This Saturday, June 1st, the premiere edition of TONAL Will take place, a yearly art meeting and contest that looks to unite and recognize emergent contemporary artists.

The event will start at 4 pm at Galería Uno (Morelos 561, Downtown), where besides enjoying the award wining ceremony for each of the categories, the public will be able to experience four performances and an art exhibit, and delight in music, drinks, freebies and pop-up shops. The winners will receive a cash prize, plus a certificate of participation, a gift kit and the opportunity to exhibit 4 of their best pieces at Galería Uno during a whole month.

According to La Central Casa Creativa, the official organizer of this event, in this first edition it received a total amount of 83 pieces of painting and illustration (from which 34 were selected) and 20 audiovisuals (from which 6 were selected). The artworks were sent from different places of Mexico, such as Puebla, Estado de Mexico, Mexico City, Aguascalientes, León, Guadalajara, Acapulco, Monterrey, Oaxaca y Puerto Vallarta.

The event will be open for the public. For more information, visit the Official Facebook.

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For its third consecutive year, Puerto Vallarta hosted the Down Puerto Vallarta Speed and Style event. Riders from all parts of the globe and from several disciplines arrived to this venue to enjoy this event that took riders from the highest part of the city bombing down stairs and alleys straight to the beach! 

The event, as always is divided into two: the downhill race for the "speed" side and the trick contest for the "style" side of the event.  

Speed: The track, as with previous years, was designed by BSI, it was a short, steep but physical track with few pedaling sections and some technical features that all came together for a fastest time of 1:26.30. The format for this race is made up of one warm up run followed by two timed runs, the fastest run would count as the best one.

At the end of the day, the fastest time would go to the Frenchman Adrien Loron with a lead of +0:00.21 over the Chilean winner of Valparaiso, Pedro Ferreira. They were followed by a new face in the Urban Downhill scene, the Colombian Camilo Sanchez with a time of 1:26.54. Watch out for him in upcoming races. 

Style: The style side of the event is always a favorite among spectators and it brings the sport to a huge audience. Around 40,000 spectators gathered at this year's event to watch riders like, Sam Pilgrim, Ethan Nell, DJ Brandt and Reed Boggs to name a few, style their way into a frenetic crowd that cheered on until the sun set on the horizon. The contest rules as before should judge the combination of tricks done on the three jumps at the end of the track.

The winning combos were as follows:  First place for the Spaniard Bienvenido Aguado - Front Flip Tuck No Hander, Back Flip Table, Front Flip Superman.  Second place for Englishman Sam Pilgrim - Flip Tuck No Hander, Front Flip, 360 Invert. And third place for American DJ Brandt with - Flip Can, Oposite 360, Front Flip.

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Rincón de Guayabitos is ready for the 14th edition of Motofiesta Guayabitos, a family-friendly motorcycle event that's taking place from May 31 through June 2, 2019.

Every year, hundreds of motorcyclists and thousands of visitors come to the Riviera Nayarit to enjoy this annual event, which gives motorcycle enthusiasts a place to show off their spectacular machines and enjoy time together - and this year will be no exception!  The festivities are scheduled to begin around noon on Friday and promise to keep everyone entertained for the entire weekend.

During the day(s), Motofiesta is family-friendly with all kinds of motorcycle games and contests, DJ music, raffles, vendor stands selling all kinds of things, from food & drink to t-shirts and souvenirs and, of course, motorcycle gear and accessories. Don't miss the Desfile de Motos (motorcycle parade) on Saturday, as it is always a rip-roaring good time!  The party continues into the night(s) with fun adult activities including wet t-shirt and naughty "biker chick" contests, and rock concerts by some great bands, like Circo Kandela, La 5 Pata, Mercenarios, and more! 

Entrance to the event grounds is free, but please support the vendors by purchasing t-shirts, souvenirs, food and drinks. Also, please keep in mind that coolers, bottles, firearms, knives and other sharp object are not allowed on the premises.  For more information, visit the Facebook event page.

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The Cultural Centre Los Mangos Library is displaying since May 21st and until June 21st a photo exhibition called “Reflejos Encontrados” by the Swedish Maj Lindtröm, as part of the 101th Anniversary of Puerto Vallarta.

During the whole month the residents and visitors of Puerto Vallarta will closely observe this photographic selection at the library and at the emblematic Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon.  The exposition, is a selection of 74 photographs and its main objective is to learn about the multifaceted life of some of Jalisco’s artist.

To achieve this purpose, Lidström made her photographic sessions at the artists workshops. Thanks to this job, it will be possible for the spectators to contemplate the different shades of each artist; and obtain an historical file about a certain period and social context.

It is important to mention that this work was created between 2015 and 2018 and has been exposed in diverse scenarios such as the Museum of the Arts (MUSA in Spanish) from Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG).  The exhibition will be open for the public at Los Mangos Library, Francisco Villa 1001, Los Mangos Puerto Vallarta.  For more information visit Los Mangos Library website.

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Puerto Vallarta will host the Mexican Beach Volleyball Open for the third time, the event starts on May 24 and runs through May 26 on Camarones Beach. 

Thanks to the positive response by the audience in last editions and with the objective of promoting this sport in the destination, the 4th edition of the Mexican Beach Volleyball Open (AMVP in Spanish) will be back in Puerto Vallarta.

During these three days, Camarones Beach will be the official place of competitions starting at 9:00 am. This time the number of participants is 104 teams, integrated by the best national players, who will contend for the first position three categories: free, man and woman.

The organizers announced that all matches will be free and open for all volleyball fans. Check out the matches calendar.

Source: Vallarta Lifestyles

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