Hurricane Nora, Puerto Vallarta 2021

Hurricane Nora, Puerto Vallarta 2021

Hurricane Nora, with its furious wind and rain, plowed through the coast of Mexico in late last month, devastating six states. On August 28th, it hammered Jalisco State, while being a Category 1 hurricane, and went on to Nayarit and Sinaloa before finally being drained.

Just a week ago, a natural disaster shook the country, but Puerto Vallarta has already made moves to get the city back to normal, and travelers can expect the show to go on as planned at the destination.

“Following the passage of Hurricane Nora, state and municipal authorities, the National Guard, Civil Protection and other organizations are working collectively to assist in cleanup, restoration and community support efforts in the deltas of the Rio Cuale and Rio Pitillal affected by the storm,”

read a statement from the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board.

“Puerto Vallarta’s airport, hotel industry and tour companies are operating normally,”

the statement continued.

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