Unveiling art in Puerto Vallarta

Many activities have been held in conjunction with the reopening of the malecon in Puerto Vallarta, one of these was the unveiling of the sculpture of Triton and Mermaid in its new location. And to make the moment even more enjoyeable, the youth group Bieros-Kum had all attendees dancing during the celebration.

Unveiling art in Puerto Vallarta

This event took place last Sunday after the remodeling of the seaside walkway (known as “el Malecón”) in Puerto Vallarta, financed by the Municipal Government, headed by Salvador Gonzalez Resendiz. The unveiling of the sculpture called Triton and Mermaid was the presentation of the different works that graced this new area of Vallarta.

Representing the local authorities, the chronicler Juan Manuel Gomez Encarnacion, along with all the people present, cut the ribbon of the sculpture which is a favorite for visitors to take pictures and take a souvenir photo from Puerto Vallarta.

The bronze sculpture was made by the artist Carlos Espino and was made public in August 1990.

Carlos Espino is a Mexican sculptor that gives himself in soul and spirit in each of his sculptures. He usually combines the great myths of antiquity and the sensitivity of the modern man. Bronze is his favorite material to work with. That also explains the wonder of this work that now adorns the new Malecón.

Puerto Vallarta, in addition to being one of the most visited vacation destination for its beaches, numerous tours and activities and many exceptional sights, is now also a great tourist destination to really appreciate and enjoy arts and culture in all its expressions.

Across the town you can find fabulous sculptures, paintings and other forms of art which are the expression of a large community of artists that either live in Puerto Vallarta or are visiting the city from other parts of Mexico or the world to showcase their work and make it known. We can mention writers, artisans, painters and sculptors that present their work in the streets, galleries and the seaside walkway in Puerto Vallarta.

As another aspect of the different arts, do not miss miss out on the opportunity to enjoy all the music that has become an everpresent part of all the celebrations related to the new Malecón.

This time it was the vallartan youth group "Bieros-Kum" who played in Los Arcos, where they were in charge of getting the audience's mood up and ended with everyone dancing cumbia villera, a subgenre of an argentinean cumbia that began to gain popularity in some of the most popular areas in Argentina and now has won fame in many other places.
The interpretation of young musicians of "Bier-Kum" was well received and won the applause of all those present. They alos enjoyed this because it was their first public concert. All in all a very successful and enjoyeable event on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta.

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