The “Hacienda El Divisadero” raicilla was awarded the Gold Medal at the Top World Spirit Awards 2021, which took place last month in Paris, France.

The jury was made up of 16 members, including renowed taster Christophe Guitard, and sommeliers Myriam Huet and Mona Khalife, rated over a dozen brands of distilled and spirits, granting Jorge Luis Carbajal’s ‘Hacienda El Divisadero’ the Gold Medal.

Hacienda El Divisadero, founded in 1999 by Florentino Carbajal y Juana Díaz, Jorge’s parents, restores the artesanal process of raicilla making from the jima up until it is the distilled. The Hacienda produces approximately 1,500 litres of high quality raicilla every year.

Raicilla is a distilled spirit from the Western part of the State of Jalisco in Mexico. It’s one of the lesser-known alcoholic beverages made in Mexico, but might actually be the older brother of the world-famous Tequila.

The name means small root (Raicilla) and is actually distilled from the fermented juices of a maguey plant or agave. There are more than 200 species of these plants, in the case of Tequila you can only use one, the blue agave, for Mezcal you can use one of 14 species and for Raicilla, two species are used, the so-called, lechuguilla agaves, “pata de mula” (mule foot), or “agaves raicilleros” of the species (Agave inaequidens) and (Agave maximiliana).

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Source: Excelencias Gourmet (Spanish)