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Why Puerto Vallarta?
If you've decided you have had enough cold weather, traffic jams and for a while have been longing for a change, maybe it is time to start pampering yourself in a place with sunshine all year-round, rugged jungle and mountains, a deep blue bay, rivers, waterfalls, and the kindest locals on the planet.

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There are few freedoms in condos that you will not find in regular hotel rooms, bigger and more comfortable facilities, having friends over, and making your own coffee in the morning. Here you will find a wide selection of condos that offer all the amenities of a hotel room with the comforts of home.

Many North Americans choose to come to Mexico because they can drive to Mexico in a car and by air, the distance is no more than 4 hours. Also, Mexican prices are a bargain compared to the USA and Canada. Mexico is rich with history, steeped in culture, has great food, the best beaches, great architecture and many areas with an excellent climate. Mexico is also a healthier place to live because of the food. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always in season and taste so much better here.

List of Timeshare Properties

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

You will find that life is so much more enjoyable because you finally have time to pursue your hobbies and develop your talents. People who come to Mexico finally have time to prepare the recipes they’ve been clipping from newspapers or gourmet magazines put the box of photographs into albums, or garden to their hearts’ content in this land where flowers grow all year long. Others develop new interests and discover latent talents when they take a ceramics or painting class. There are also innumerable opportunities for volunteer work. For people who love to socialize, there’s probably no better place in the world to make friends.

Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta are known all over the world as the favorite beach destination. There are so many reasons for this, like its magnificent weather, very similar to the one of Hawaii, the title of the most amiable city, a title that Puerto Vallarta has been proudly holding for a long time, its reputation of one of the most eco’diverse areas, with its activities like whale and bird watching, all kinds of water sports, or maybe just the breathtaking mixture of the rugged Sierra Madre mountains and ocean.

Whale watching

It is believed that 1 of 2 tourists that come to the Bay, have in their minds the idea of buying a property in the most friendly, safe, relaxed and romantic beach destiny.

According to information by the main timeshare companies RCI and Interval International, Puerto Vallarta boasts 56 developments scattered throughout the Bay in the following areas North Coast, Nuevo Vallarta, Marina Vallarta, Hotel Zone, Old Vallarta, and South Coast.

Despite the fact that many timeshare rooms have been sold over the last few years, the developers are constantly producing more inventory, with more attractive facilities and better quality. They are taking in account the preferences of the users, in the development of Golf Marinas, Spa facilities, Shopping Malls, Water Sports, Children Day Care Centers, with facilities for the disabled, Racquet Sports, and a wide variety of restaurants and bars that service hotels and resorts.