Puerto Vallarta is One of the Most Inclusive Destinations in the World


Travel website Expedia has named Puerto Vallarta as one of the 18 most inclusive destinations in the world. According to the site "Puerto Vallarta has a lively LGBTQ scene, and an inclusive nightlife atmosphere that make it one of the top destinations for gay travelers."

Expedia, the US travel platform, unveiled a list of cities that stand out for their activism record, protection laws, establishments, districts and community-friendly business practices, as well as their ability to offer festive environments for all lifestyles. While the main destinations and glittering jewelry for LGBTQ travelers (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) had been San Francisco, New York, Paris and London, more and more cities are joining the category to offer more options to this sector of tourists.

Puerto Vallarta was recognized as a dynamic city ideal for gay travelers, with an inclusive nightlife in bars such as Apaches where the famous “happy hour” is offered, or the Bar Frida, known as the friendliest bar in the city. 

In May, the city offers eight days of celebration to celebrate the community, this is Vallarta Pride, LGBT Pride Gay celebration of Puerto Vallarta, which this year will be held from May 20 to 27 with concerts, cultural events, tours, cruises, among other activities. This event was launched in 2013 to celebrate the LGBTQ community that lives or visits the destination and with the passage of time, this has positively influenced to become part of their culture, heritage and history. It broke the record in its latest edition with the participation of seven thousand attendees and the presence of the mayor of the city.

Source: Vallarta Daily & Expedia