeybees? Avocado, squash, cucumbers, citrus fruit and so much more are completely dependent on bees. Yet, honeybees are disappearing globally at an alarming rate. Why? What can be done to save them? How are they populated?

The Vallarta Garden Club is pleased to have Talit Leon Mantecon and David Erne speaking at our next meeting, set to be held at Incanto, Insurgentes #109 at the Rio Cuale, on Tuesday, March 12. Join us at 4:30 pm for Drinks with Friends, followed by their presentation, "Why Bees Matter," at 5:00 pm.

Talit Leon Mantecon is a professional beekeeper with a deep knowledge of the science of bees, particularly honeybees in Mexico. David Erne is a retired attorney from Milwaukee who has been a hobby beekeeper for almost 40 years. Last year, the two of them traveled to Tepic to secure the two hives that have been installed at the Vallarta Botanical Garden. Collectively, these two have a wealth of knowledge on this critical topic and will be our featured speakers at our next membership meeting. So, join us March 12 as we delve into the fascinating world of bees. See you there!

The Vallarta Garden Club is registered as a non-profit organization in Mexico. Annual dues are only $500 pesos for individuals or $750 for couples and are used to support the club's ongoing efforts to make Vallarta a more beautiful place. For more information, 'Friend' us on Facebook or visit

Source: Banderas News

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