TripAdvisor has released its list of 2011's top twenty-five destinations in the world as voted by passionate travelers & aficionados. Once again, Puerto Vallarta proudly been honored with an appearance on the list of top world tourist destinations.

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Known as the top beach destination in Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta as a beach destination offers over twenty-six miles of beaches that separate this coastal city from many of the other beach resorts on the honor roll.

Puerto Vallarta was a small village before it became a leading world beach destination resort. You can go almost anywhere within the city limits and find a variety of exciting and interesting activities to partake in.

Restaurants, bars, cafés, art galleries help to give the city a cosmopolitan air. Puerto Vallarta is a vibrant cultural mecca surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Ocean at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

The newly restored historic center, the popular arts Teatro Vallarta & the highly anticipated arrival of the city's modern art complex to be established in the area where the current city hall is located, a new pier under construction in the heart of Vallarta's romantic zone, plus a wealth of music and cultural festivals to be held throughout the year are part of the reasons that will give Puerto Vallarta a competitive advantage over other Mexican and Worldwide beach destinations in 2012.

The Annual festivals & celebrations held in Puerto Vallarta include Gourmet Festival Restaurant Week, Fiesta de Mayo, Wine Fest, Marlin & Swordfish Tournament & the annual New Year celebration Fiesta Vallarta which in 2011 attracted an estimated 20,000 revelers in 8-hour street party with a local & international line up.

Below we present some of the best hotels-resorts, restaurants & activities in Vallarta as voted by the travel site TripAdvisor. Of course, the city is big enough to offer something for everyone, so if selections below aren't exactly for you, you can check out the different Vallarta hotels & resorts, tours and activities Vallarta has to offer on the rest of the site and at the same time get a clear idea of why people keep coming to our beautiful city.

Puerto Vallarta is where Mexico comes to life.

Top-rated Vallarta hotels

1 Playa Fiesta Beach Club & Hotel -225 reviews
2 Casa Velas Boutique Hotel - 458 reviews
3 Velas Vallarta Suite Resort - 1,154 reviews
4 Buganvilias Vacation Club - 88 reviews
5 Villa Premiere Hotel & Spa - 575 reviews

Top-rated Vallarta B&Bs

1 Hacienda Alemana -134 reviews
2 Casa Isabel -254 reviews
3 Casa Amorita -233 reviews

Top-rated things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Attractions

1 Metamorphosis Day Spa -47 reviews
2 Venus Sunshine Massage and Spa -33 reviews
3 davannayoga – 5 reviews

Vallarta Tours

1 GO GAY! Jungle Adventure - 35 reviews
2 Estigo Scooters - 36 reviews
3 Canopy & Outdoor Adventures - 256 reviews

Top-rated Vallarta restaurants

1 Casa Isabel, Madison South - 206 reviews
2 Melissa's - 74 reviews
3 Fredys Tucan - 56 reviews

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Puerto Vallarta keeps adding events related to the reopening of the newly remodeled Malecon. This time it's the Zumba Master Class that was a success there, it brought together a crowd of thousands of Vallartan women who gathered to move their bodies, exercise and relieve tensions.

Puerto Vallarta to the beat of Zumba

Even the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, along with his wife Jennifer and the Social Development Director, encouraged by the energy of all the athletes, took the time to enjoy the event together with more than 2,000 attendees and certainly flaunted their best moves to the beat of Zumba, and showed them his appreciation for the favorable response this program had.

"Congratulations, everyday we are more and more surprised and we thank you for the trust you have shown Ruby and Adrian Mendez, who have coordinated the activities," a trust that allows the program "Zumbeando in my neighborhood” to grown and become stronger and attract a larger number of women, as well as transmitting a valuable message both for health and just a simple and fun way to enjoy physical activity.

The director of Social Development, accompanied by his wife, Alondra, also participated enthusiastically with all the locals and also acknowledged the involvement of the organizers of this project, "the Mayor already mentioned it, this Malecon had to be inaugurated by someone famous and important and you are the big players in Vallarta and in its transformation, we congratulate you, and thank you for your confidence in this Zumba project, with your help it is now offered in more than 70 plazas all over the municipality."

It must be noted that this program is part of the Social Development Directorate's activities, which includes certified instructors teaching Zumba every day in different neighborhoods of the Puerto Vallarta, and in this way are contributing by improving the health and quality of life of not only housewives but also women and men of all ages. This program has grown quite well thanks to the excellent response of the local population.

For those who do not know what Zumba is about, the term itself is a word that derives from a Colombian slang term, "rumba", that Colombians use colloquially to refer to a party. Nowadays it's a new and popular sports discipline which mixes dance and aerobic elements in choreographies that use hip-hop, salsa, samba, mambo, merengue and even martial-arts, belly dance moves and more. It's the largest dance fitness program in the world and is based on the Latin music inspired fitness program developed by choreographer and dancer Alberto Pérez in the laste 80's in Colombia.

So if you are interested in being part of this movement or are just on vacation and want to experience something new and different, ask for information so you can locate the closest place in town so you can also begin to enjoy of the benefits of spending a pleasant time moving at the rythym of Zumba while you are in Puerto Vallarta.


Puerto Vallarta
to the beat of Zumba


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For many people,their vacations seem not to be complete if they can’t go out every night and enjoy what they consider a real vacation with their couple, family or friends.

Zoo Nightblub Puerto Vallarta

The good news is that Puerto Vallarta is a beach destination where you actually can go out every night and have fun at a variety of places where all tastes in music and lifestyle can be satisfied.

In Vallarta around 11PM, after having enjoyed a day full of sun, sand and swimming at the beach or by the pool, and a quiet evening enjoying the delicious local or international dishes offered by the many restaurants in this beautiful harbor, the real action begins once the day draws to an end.

All sorts of bars, discos, live music, nightclubs, and many others, open their doors to the visitors who are on vacation or the locals (national and foreigners) already living in Puerto Vallarta, so they can enjoy the nightlife that the long for and can make their holidays complete.

The usual starting point is the famous Malecon, mainly because it is here that some of the best bars and nightclubs are found, many have come and gone, but they are always replaced with new options. The newly refurbished seaside promenade, known locally as “el malecón”, is located beside the beach and is the heart of the fun of a night in Vallarta. It has a very particular atmosphere, very lively and crowded, which invites young and old to continue enjoying and partying all night.

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

Undoubtedly, one of the most frequently visited clubs during the evening is Christine disco at the Hotel Krystal, this disco is not on the malecon.

Christine Disco
North Hotel Zone, by Hotel Krystal, Puerto Vallarta.
Tel: 226-0700 ext 660812 or 224-6990.
Google Streetview


There is also the Zoo Nightclub, this club offers house music, reggae, pop and much more for those who enjoy all kinds of music, located right on the malecon.

Zoo Bar & Dance
Paseo Diaz Ordaz 630, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (On the Malecon)
Google Streetview

The De Santos is also a great restaurant in the day and at night becomes a minimalist and elegant lounge where you can also enjoy great music.

De Santos (Plaza Peninsula)
Francisco Medina Ascencio 2485, Vallarta's Militar area, 48333 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
(322) 209-2072
Google Streetview

Another place is La Vaquita, a place offering delicious micheladas, a drink that is prepared by mixing beer with a variety of other ingredients including lime, tamarind, chile, strawberry, mango, etc., you must try it.

La Vaquita
Paseo Díaz Ordaz (El Malecón) # 610, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


The tour continues to the south of Puerto Vallarta where you can find more alternative joints for those seeking smaller nightlife establishments and some that are popular within the LGBT community.

Or if you're looking for something with a more Mexican style, El Mariachi Loco is the right place, with live music, mariachi, boleros and romantic music. It is no doubt the perfect place to experience the flavor of real Mexico.

El Mariachi Loco
Lázaro Cárdenas 254
Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta, JAL, Mexico
Google Streetview

If you prefer a slightly more Caribbean experience, visit La Bodeguita del Medio. This bar offers delicious mojitos and Cuban dishes alongside the famous live Cuban salsa music for those who enjoy dancing to these joyful lilting rhythms.

La Bodeguita del Medio
Paseo Díaz Ordaz 858 (Malecón) Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
(322) 223-1584
Google Streetview

One more option is to take a night tour relaxing while you sail in the waters of the Banderas Bay enjoying cocktails, a delicious dinner and the beautiful views that Puerto Vallarta’s natural panoramas have to offer.

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Puerto Vallarta's municipality during the month of May 2011 started the remodeling and improvement of the already famous Malecon in Puerto Vallarta ("malecón" is the name given to a stone-built embankment or esplanade that follows the edge of a waterfront). After much work and effort, this important city project is now finished.

Read an article on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon.

Already some weeks and months ago the remodeling began to cause excitement and good reviews, also within the international tourism media. We can, for example, mention the site "Travel Age West", an online travel and tourism magazine that is one of the most important in the tourism market in the U.S. who recently published a full article on the Vallarta Malecon remodeling.

Malecon Puerto Vallarta

The Puerto Vallarta Malecon makeover has been a project where you can easily notice the high quality of the structure and the finishes. Authorities have informed of the care that has been taken in every step of the way and every detail of the construction work. First, because a solid, durable and stable malecon is a basic requirement; secondly, because it is a basic attraction for the city and tourists; and third, because it is part of the daily life of the local citizens and the Vallartan government is always seeking to add and improve the recreational areas and culture that are available to the general population.

Considering that technology is also a part of everyday life in the XXI century, the Vallarta Malecon will also include free Internet access throughout the walkway for up to two hours, from mobile phones or other devices that can use Wi-Fi.

Wifi Puerto Vallarta Malecon

All these improvements are cause for celebration, the official Malecon inauguration took place the day before yesterday on November 25, and will continue with other events,including plays, concerts and much more, check the calendar below for details:

Friday November 25
5:00 pm - Inauguration / All along the Malecon
5:00 pm - Me gusta Vallarta (I like Vallarta) / All along the Malecón
6:00 pm - Parade of dancing horses / Malecón and Malecón Lighthouse
7:00 pm - Ballet Xiutla / All the Malecon and Los Arcos

Saturday November 26
9:00 am - Swim at the beach / Malecón Beach

Sunday November 27
3:00 pm - My friend without hair / Los Arcos
6:30 pm - Unveiling of the Sculpture "Nostalgia"

Monday November 28
7:00 pm - WiFi access starts / All along the Malecón
7:00 pm - I like Vallarta / All along the Malecón

Tuesday November 29
5:00 pm - Afternoon Danzon / Malecón Lighthouse Stage
6:00 pm - Theatre play "Traditions and death of Don Miguel Hidalgo" / Los Arcos
8:00 pm - Different dances / Malecón Lighthouse Stage

Wednesday November 30
6:00 pm - Closure Dances with members of the CBTis / Los Arcos

Thursday December 1
5:00 pm - EXA Concert with eight young artists / Malecón Lighthouse Stage

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Puerto Vallarta is ranked second as one of the best tourist destinations and the first among the best beaches in Mexico as stated and ranked in the website. The ratings were obtained based on reviews by users and experts on this site and represent the consensus on what are the best vacation places in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta has become a major tourist destination due to a large amount of reasons. Among them are its cobble-stone streets, beautiful beaches, abundant marine life, stunning scenery, excellent golf courses, exceptional dining, eclectic nightlife, a vibrant culture and the friendly people of Puerto Vallarta. All this and a few more  reasons make it a paradise for travelers and tourists.

Puerto Vallarta best tourist destination

Some experts state among their reasons for choosing Puerto Vallarta as a tourist destination that it is a destination with something for every
member of a normal family.

No doubt another reason why people choose Vallarta is its famous seaside walkway, the Malecon. Here, free of charge, obviously, you'll enjoy statues, the view of the beach and sea, art, a touch of the local lifestyle, delicious drinks, informal street food and if you so desire a lunch or dinner in one of the numerous restaurants that flank it.

In addition to its beautiful beaches there are many other activities you can enjoy, including: cruises around the bay, horseback riding, scuba diving and snorkeling excursions and day tours where you'll return in time for dinner and if your are up to it, venture into one of several clubs where you can dance the night away.

There are also a variety of ecotourism and water sports options that can be enjoyed in and around the town, these include canopy tours, whale watching, kayaking, diving with giant manta rays and much more. Among the water sports you can count surfing, snorkeling, diving, sportfishing and swimming with dolphins too.

One of its most striking activities is the wide range of golf courses that you can find here. With six world-class golf facilities in the area of the Bay of Banderas and three exclusive golf resorts a few hours drive south, Puerto Vallarta is quickly becoming one of the leading golf destinations in Mexico.

Speaking of nightlife, Puerto Vallarta is not only full of nightclubs and bars. In fact, most authors consider Puerto Vallarta one of the main destinations for nightlife in Mexico, it bolsters dozens of lively discos in the Hotel Zone and downtown Puerto Vallarta and is one of the liveliest gay areas in Mexico.

Whatever people like, Puerto Vallarta is the ideal place to find and enjoy a variety of options in many of the numerous activities that you may enjoy experiencing from dawn to sunset and beyond.

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