This past week began a food distribution program by the municipal government to help the most vulnerable in PV. The city plans to make 3 deliveries of despensas to the Centros de Apoyo Alimentario in different parts of the municipality every 15 days.

Puerto Vallarta Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña has implemented a food distribution program to help 7,500 families in the city's most vulnerable sectors survive the impact of the COVID-19 health contingency.

After a weekend meeting with the heads of municipal dependencies, institutes and OPD's to define the support program's strategy and distribution system, Mayor Dávalos visited the food storage warehouse on Monday to supervise the arrival of the first trailer of the provisions that will fill the despensas, and to oversee the many big-hearted volunteers who were assembling them.

These 'care packages,' filled with food staples like rice, beans, canned goods and basic necessities, will be delivered to 21 Centros de Apoyo Alimentario (Food Support Centers) in different parts of the municipality for distribution to vulnerable families under the coordination of Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos, the president of the Puerto Vallarta Family Development System (DIF) and Víctor Bernal Vargas, the director of Social Development.

Dávalos Peña reiterated that this program was developed to help the families that need it most, but in order to receive this support, one must call 322-178-8010 or 178-8000 (option 9) in advance to schedule an appointment, at which time instructions for when and where to pick up the despensa will be given.

He said that this procedure was devised to avoid crowds of people gathering together in one place and is necessary to ensure the food packages are distributed to those who need them in a safe, orderly and organized manner.

Source: Banderas News


PuRR Project is a non-profit, no-kill feline shelter located just north of Puerto Vallarta that provides homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay with the ultimate goal of adopting them out to loving homes sterilized, vaccinated and disease free.

Like most of the world, we are still in a state of shock at recent events and trying our best to figure out things on a day-to-day basis. The governor of Jalisco ordered a state-wide "Stay at Home" mandate on March 21, along with restrictions on bars, restaurants, theaters and other places where crowds can gather, and schools have been closed for several weeks.

Regardless, we still have to purchase and deliver supplies to the shelter each week. So far, there has been no shortage of kibble, litter and basic cleaning supplies at COSTCO. But there's NO hand sanitizer, alcohol, Lysol spray or Clorox wipes to be found.

We do have SOME good news! A grant was received from Terri and Gray Levy to update and expand the little isolation bungalows to include a fourth and larger maternity bungalow. A donation from Fred Marshall to honor his late wife has allowed us to begin total renovation of the old Acclimation building and "Linda's Welcome Casita" will soon be finished. We'll have more on this story and photos to share of both projects by next month. We are thankful for these generous donors!

In view of the current situation, there are no upcoming events planned. We had to cancel the last two Shelter Tours, Kitty BINGO and a planned Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at Daiquiri Dick's.

With fund raising events cancelled, donations are the only source of funding to provide food, shelter and veterinary care for the 200+ cats & kittens in residence at PuRR Project. Any donation, large or small, will be welcomed to help us get through what will be a difficult summer. Click HERE to make a donation today. For more Kitty News, please visit

Source: PuRR Project


The first Center for Respiratory Diseases opened this Monday, April 6th, located next to Hospital San Javier Puerto Vallarta.

Considered a local and international milestone for its construction speed and for the implementation of temporary facilities and isolated rooms for intensive care.

The first Center for Respiratory Diseases will be open on Monday April 6th of 2020 (it began its construction last March 24th, 2020), providing facilities and the best medical attention for 18 patients at the same time.

The project’s main objective is to offer an ideal place to take care of people with respiratory diseases, such as those caused by the Covid-19, for that reason the first Center for Respiratory Diseases will be equipped with advanced technology including mechanical ventilators for intensive care. Plus, the best doctors and specialists of the Bay.

This initiative is led by the highly regarded Doctor Armando Joya, CEO of Grupo Médico Joya, which includes the San Javier Puerto Vallarta and San Javier Riviera Nayarit hospitals. In addition, Grupo Médico Joya has been working with SANMARÉ Health-Care Group since its opening in 2019.

Source: Vallarta Lifestyles

Marina Boardwalk

Marina Vallarta is in the middle of a construction project that looks to offer an inclusive mobility through its streets.

To learn more details about this project, the editorial staff of Vallarta Lifestyles visited the Asociación de Residentes Marina Vallarta, A.C., to talk with Antonio García, administrator of this organization and the architect Alonso González, chief of supervision and maintenance, who took the initiative to start with this project.

“This idea started from the observation, because one day I saw how different neighbours were having mobility issues on Albatros street and to make things a little bit easier, so we decided to build some ramps. In a very short time we noticed that more people were using them and they felt grateful with this construction and I thought about implementing them all over the neighbourhood. Along with Antonio, we developed a strategy for the council members, who immediately gave their approval and granted us more resources”, shares González.

This project, which is planned to be completed in May 2020, will consist of a total of 90 handicap ramps distributed throughout Marina Vallarta, of which, there is currently a construction progress of 40 percent.

“We are working to make Marina Vallarta a model neighbourhood for all Puerto Vallarta and with the same approach, they may apply the same level of maintenance, care and adequacy of spaces. Our main objective is that people with disabilities have good connectivity, as well as for those who start to use alternative transportation”, concludes García.

Source: Vallarta Lifestyles

Bay View1355 S

Puerto Vallarta is now allowing different cruise lines to dock at its maritime terminal during the health contingency.

Lately, two cruises are sheltered inside the facilities of Administración Portuaria Integral (API): the Rotterdam, of the company Holland America Line and the Europa Cruise, of Hapag-Lloyd, which recently arrived after having sailed in the open sea for over 20 days, until, after ruling out possible risks, the authorities of the maritime terminal of Puerto Vallarta authorized its arrival. After taking the corresponding security measures, the passengers were able to return by air to their countries of origin.

It is estimated that our destination will receive a total of four vessels of this type, keeping all their crew on board, until receiving instructions from the authorities to return to their homes.

Vallarta · Nayarit has maintain a reasonable position by, adopting the corresponding precautionary measures, without forgetting the qualities that have grant our destination the title of “the friendliest city in the world”, attributes that are essential in this type of situations, that require cooperation between individuals.

Source: Vallarta Lifestyles

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