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Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2002 11:12 pm
by ladyluvspv
Thanks for your information Dave, so sad to hear about Los Arcos, but glad to hear that there were no deaths. I am arriving on Sunday hopefully if the airport is open. Have you heard anything about the hotels in Nuevo? Do you know if there are any supplies that we could bring that would be beneficial? Thanks again for your message. It's the first we've heard about what happened today.


Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2002 2:53 am
by Dave on the Island
LadyLuv..haven't heard anything about Nuevo, but I would imagine it gets worse the further north you go. Here is another couple clips from the message board - its got a good group of locals and worth watching for a bit...the scary thing is that apparently winds only JUST hit hurricane force in PV....140mph in San Blas would probably mean total devastation there and probably Tepis. As for supplies - if you are a frequent visitor and are going out of concern, bring everything you could possibly bring (water, rice, basic staples). Reports are only about the touristy areas where there is better construction. The 'off the beaton path' settlements are probably unlivable meaning 1000's of homeless.

If its a first time visit or vacation, you may want to postpone as it sounds like chaos right now. Anyhow, clips and link below.

clip 1:

Don't know if anyone else caught this, but no more than 5 minutes ago the weather channel showed pics of PV. My first thought was utter just can't believe the destruction. Everything they showed was battered and bruised. Boulders laying in the street, furniture thrown about, shattered windows, people walking aimlessly, as if with no direction. Hell, they even showed a brief glimpse of what it looked like when the hurricane came roaring in...WOW! (looked like the film crew was on the amphitheater and shot it looking out across the bay).

Needless to say I found myself repeating one thing..."Holy Crap"..."unbelievable!" There's nothing quite like seeing pics of the Malecon looking like a bombed out war zone. But you know, I just can't help but think what a miracle it was no one was severely injured. Seeing those pics, seeing McDonalds with boulders resting up against the doors and walls...seeing the zoocalo (sniff)...God must have been with them all!

Clip 2:

I got 3 phone calls from PV today, one at about 8:30 PV time, everything was pretty calm, just wind and rain. 11:00 a.m. it was raining alot harder, no one was allowed out of their houses, police, fire and ambulances everywhere. At 8:00 pm tonight I got the bad news and the good news. The good news is my boat is still floating and in one piece, the bad news is, it is one of few. Most of the fishing boats (the guys who fish for a living and keep their boats at Los Pinos lost their boats). There are big sail boats up by the road, trees down on top of boats, jet skis are all trashed or missing. Boats are up in the river, part of the pier that the cruise ships dock at is broken off, the malecon is closed to everyone, if the police catch you down there you will be arrested. You know disaster always brings out the worst in some people and they were starting to loot the jewelry stores. The toursists were evacuated from the hotels to Pitiall. NO water or electricity in Pitiall, but the phones were working!. The road to the south and I am sure to the north too is closed due to the many trees down. I saw the malecon on the news and it looked like a major earthquake had it, unbelievable. My son saw what he thinks was Villa Del Palmar on the news and it was totally flooded with peoples luggage sloshing back and forth with the waves. Don't take that as the gospel truth, it could have been one of several resorts down there and I didn't see it myself. Just wanted to let you guys know what I heard.

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2002 4:04 am
by Canadian Chicks
Dave thanks for all the great information.....but can you tell me what Zoocalo is???? I'm hoping it's not what i think....but please advise.

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2002 4:25 am
by katnsocal
With regards to Dave's quote

If its a first time visit or vacation, you may want to postpone as it sounds like chaos right now. Anyhow, clips and link below.

I would call the resort you are staying at, the phones are still working in alot of areas. It is amazing from the pictures I have seen how quickly they are cleaning up the streets in the malecon area. But check with your hotel and the airlines as to your options before you just get scared and cancel!!! Good Luck!!!

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2002 11:49 am
by krisblack
Statues gone??? Even the seahorse???? Hoping Agony Aunt Bill can check in soon and keep us all up to date!!!

We won't be there until Nov 23 and we are bringing some folks down for their first visit, I hope they get to know and enjoy to PV that we have come to love. I am sure that everyone will clean up, rebuild and carry on......Wish we could do more from up here in the northlands....

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2002 3:26 pm
by gjhesse
Chaos? War zone? Oh, come now. CNN, etc. show only these isolated sensationalist shots to extract the exact reaction quoted above. Yes, there was damage. It was a nasty piece of Ma Nature's show of force. But most of the damage was from the tidal surge and not the winds. Anyone that thinks the sky is falling, go ahead and cancel. But the airport is open, the clean up efforts have started, there were no mud slides and no fatalities.

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2002 5:19 pm
by Capt Jack
Well said GoYo, the cleanup began yesterday and is proceeding around the clock. As I noted in another thread, please patronize the local businessmen. They don't have much activity in the Summer and need our business from Fall to Spring to survive. These businesses do not have flood insurance! It is non-existent. Business interuption insurance, HA! They will rebuild with their own sweat and efforts and take stock on consignment or any other way it may be available to them.

Do call your hotel, but I'm certain that they are in operation and the small businesses, restaurants and clubs, if not already open, will be open for business shortly. As mentioned earlier, the restaurants on the beach were badly damaged and may take awhile longer.

PV is still the most beautiful place on earth and it's people are still the friendliest. Nothing will dampen their spirit.Think of the reasons we go there, not just for the nightlife and booze cruises, but for the people and the ambiance. Nothing has changed that can't be repaired soon.

All those coming to PV soon, Enjoy!

Goyo, the big picture would generally be chaos.

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2002 7:41 pm
by Dave on the Island
CNN generally shows the touristy area, and even with that, it is/was bad. Clean up will be rapid but my point was that if it was a honeymoon or a once in a lifetime $2000 trip kind of thing (for someone not rolling in cash), you tend to want to be more selfish and won't want to deal with the mud, the glass, the dirty ocean etc etc. Follow this link and tell me this is just isolated (click the sideshow link on the left side)... ... 6&ncid=708

PV obviously isn't too bad as it was only category one strength there, but I would venture a guess that from Punta de Mita north, there isn't much standing (heard most of San Blas is totally destroyed). If I recall correctly, Homestead was still being rebuilt a year later after Andrew? and that isn't third world kind of stuff where supplies and access aren't readily available.

I'm assuming you live there and are basing your comments on that - try to drive up to Punta de Mita and beyond and then come back and post what you find. Bet you will be using terms like chaos then!

Back to my comments, I said postpone, not cancel, I definitely think it is a nice gesture to continue to support the economy there. As for the question of zoocalo - the only thing I could think of was The Zoo, but I haven't heard the club called anything else so its probably not one in the same. A local maybe able to answer that!

BTW - I didn't come up with war zone - pictures of Homestead was a war zone to me, not this!

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2002 8:42 pm
by gjhesse
I agree that further north, outside of Bahia Banderas, there is most likely the strong possibility of a great deal of destruction having taken place. I simply don't know; this is an assumption only. Most of these communities are basically at sea level and don't have the protection of the bay. My comments were meant to be taken in regard to Puerto Vallarta only. My heart goes out to the people of Sayulita, Tepic, San Blas, etc. if they have been hard hit. Vallarta did not suffer the tremendous wind damage normally associated with hurricanes, but rather water damage from the tidal surge. There is damage, yes, but not of the sort that has flattened buildings in the already flat terrain of South Florida where the winds are free to stay their course. In Vallart the clean up has begun, the phones are working, the electricity is on, the airport is open. The water is running and is not polluted. This is fact, not speculation or alarmist guesswork. I can't and won't pretend to tell anyone where to spend their vacation dollars. I can only try to allay some of their concerns brought on at least partly by the news media. You know the old saw "no news is good news"? Well, for the media "good news is no news." Over the last few hours I have been in communication with a half dozen people who are physically in Vallarta today and it is from them that I am relaying this information. And war zone? I spent eleven and a half months of the mid 60's in the central highlands of Viet Nam. Please do not trivialize the term.


Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2002 8:50 pm
by gjhesse
Oops, forgot to comment on this. The Zocala is the town square. If you're familiar with the downtown area, its just south of the government offices and across the main drag from the ampitheatre, kitty corner from Hooters. And I don't know specifically about the Zoo, but a lot of the business across from the malecon were hit pretty good by the tides so I guess its a possibility. I'm sure we'll all know more about particular places soon.

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2002 10:57 pm
by Agony Aunt Bil
Agony Aunt Bill here. I've just driven into town to use an internet cafe as my server (PV net ) is under water. In fact, from what l saw yesterday, most of the beach front hotels from the Buenaventura South to Holiday Inn were pretty much under water. Well, the lobbies anyway. WHAT A MESS! The malecon is vitually gone. Most of those beautiful broze statues and chairs are gone. I live close to Coppel a department store on Plaza Las Glorias, ( main road ) and that store has nothing left anymore. What the water didn't take, people did! There's waverunners washed up in the middle of the road, l counted 4 yesterday. Mud and sand everywhere. Those little houses by Hector's Sunset grill are more or less history with just rubble left. Hector's sunset grill is no more. My husband was in Bucerias at the time and l guess the town and marina in PV were not as badly hit as they thought. One boat moored has a whole in the side from not being tied properly and one of the day cruise boats has sunk. I don't know which one. We went out and had a look around after the winds and rain calemd a little and couldn't believe the devistation. We are too relaxed here thinking time and time again that our little town will withstand hurricanes. Heck, we get more than 50 a year pass by without so much as a breeze felt. I guess this one caught us off guard even though most of the windows everywhere around town were taped. I lost my watertank and some trees at my place but shed tears when l see what some people have lost. I returned about 8 hours after the hurricane hit and took some pictures, the military had roped off the severly hit areas by then. It's a terrible, shocking and depressing sight. I have no idea how long the clean up will take but from talking with friends, the airport and marina area are not bad. The main damage seems to be between the two hotels l mentioned earlier. As l walked along the beach yesterday l could see chairs, tables, lamps, filing cabinets, toys, clothing, matresses, plants, photographs so much debris l can't even think of what else. I tried to collect as many photos as l could and put them on a wall to dry. Who knows if their owner will find them but l must have scooped over 30 memories from the murky and seaweed laden beach.
Wish us luck!

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 12:09 am
by ladyluvspv
Thank you all for your updates. We are still looking forward to our trip on Sunday to PV. After we arrive, we will try to give an update via internet especially of the nuevo area.


Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 12:26 am
by bburpi
The only statue I did not see on the Malecón was the Nephrity/Neptune one. Dolphins,Seahorse,La Nostalgia are untouched. 2 of Alejandro Galunga's sculptures where washed down the street and the lower 'Pillow Head' by Bustemante also. The 'Ears' bench was untouched.
The clean up is going at top spead.

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 2:56 am
by pt
The clean up effort is moving amazingly at top speed - it won't be long before things are back to normal. True, there was some bad damage but nothing that cannot be repaired with alot of work - which is going on around the clock. I have been all over Vallarta (not Nuevo Vallarta which by the way, suffered the least amount of damage of all - I have spoken to each hotel). come on - - a war zone? True there is loads of military but they are here to assist in the repair and protect the stores, businesses that lost windows, etc. I would definitely not recommend cancelling a trip here - if you have reservations in a hotel in the hotel zone or los muertos, check with them - they will put you in another hotel. Take a look at and tell me that looks like a war zone?????

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 2:17 pm
by fullmoon
what about Yelapa? How did they make out in the storm?

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 2:21 pm
by HelpPV
We love Puerto Vallarta and the people there. We consider Puerto Vallarta our second home. We are devastated by the immense destruction and the suffering of the people there. Does anyone have information on how we may send money to help out the local people there? Have any local U.S. groups started to collect to help the people there? We very much want to help.

Thanks. Help PV

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 2:40 pm
by crainey-baker
How is the area of Fiesta Mexicana, Los Tules? Scheduled to arrive for 2 wk. visit 11/2?

Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2002 3:57 am
by SoCalKay
To those of you who have posted and are down there now, glad to hear that you're okay. Just heard the news myself, and I'm still in a little bit of shock - as someone else mentioned, I'd always just kind of taken it for granted that PV was rarely if ever affected too much by these hurricanes/storms. My prayers and thoughts go out to those have suffered loss, and especially to those further north up the coast ...

Glad to hear that there is a lot of incentive and positive attitude toward restoration ... My concern is for the small and local business owners along with many other families who will have a hard time at best competing for the resources to clean up/rebuild/reopen. I'm sure the flooding has affected many people there. Guess it will take a little time. So very sad to hear about this type of damage to places I have known since I was just barely a teen (OK, it was er uh many years back, let's just say the early 70's).

We're coming down Nov. 24. So far, no intention (yet) of postponing until I can hear further reports on how our place is doing (Villa del Palmar - anyone?). We were to be bringing some first time visitors with us - I hope they can go with the flow, as many of our excursions/expeditions together have been out primitive camping. However, this was to be a big indulgence for them and their kids, not a primitive camping experience. Guess I'll see how they feel about going (this vacation is a lot of money for them, and our economy aint doing so well lately either). Aye Carumba (sp??) Well, our friends did say that it was important to them that while there, the kids see "the real side" of the people and culture there, and not just all fun and sun and paradise ....

Thanks for the updates and info. Best wishes,


Re:Hurricane Kenna

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2002 2:43 pm
by Alisa
My husband and I were supposed to come down to Punta Mita right after Christmas. Anyone know how it is out there, specifically the El Anclote condo complex? Thank you.

Current Status of Puerto Vallarta

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2002 11:17 pm
by Ana Ramirez
Dear Friends:

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Ana Ramirez and I am the Public Relations Manager of the Crown Paradise Resort, based on Puerto Vallarta.

All in Puerto Vallarta have been surprised at some of the comments that we have been received about what some people is reporting. Therefore, in response to some of the exaggerated news coverage that apparently has been reported in the States about the state of condition of Puerto Vallarta after the hurricane, I am writing you all this letter to clarify a few details:

1. Hurricane Kenna never touched Puerto Vallarta's coast. What caused the damages to the properties was the tides and the waves, not the hurricane.

2. Puerto Vallarta sustained damage along a stretch of beachfront between the Malecon and the Hotel Zone. These areas were mostly affected due to the trajectory of the hurricane (in a northely direction to the Bay of Banderas). The damage will no doubt be substantial in terms of Dollars, as the value of the property along the coastline is some of the most valuable in Mexico. But the number of properties affected compared to the entire community is a mere fraction of the town as a whole. The Weather Channel reported the next day that while the coastline was suffering, that 95% of Vallarta remained virtyally unaffected.

3. Not one death has been reported in Puerto Vallarta as a result of the storm. This is not only a testament to the efficiency of emergency and rescue crews along the coast of Bay of Banderas, byt also further evidence that the hillside and flatland communities of thies beautiful jungle town were untouched by this event.

4. Many, if not most, of the first-floor businesses on the Malecon were affected by the storm. However, only two days afterward, establishments were already opening for business, including Carlos O'Brians, which too, had been damaged, but repaired. Our ery own internet service provider has been flooded, only to be 100% operational on the third day of the storm. Many of the Malecon businesses are back open today (only the 7th day after the storm!)

5. Airline service is back to full operating capacity at the airport. The airport was closed only for a couple of hours the day of the storm due to safety reasons, however continued their normal operations a few hours later.

6. All roads are open INCLUDING the Malecon.

6. Electricity service has been INTENTIONALLY turned off to most, if not all, of the city by the electric company in order to avert any unwarranted damage or injuries to individuals. The service remained off during the storm and within a couple hours virtually all households and businesses had power again.Telephone service was available during the entire storm.

7. With the obvious exception of parts of the Malecon and certain beachfront establishments, restaurants, clubs and stores are open for business, as is the rest of the town.

8. The structure of the Bay of Banderas was a clear factor in the protection of Puerto Vallarta. It is evidence that we can withstand even the very worst storm that can be imagined. In fact, the last time a hurricane affected Puerto Vallarta was more than 53 years ago. In addition, it has been reported that a Category 5 hurricane has never been experienced off the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Given the magnitude of this storm and the rarity of its occurrence, I'd say Puerto Vallarta faired very well.

While I am not trying to diminish the event of the fact that it occurred or that thousands of people in the nearby towns of San Blas, Guayabitos, Tepic and other northern communities were severely affected by this storm. I do want to bring to light the fact that Puerto Vallarta is not in nearly as desperate a state as some news agencies are reporting. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we are a tourist destination and are better known that the towns mentioned above that were more seriously affected, we have received the bad press. The town is bruised, but not destroyed. We are saddened by the loss of our materialistic possessions, but revel in the life that we all share, here in Paradise. If nobody had told you that there was a hurricane, with the exception of a handful of businesses temporarily closed, you would never know that anything had happened.

Please take note that the town of Puerto Vallarta is preparing for your arrival, be your visitor, businessman/women, or part-time resident. You will be welcomed with the same hospitality and friendliness that you have come to know and love. Some physical aspects of the city may have involuntarily been changed, but the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta remains as you remember it.

If you have any questions or doubts about any of the above, please feel free to contact me. I hope this answers any concerns you may have had about your beloved Puerto Vallarta and how we aredoing now that the sun is shining.

My very best,