Teleton 2005 – To Love is to Help (Dec. 2-3, 2005) 

Teleton is a national unity project, where we, Mexicans, have the opportunity to reinforce our values and work for the same cause: the rehabilitation of our handicapped children.

Teleton represents the opportunity to renew the trust in individuals and organizations, to think and reflect on our values and make them part of our daily life. Teleton not only raises funds but also promotes a culture of integrity and participation.

Teleton means love, integrity and respect for life and human dignity.

Teleton is a global phenomenon of communication that transforms into a social phenomenon of correspondence within Mexico. It is the sum of millions of souls that turn out to be a national reality.

Teleton in Mexico

In 1997, Mexico decides to organize a Teleton, an event of national unity in which every Mexican is committed to the handicapped children of our country. To achieve the fund raising not only do citizens participate but several institutions and organizations are involved:

Emilio Azcárraga Jean – Televisa
José Aguilera Medrano – Banamex
Adrián Aguirre Gómez – Maxcom
Francisco Aguirre Gómez – Grupo Radio Centro
Gabriel Alarcón Velázquez – founder
Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz – El Universal
Juan Diego Gutiérrez Cortina – Gutsa Construcciones
Alfredo Harp – Banamex
Francisco Ibarra López – Grupo ACIR
Martín Marmolejo González – Nacional Monte de Piedad
Eduardo Ricalde Medina – founder
Carlos Slim Domit – Grupo Carso
Javier Sordo Madaleno – Grupo Sordo Madaleno
Fernando Uribe Calderón – Sistema CRIT
Alejandro Vargas Guajardo – MVS Comunicaciones
Mauricio Vázquez Ramos – Organización Editorial Mexicana
Fernando Landeros Verdugo – Fundación México Unido

One of the biggest examples of solidarity and generosity during the last years are the children and people with economic restrictions, who represent the most significative percentage of donators.

After our eight Teleton events, we can be proud of having established six Teleton Children Rehabilitation Centers (CRIT: Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teleton) in operation and one is under construction. These centers are: CRIT Estado de México, CRIT Occidente, CRIT Oaxaca, CRIT Aguascalientes, CRIT Coahuila, CRIT Guadalajara, and CRIT Hidalgo.

Plus, 356 handicap-oriented institutions around the Mexican Republic have been helped by the Teleton Institutions Support Fund (FTAI: Fondo Teletón de Apoyo a Instituciones). Part of the funds raised during the Teleton are given to different institutions around the country, these donations have helped more than 138,000 handicapped individuals in Mexico.


The International Teleton Organization (ORITEL: La Organización Internacional de Teletones) is formed by a group of countries where the Teleton has had a great influence on the population and on the attention to handicapped persons.

ORITEL is one of the biggest organizations dedicated to voluntary help in the World, with an influence over a population close to 400 million people. This organization’s mission is: to promote unity and fraternity on a continental level through the promotion of human values and cultural values, particularly in favor of handicapped people.

ORITEL’s Latin-American members are: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay.

The organization’s main goals are: create an exchange of experiences between the participant countries, in order to enrich and share knowledge of rehabilitation, operation of rehabilitation centers, training, promotion of campaigns for the integration of handicapped people into society, prevention of accidents leading to disabilities, and the organization of the Teleton event.

Promoting National Unity towards a common cause
The Teleton gives an opportunity, to each and every Mexican, to join together in brotherhood, as has been done through the last years in several events. Love makes us participate in the struggle for improving the life conditions of thousands of Mexicans that live with some sort of disability.

Promoting an integration culture in favor of handicapped people

In order to achieve a total integration of handicapped people we must have cultural values, which will drive us to full respect of human dignity above all.

Building and Operating Rehabilitation Centers for handicapped minors

It is very important for the Teleton to give treatment to minors with neuro-muscular and bone handicaps, this is why the largest amount of resources is destined to construction, supplies and operation for the minor rehabilitation centers. Trying to fulfill the needs of the whole Mexican Republic.

Support institutions that treat handicapped people in the Mexican Republic through the Teleton Institutional Support Fund

The Teleton Institutional Support Fund is conformed by a percentage of the money raised in the Teleton event, through which the Foundation helps with donations to the handicap treating institutions throughout the country. “Mexico, as a whole, collaborate with Teleton, now the Teleton wants to collaborate with the whole country.”