The Puerto Vallarta Turibus Starts Operating This Week


The first units of the Puerto Vallarta Turibus will begin operating on August 16, 2019, in the tourist strip, taking tourists to different points of interest and attractions in the city particularly to the historical center.

With an investment of approximately 20 million pesos, on Friday, August 16, the first four units of the so-called turibus will begin operations in Puerto Vallarta, as announced by the president of Canaco Servytur in Puerto Vallarta, Carlos Gerard Guzmán. “As a representative of the Chamber of Commerce, I can say that we are very happy to see that investors have confidence in Puerto Vallarta, especially in the tourism sector, particularly in the transport sector such as the Turibus.”

Guzmán mentioned that according to the information he has, they will start operations with four units and then another two will be added, which will operate the service with a total of six buses. He pointed out, it generates confidence in the business sector and certainty among other investors and possible people who could seek to invest in this city, and although it is a new service for Puerto Vallarta, it is a well-known tourist attraction in multiple destinations in Mexico and internationally.

In this regard, he indicated that this service will be provided in the tourist strip, in the spirit of taking tourists from hotels, especially those included, and take them to different points of interest and attractions in the city and in particular to the historical center that is where it is necessary to generate more influx of visitors.

Gerard Guzmán said that with this action the product is being renewed, which in the end is what Puerto Vallarta requires, to be at the forefront of the other tourist destinations, not to be left behind but instead, to be repeating what works and well in other tourist areas that are always at the forefront and that Vallarta is no exception.

Source: Vallarta Daily