The Vallarta Bird and Nature Festival 2019, hosted by the Vallarta0 Botanical gardens will take place from March 8-10. The proceeds will help purchase and install military macaw nest boxes at the macaw sanctuary.

We are fortunate to have as our host, the Vallarta Botanical Garden, a nonprofit charitable organization that relies on the contributions of their members and donors to sustain this natural sanctuary, continue much needed conservation projects, and further their outreach to the Puerto Vallarta region’s community. Please visit their website for information about membership and donations.

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens is surrounded by the beautiful bird-rich mountain landscape of Cabos Corrientes, and are located 24 km (15 miles) south of Puerto Vallarta. The Garden is easily accessible by bus, car, taxi, or Uber. Travel to the Garden from Old Town Puerto Vallarta takes approximately 30 minutes. The bus to El Tuito can be caught in Old Town on the corner of Venustiano Carranza and Aguacate.

2019 proceeds will help purchase and install military macaw nest boxes at the macaw sanctuary!

Admission is $200 pesos/day or $500 pesos for all 3 days, children 4 and under, free. Admission is paid at the entrance to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens.

Source: Vallarta Bird and Nature Festiva

Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit reaffirm the quality of their hotels by having been included once again in the Traveler’s Choice Awards, presented by popular travel website TripAdvisor.

The recognitions are given based on ratings, comments and reviews posted on the platform by tourists from all over the world, making these awards highly trusted.

It’s important to note the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit had the best ranking in the region, it placed 4th among the Top 25 All-Inclusive Resorts worldwide, up from 2018 when it landed in 8th place. This resort, property of Grupo Vela, also placed 2nd among Family Hotels in Mexico; 7th in the Top 25 Most Popular Hotels in Mexico; eighth among the top Luxury Hotels in Mexico and 10th in Hotels with Great Service in Mexico.

TripAdvisor is the biggest and most trusted travel focused website in the entire world. Its marketing strategy focuses on testimonials from their visitors to positively influence travel decisions, with over 500 million reviews and comments about lodging, airlines, attractions and restaurants, plus handy price comparisons from over 200 hotel reservation websites.

Source: AZ Noticias (Spanish)


Marlin Natacion and Prepa Vallarta are excited to announce their second of three planned swimming competitions, the "2nd Serial Marlins Prepa Vallarta," which will take place on February 23 and 24, 2019, at Preparatoria Regional de Puerto Vallarta, Hidalgo 500, (21 de marzo) in La Floresta.

The main purpose of these events is to encourage Puerto Vallarta children, teenagers, and people of all ages to enjoy swimming and its benefits. Swimming encourages a more active lifestyle; teaches discipline, responsibility and courage; and provides an opportunity to form new friendships.

All the money collected during the competition will be used to improve our Prepa Vallarta swimming pool with these 2 things:  Purchasing new swimming lanes for training and lessons, and purchasing a new swimming pool ladder.

We thank you for your kind consideration. If you want to learn more about our swimming school, team or institution, please visit us at

Source: Banderas News


The Sotol Festival, presented by Café des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta, will be held from January 31st to February 13th, 2019, where you can enjoy this drink made with wild agave.

One hundred percent organic, the sotol is produced through an artisan process similar to that of mezcal. What differences the sotol from other similar distillates is the botanical family of the agave from which it is extracted, which can only be found in Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango.

The Sotol Festival will take place in Café des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta and Tuna Blanca in Punta de Mita, so residents and visitors can delight their palates with a variety of cocktails made with this unique drink. Tasty gourmet tacos will be specially prepared for the event. Don’t miss this experience!

Reservations: (322) 226-2700 / (322) 159-5675.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For more information, please visit Café des Artistes’ official website here.

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Marina Night FB

Vallarta has ended the Constitution Day long weekend with 90% hotel occupancy.

Puerto Vallarta ended its first long weekend of the year with 90% hotel occupancy, with Constitution Day landing on Tuesday (Feb 05) this year, it marked a 4-day weekend for most people.

According to Susana Rodríguez Mejia, Tourism Director for the Jalisco Coast, the period starting on Friday, February 1st, had around fourteen thousand people using hotel accommodations. In an interview with, Rodriguez Mejia pointed hotel occupancy was great all around, from 2-star hotels to 5 diamonds all over Puerto Vallarta.

It’s important to notice that a few years ago, it was decided that most holidays will be celebrated on Mondays to incentivize tourism in the nation.

Source: AZ Noticias

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