Rhythms of the Night on New Year's Eve

Rhythms Of The Night

Vallarta Adventures offers the opportunity to enjoy a very special night in a boat ride to the hidden paradise of Las Caletas. After the adventure you can delight yourselves with a candlelight dinner and later you'll be able to join the festivities and get a privileged view to the famous fireworks display at the Malecón! Ring in the new year with friends and family.

As night falls, the secluded cove of Las Caletas is transformed into a magical paradise, the ultimate backdrop for our exclusive event, Rhythms of the Night - an amazing voyage that will transport you to a mystical and spiritual land that time forgot.

Your adventure begins with a scenic ocean cruise across Banderas Bay to the isolated cove of Las Caletas. As the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean and darkness descends, you'll enjoy a privileged view of the shimmering lights scattered along the coastline. As the lights diminish, our journey continues beneath the stars - until a flicker of torches guides us to the secluded haven of Las Caletas.


You'll savor every moment of this unique dining experience whether you are with your special someone or with a group. While lingering over coffee and dessert, the pulsing beat of native drums summons you to our outdoor amphitheater. Here, hidden at the edge of the tropical jungle, a torch-lit pyramid sets the scene, creating the atmosphere for a mesmerizing and breathtaking theatrical performance.

You can read more about Rhythms of the Night HERE.

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