Amphitheater Los Arcos

During its first season, which corresponds to the autumn-winter season, the Caravana Festival will be held at Los Arcos del Malecón. Plenty of artists from Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara will offer music, dance, theater and circus shows, starting on Sunday, November 18 at 7:00pm and for four consecutive Sundays (until December 8.)

An array of artistic works will occupy the city’s most iconic spaces once the Caravana Festival begins, which, organized by the local government and through the Instituto vallartense de Cultura (IVC), will offer free entertainment for the whole family.

Marina de los Santos Álvarez, director of the IVC, said about the festival:  ‘Our objective with this festival is to bring our Vallarta Centennial celebrations to a close with a flourish, as well as to take over these public spaces with a lineup of activities that includes quality entertainment from independent local, state and national companies that everyone can enjoy.’

The governement oficial noted that by pushing this type of activities we can revive local enonomy, benefiniting many families and independent cultural companies.

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Now in its ninth year, this event offers residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy an incredible combination of culture, food, cocktails, warm lighting and decorations, as well as live music and an artistic atmosphere, all from 6 to 10 pm.

This Friday, November 16, 2018, and until the first week of April 2019, the South Side Shuffle returns to enliven Basilio Badillo Street in Puerto Vallarta.

The South Side Shuffle is a chance to explore and learn about what each shop, jewelry store and gallery on Basilio Badillo Street in Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant Romantic Zone has to offer. This tour is like a party, with performances by some of the most popular local musicians.

Dates of the South Side Shuffle

  • November 16 and 30, 2018
  • December 14 and 28, 2018
  • January 11 and 25, 2019
  • February 8 and 22, 2019
  • March 8 and 22, 2019
  • April 5, 2019

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Bay View 1359 S

Popular website Airbnb has published an article with a list of the five trendiest cities to celebrate the New Year, with Puerto Vallarta making the list!

Airbnb has presented its list of the five trendiest cities to celebrate the New Year. The platform, which presents lodging options, based its findings on the increase in the number of reservations these places experienced during the last year. Get to know these five destinations!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Reservations increased 92 percent.)

In addition to the celebration itself, if you are looking for a place to relax before starting 2019, this warm city is the perfect place. Airbnb recommends renting an all-inclusive beachfront villa to make the most of your stay.

Tulum, Mexico (Reservations increased 78 percent.)

Celebrate the New Year surrounded by white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Discover ancient ruins in dreamy natural landscapes.

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The Second International Forum of Sculptors will be held in Puerto Vallarta from November 12-24, 2018, once again bringing national and international artists together to create the public art works that enrich the cultural and artistic heritage of our city.

Five of the thirteen large-format sculptures created during last November's 'First International Forum of Sculptors,' organized by the University of Guadalajara's Centro Universitario de la Costa (CUCosta), were donated to Puerto Vallarta and installed in public spaces throughout the municipality in September of this year.

"Puerto Vallarta is an open-air gallery, a place where art and culture are intertwined with tourism in the city," he said, adding that sculptures not only adorn the Malecón and other popular tourist zones, but also public spaces in the colonias that now house the works created during the First International Forum of Sculptors and that, today, give identity to these areas of the municipality.

The rector of the CUCosta, Marco Antonio Cortés Guardado, said that this second edition reaffirms the purposes of this project: to offer a first-class educational opportunity to the student community, to contribute to the artistic heritage of the city, and to improve the urban landscape with works that become a collective reference point and focal points of community identity.

He added that some of this year's projects will be created at the location where they will be placed due to size and weight, given that the sculptures will be made from stainless steel and concrete, and some of them will measure up to 7 meters high. He said that the CUCosta team worked in a coordinated manner with the Puerto Vallarta Public Works and Social Development Departments to determine the best places to display the sculptures that will be created during this second edition of the International Sculptors' Forum.

Source: Banderas News

Puerto Vallarta ArtWalk Logo 2018

The 2018-2019 Vallarta ArtWalk season kicked off on October 31, 2018 and is set to be held every Wednesday from 6:00 to 10:00 pm through May 29, 2019 at twelve participating galleries in the city's historic center.

Over the years, Puerto Vallarta has become a very important art center, with more galleries than any other Mexican coastal destination. An important contribution to Puerto Vallarta's art scene is the Centro Historico ArtWalk which, this season, is celebrating its 23rd year of spotlighting the downtown area's many fine galleries. Featuring art in all mediums - paintings, sculptures, fine ceramics and jewelry - the purpose of the art walk is to provide a pleasant atmosphere for art collectors, art patrons, local residents and interested visitors to discover the great variety and exceptional quality of art available here.

Both local and international artists will display their work within these galleries and, since all the galleries on the Puerto Vallarta ArtWalk are located in the city's historic downtown area, walking from one gallery to another is an easy, enjoyable experience. The Centro Historico ArtWalk is not a guided tour and there is no admission fee. You are free to start at any gallery on the list and spend as much time as you wish at each one. This is also an excellent way to meet new people, visit with old friends, and get to know the wide variety of artists who present their creations in the different galleries.

A free brochure with information about the Centro Historico ArtWalk and a map to the participating galleries is available at most all of the major hotels, businesses and galleries in town, read more here: Historic Center ArtWalk, Puerto Vallarta

Source: Banderas News

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