Puerto Vallarta Police to Receive LGBTQ+ Sensitivity Training


Puerto Vallarta's police force will be undergoing awareness and sensitivity training on how to treat the LGBTTTI community. The coordinator of the LGBTTTI Vallarta Collective explained that these courses are part of the recommendation that the State Commission of Human Rights made to the City Council this year. 

Police in Puerto Vallarta will receive awareness and sensitivity training on how to treat the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, transvestite and intersexual community (LGBTTTI).

This was reported by Héctor Ramírez Betancur, coordinator of the LGBTTTI Vallarta Collective, after a meeting with the Commissioner for Citizen Security, Jorge Misael López Muro.  The meeting was also attended by Laura Olmedo Tostado, in charge of the Municipal Police Academy, as well as the psychologist Gina Vázquez, who will be one of the trainers of the course, as well as Sandra Bautista, member of the LGBTTTI Vallarta Collective.

Betancur said that the treatment has improved when the police make arrests for infractions, which shows that the rapprochement that the collective has had with the police authorities works. The course will last three hours and will be in a group of 30 people taught at the Police Academy. It will begin next Monday, July 16 at 3:00 pm and will end on Friday, with the participation of 150 people.

Source: Vallarta Daily