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The population of Puerto Vallarta managed to nearly double between 1980 and 1990 due, in large part, to a sudden devaluation of the peso at that point in time, this attracted to this harbor a large number of visitors from both Canada and the United States, when their purchase power increased considerably from one day to the next.

While observing this sudden growth in tourism, the Guitron Martinez brothers decided to start an important and visionary residential and business development the one we now know as the Marina Vallarta, where you would be able to buy and enjoy marinas, hotels, condos, houses, schools and top-level maritime amenities that could even welcome luxury cruises, and the largest marina in Mexico.

This luxury class development is located just 15 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta and only 5 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport Gustavo Diaz Ordaz.

The luxury of Marina Vallarta
The luxury of Marina Vallarta

If you wish to visit Marina Vallarta, there are plenty of options there, both activities as well as accommodation. There are Grand Tourism hotels all along the beach, such as Westin, Marriott, Velas Vallarta and other that offer the best restaurants and spas to relax and pleasure your senses, and, of course, there are also villas, condos and other hotels throughout the Marina area that cater to the specific tastes and needs of each visitor.

There is also the beautiful promenade of the Marina Vallarta which is suitable for a walk, a bike ride or to visit one of the shops or restaurants and enjoy a delicious meal. Of course, there are all kinds of water activities available in the area, but other than those you can also enjoy other landbound activities like tennis and golf which can be enjoyed in the now famous 18-hole course that covers a large part of the Marina area, with luxury condos and houses surrounding it.

In the Marina, you’ll also find a lighthouse, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Puerto Vallarta. This place has a restaurant at the top where you can sample delicious local and international dishes or maybe sip on a refreshing cocktail while delighting on the beautiful view of the Marina both during the day or at night. Some nights, the area also offers live music and various events, including theater.

For those traveling with youngsters, there is also fun for them here. Marina Vallarta has a large water park with slides and wave pool for children, so they can also spend a memorable vacation.

Another attraction for young and old is the bronze sculpture at the entrance to the Marina called "The whale and her calf." This sculpture was installed in 2000 as a tribute to the whales that visit the harbor and the Banderas Bay each year, according to the locals it is the largest bronze sculpture in the world.

The Marina also has a complete marina that adapts to all types of motorboats, sailboats, and yachts. It has over 500 slips, which can be rented for docking ships during long or short periods.

If you like sports fishing or boating, Marina Vallarta is one of the best places to carry out these activities and to find equipment or charter a fishing trip. If you prefer a cruise around the bay, this site also offers the opportunity to experience this enjoyable experience.

In short, if you just want to enjoy a holiday in luxury, visit the Marina in Puerto Vallarta, it is definitely one of the best options you can find in the area.

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by Peter Wells Scott

Life's sweetest memories often require considerable effort in the making. The trip to San Sebastian is no exception, especially if you travel overland. Some say that the trip can be made in two and a half hours from Puerto Vallarta, but that depends on where you start the clock. The small village of Las Palmas is the actual starting point. The road from the airport to Las Palmas is actually quite uneventful. You'll get a look at the new jail, the university, and the town of Desembocadas on the road leading to Las Palmas.

Once leaving Las Palmas, you will be enchanted by the rainforest which will be your companion for much of the trip. Vallarta Adventures has its famed CANOPY, which is a series of platforms connected by ropes that strand through the forest. Their participants' age from "8 to 80," but you may not want to complete both events on the same day. The road winds and winds with stops often necessary to allow for passage of a vehicle going in the opposite direction. God forbid you would have a flat tire. A small pond on the left looks very inviting, but it is quicksand. Teak trees grow on the right. About midway, you approach the canyon with precipitous drops edging the road. Then there is nature's own infinity pool, which is an excuse for most folks to stop for a "breather." From there to the town of Estancia the road is quite moderate. There are a few family owned restaurants in Estancia which will please you with an order of tacos or quesadillas. A few more hairpin curves and you're almost there.

San Sebastian, some four centuries ago, was a mining town with a population approaching 40,000. Most of the workers slept up in the hills on leaves spread out. Only the jefes were afforded the luxuries of the town, which did not include bath facilities. Just outside of town is the San Sebastian airport. Stopping there, the gate was locked but the Aerotron plane was stationed there with the cockpit door open. Yelling at the tower produced a young fellow who informed that "Juan had gone into town to Christie's." Asking how he had got there, the lad said: "he walked." We decided to follow. Twenty minutes later we were having an afternoon snack at Christie's.Juan advised us that he had to clear out for he was going to take the short 45 minutes ride to a Bufa. The latter is a landmark of San Sebastian. On a clear day, you look far below at the shoreline of Puerto Vallarta. The view, or is it the altitude, literally takes your breath away.

At one end of town is La Quinta, a family-owned coffee plantation. At the other end is a homemade distillery which produces a clear tequila drink called raicilla. La Lupitas restaurant is near La Quinta. Looking for a place to "bed down" generally starts in the town square. Our first attempt was a lesson in Mexican futility. There were 4 or 5 beds to a room and each bed had its respective price, depending, of course, on how many people each bed would accommodate. When we went upstairs to look at rooms on the second floor, and returned, the prices had inexplicably doubled. We ended up at La Posada, where the price was a standard 100 pesos per person. There are 3 or 4 nice little hotels each with its series of legends. Friends stayed at the inn next to the Posada. At
midnight they were awakened by a loud knock at the door. Opening it, no one was there. Ghosts routinely make their rounds in San Sebastian.

Pachita is an 80 year old poet of quiet distinction. Her family came to San Sebastian when she was four. Her verses include "Un Jardin Hermoso," "La salida de la Luna," "Madre Tierra," and "El Vestido de Jesus Nazareno."Time seems to stand still in San Sebastian. Even the clock in the church tower seems to honor that. It has read 20 minutes after seven since anyone can remember.

And, oh yes, you can take the airplane to San Sebastian from Puerto Vallarta. It's a less stressful 20 minutes depending on whether you are going or coming. Returning to Vallarta you'll be treated to a spin along the south shore. July will see a modernization of the runway in San Sebastian. All the comforts of home in this mysterious little town carved out of nature's turf.

A trip to be remembered whether by land or air.

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Puerto Vallarta has a special hidden paradise waiting for those that want to get away from the big city rat race and everyday stress, a quiet, beautiful place, surrounded by nature and bathed by the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

This ideal place we are talking about is Yelapa, a small town just 40 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, at the foot of the majestic mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental.
The word Yelapa is of Purepecha origin and means "place where waters become a pond or come together."

The tranquility and privacy provided by this fishing village has been very attractive for many artists and writers from around the world. It is so beautiful that there are several that have decided to make this their permanent residence, that way they can enjoy the daily inspiration that comes in the combination of sea, nature and mountains.

Yelapa, a hidden paradise

If you want to get from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa you can do so by sea and it is the easiest way to get there, plus it’s a nice trip, you can do so either by a water taxi or another boat. Some of the sea taxis leave from Playa Los Muertos and others from Boca de Tomatlan. The trip to beautiful Yelapa is 45 minutes long from Puerto Vallarta and around 30 minutes from Boca de Tomatlan.

This place has so many wonders that one day is not enough to explore them all, its thick and beautiful jungle is the home to creatures that include parrots and iguanas and the river El Tuito plus two impressive waterfalls.

There are a variety of activities to enjoy while in Yelapa. Among these we can mention fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, swimming, paragliding, horseback riding, buying local Mexican crafts and more. If you prefer a more adventurous experience, Yelapa is also ideal for camping, exploring in the jungle, boating or just lying on the sand under a palapa or enjoying the sunshine.

If you prefer, rustic restaurants also abound by the beach where you can delight your palate with delicious dishes prepared with the fresh local fish and seafood, don’t forget to order a delicious raicilla specially made in Yelapa. Maybe during the night you can also spend an evening right there in the very same restaurants, but in a more romantic setting, since the lack of electricity makes them use candles for lighting, so this, and the mesmerizing moonlight reflected in the sea will make sure you enjoy an unforgettable night.

Yelapa, a quiet and beautiful place

For those who love nature, Yelapa has so much to offer, it is at night where you really notice the abundance and diversity of the local wildlife. You’ll will see a lot of insects, including the flashes of the firefly’s romantic calls, you will see bats flying around eating of the bountiful insect population, crabs that come out of their underground caves to find food by the streams and on the beach, birds, crickets, cicadas , toads and frogs that chant incessantly, the sound of the jungle is varied, constant and fascinating. Spending a night in Yelapa is a prize and an opportunity not to be missed if nature is your thing.

If you are considering staying the night, there are some small rustic hotels like the Hotel Lagunita, where you can have a pleasant and romantic stay, remember, electricity here is a luxury and at night candles will be your guide. If you want to go dancing during your stay, visit the Yacht Club and enjoy the all night party.

So now you know, if you want a different experience, to be in contact with nature, a place where even cellphones don’t spoil the show, Yelapa is the ideal place. There are trips that include meals and in some cases even diving equipment that start off from Vallarta, so there is really no reason to miss the opportunity to visit this little piece of hidden Mexican Pacific paradise.

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Once again the month of the Festival Gourmet International in Puerto Vallarta is almost here, bringing with it the reward of great tasting food and fabulous gourmet experiences. This year it'll be held from November 8 till the 18th and will be held both in Puerto Vallarta as in the Riviera Nayarit.

Festival Gourmet XVIII, 2012

1995 was the first year the Festival Gourmet was held, the result of a conversation between Thierry Blouet from Café des Artistes, Heinz Reize from Hotel Krystal and Silvan Müller of Nestlé. This conversation led to the idea of promoting Vallarta's vibrant gourmet scene and the excellent local restaurants for the world to see.

The 10 day gourmet festival the last 17 years has enriched both the local gastronomic activity and has made Puerto Vallarta a destination with more than the normal appeal of a Mexican beach town.

In 1995 the first festival was held with six 5 star hotels and six local restaurants in the roster, each with an invited guest chef. Until this day, the format hasn't changed, each host restaurant brings an invited chef, but now the participants are much closer to 30 each year.

The invited chefs work together with the local masters, both at the hotels and the local restaurants, creating new and superb quality dishes, that'll make this a one in a kind happening.

Visit the official site to reserve your space in the various events.
Festival Gourmet 2012 Program

Welcome to this unforgettable "Fiesta!!

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