The 2018 Puerto Vallarta Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival is set to take place from 2-10 pm on Saturday & Sunday, November 17-18 at the Instituto Vallartense de Cultura on La Isla Rio Cuale.

Come out and sample more than 50 styles and varieties of beer made by Banderas Bay area breweries: Los Cuentos (PV), Los Muertos Brewing (PV), Yambak (Sayulita), Ameca River (PV), Buclas (Bucerías); guest brewers Barrio Chico, Steinbock, Minerva, Vinomika from Guadalajara; Euro Cervezas from Mexico City, and Jalisco's Autlan Brewery.

This year, for the first time, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the centuries-old tradition of crafting artisan beers from master brewers, like the director of the Brewery Du Mouline, who was recently featured at the Festival Octenbulle de Boucheville in Montreal, Canada. There will also be plenty of food stands offering culinary delights that range from traditional Mexican specialties like tacos, ceviches, aguachiles and birria to Los Muertos Brewing Company's famous pizzas, artisanal ice cream, flavored water and more.

All of this is complemented by live music, an art exhibition with works inspired by artisanal beers, a children's play area and lots of fun. 

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In collaboration with Panthera México and several local organizations the Vallarta Botanical Garden is a regional focal point for Mexico's first-ever countrywide celebration of Mes del Jaguar.

On November 1, Garden staff and volunteers installed a visual exhibit on jaguars with stunning images and interpretive texts to learn from and inspire us to conserve the forests that these magnificent beasts depend upon. Photos and narrative explain jaguar's spectacular strength agility and remarkable abilities in hunting, climbing, swimming and more - but also how threatened their forests and habitat corridors have become in recent years. The exhibition also illuminates the cultural importance of jaguars here in Mexico and especially the reverence that many indigenous peoples reserve for them.

The exhibition's inaugural celebration is scheduled for Saturday, November 3 with fun-filled and informative activities for families, friends & individuals. This is an especially great time to meet and interact with artists and biologists involved in jaguar research, conservation, and awareness. The educational talk starting at 1:00 pm will include information about the Garden's recently launched Jaguar Monitoring Programin collaboration with Panthera México, Alianza Jaguar / Proyecto Jaguar, and Viva Natura.

The Garden thanks these organizations and their hardworking staff and volunteers for their help in making this month-long celebration possible. A special thank-you also goes out from the Garden to the Oficina de Proyectos Culturales, contributing artists (Brewster Brockmann and Ernesto Paulsen), and to the sponsors of our jaguar monitoring and jaguar exhibition.

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The event will take place from November 23 until December 2nd at several restaurants around Vallarta like Azafrán, Da Simone, Pampas, among others.

Nowadays Puerto Vallarta is known as a world-class gourmet destination due to its wide gastronomic offer, its restaurants of all kind that delight its visitors, and its traditional and international flavors. It’s precisely this passion for the culinary art that makes possible the International Gourmet Festival, an event of culinary excellence supported by important sponsors such as Audi, American Express and Copa Airlines. This year we celebrate the 24th edition of this magnificent event that promotes, strengthens and raises the gastronomy of our destination.

The creativity of Michelin Stars awarded chefs merge with high quality ingredients resulting in delicious gourmet dishes. Each participating restaurant invites a world-wide celebrity chef such as Johannes Messner, Steve Benjamin, Penny Davidi and Luciano Mier Santoro to join in. The program consists of forums, cooking classes, gastronomic tours, dinners, pairings, in addition to the Wine Festival and many other activities, honoring good food and delight its attendees.

If you’re fan of fine cuisine, this is something you can’t miss. The event will take place from November 223rd till December 2nd at magnificent Puerto Vallarta’s restaurants such as La Leche, Azafrán, Da Simone, Pampas, Emiliano, Le Delice, Mikado, Piaf, Rojo Corazón, among others. Come with us! For more information visit:

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The mass spay and neuter campaign  will take place from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on November 10 and 11, 2018, at the Regional Police Academy in Las Juntas.

There are many non-profit animal organizations in the greater Banderas Bay area that offer free spay and neuter clinics on a regular basis, but on November 10 & 11, the Puerto Vallarta municipal government is organizing the city's third free mass pet sterilization campaign, in an effort to stop the breeding cycle and reduce the number of dogs and cats that end up living on the streets.

Puerto Vallarta has been at the forefront of society and government working together to achieve better results in the area of animal welfare since 2015, when the Animal Care, Control and Surveillance Unit, aka the "Green Patrol," a legal arm of the Puerto Vallarta police force, was created with the objective of responding to animal abuse reports, to investigate, and to rescue abused and/or neglected animal when necessary. This mass sterilization campaign is a fundamental part of the city's plan to continue raising awareness and promoting animal protection. In the two previous endeavors, approximately 760 dogs and cats were sterilized in just four days, significantly reducing the number of stray and/or abandoned animals in Puerto Vallarta.

So, with the support of Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, the Municipal Animal Shelter, along with Green Patrol, Vallarta Adventures and the Fundación Calle Cero, will be holding this third edition of the city's mass spay and neuter campaign from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on November 10 and 11, 2018, at the Regional Police Academy in Las Juntas. The service is free of charge - by appointment only. To make an appointment, animal owners must call the Department of Animal Welfare (322) 225-8837, Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Clinic coordinators are expecting to receive more than 300 dogs and cats per day - so make your appointment today!

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Torneointernacionalpesca Vallartalifestyles

Puerto Vallarta will host the 63rd edition of the International Marlin and Sailfish Tournament from November 14 to 17, 2018.

Organized by the Club de Pesca Puerto Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta Fishing Club). Great prizes for the winners have been announced, with local fishermen as well as national and international competitors (mainly from the United States and Canada) expected to participate.

Registration will be on Wednesday, November 14, from 5 to 10 pm, at the Club de Pesca, located at 145 Hamburgo Street, Versalles. Thursday, November 15, will be the first day of fishing, starting at 7 am with the inauguration on the Puerto Vallarta Malecón, in front of the Hotel Rosita. That same day, from 1 to 6 pm, the day’s catch will be weighed in at the Marina Vallarta malecón, next to the Marina del Rey Condominiums.

On Friday, November 16, departure times are unrestricted, and the day’s catch will be weighed in at the Marina Vallarta malecón from 1 to 6 pm. And similarly, on Saturday, November 17, departure times are unrestricted, with the day’s catch weighed in at the Marina Vallarta malecón from 1 to 6 pm. Then at 7 pm that same day, the awards ceremony will be held in the same place.

Visit to learn more about the program for the 63rd edition of the International Marlin and Sailfish Tournament.

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