Puerto Vallarta’s municipality during the month of May 2011 started the remodeling and improvement of the already famous Malecon in Puerto Vallarta (“malecón” is the name given to a stone-built embankment or esplanade that follows the edge of a waterfront). After much work and effort, this important city project is now finished.

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Already some weeks and months ago the remodeling began to cause excitement and good reviews, also within the international tourism media. We can, for example, mention the site “Travel Age West”, an online travel and tourism magazine that is one of the most important in the tourism market in the U.S. who recently published a full article on the Vallarta Malecon remodeling.

Malecon Puerto Vallarta

The Puerto Vallarta Malecon makeover has been a project where you can easily notice the high quality of the structure and the finishes. Authorities have informed of the care that has been taken in every step of the way and every detail of the construction work. First, because a solid, durable and stable malecon is a basic requirement; secondly, because it is a basic attraction for the city and tourists; and third, because it is part of the daily life of the local citizens and the Vallartan government is always seeking to add and improve the recreational areas and culture that are available to the general population.

Considering that technology is also a part of everyday life in the XXI century, the Vallarta Malecon will also include free Internet access throughout the walkway for up to two hours, from mobile phones or other devices that can use Wi-Fi.

Wifi Puerto Vallarta Malecon

All these improvements are cause for celebration, the official Malecon inauguration took place the day before yesterday on November 25, and will continue with other events,including plays, concerts and much more, check the calendar below for details:

Friday November 25
5:00 pm – Inauguration / All along the Malecon
5:00 pm – Me gusta Vallarta (I like Vallarta) / All along the Malecón
6:00 pm – Parade of dancing horses / Malecón and Malecón Lighthouse
7:00 pm – Ballet Xiutla / All the Malecon and Los Arcos

Saturday November 26
9:00 am – Swim at the beach / Malecón Beach

Sunday November 27
3:00 pm – My friend without hair / Los Arcos
6:30 pm – Unveiling of the Sculpture “Nostalgia”

Monday November 28
7:00 pm – WiFi access starts / All along the Malecón
7:00 pm – I like Vallarta / All along the Malecón

Tuesday November 29
5:00 pm – Afternoon Danzon / Malecón Lighthouse Stage
6:00 pm – Theatre play “Traditions and death of Don Miguel Hidalgo” / Los Arcos
8:00 pm – Different dances / Malecón Lighthouse Stage

Wednesday November 30
6:00 pm – Closure Dances with members of the CBTis / Los Arcos

Thursday December 1
5:00 pm – EXA Concert with eight young artists / Malecón Lighthouse Stage