Easter week

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Easter week

Post by squirt » Fri Mar 30, 2001 8:09 pm

How busy is it during Apr. 9-16? Will the banks be closed during this time? You have a group of novices here - what should we do/don't do?



Re:Easter week

Post by Becca » Fri Mar 30, 2001 9:23 pm

Hey Squirt! Puerto Vallarta is busiest the week before Easter and the week after. I understand this is "Semana Santa"; a very holy time for the Mexican Catholics. The children are off school during this period and most of the mexicans from the larger cities such as Guatelajara will head to the Puerto Vallarta beaches during this time. Lines will be long, buses crowded, etc. I read and heard about this after I booked my vacation too. I will also be there for a few days during this time period but am looking forward to it, especially now that I know this and can plan ahead. Should be great people watching! Am curious what kind of celebrations they have going on during this time, as I know some Latin American countries have very elaborate festivities. My best friend lived in Guatemala for a number of years and she said they used to dye sawdust and color the streets with beautiful pictures. I guess they'd prepare for Semana Santa weeks in advance, and the results were breathtaking. Have patience and you'll enjoy your trip!