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Buggy Tour

Experience the iconic to the unconventional, Sun Buggy Tours will take you to all the hidden places in Puerto Vallarta. The only reason to take this adventure is to explore all the never spoken secrets that our Puerto Vallarta can offer you...!!! This Epic Journey includes 5 fun filled activities with a duration of 5 1/2 hours. BUGGY TOURS The first Leg of the journey lasts 45 minutes, You will be cruising down the coastline enjoying the breathtaking open air 360 degree view ultimately arriving at the Botanical Gardens. BOTANICAL GARDENS You will spend an hour being mesmerized by the aromas of the exotic flora of this beautiful and unusual place nestled in the Jungle, you will experience hundreds of varieties of plants & birds, if you need a rest, enjoy lunch or a cocktail at the Botanical Gardens Restaurant. TEQUILA TASTING Visit the El Gusto Del Rey tequila company, a world renowned Tequila Manufacturer, Located in Juntas y los Veranos, Sample the benefits that the agave plant has to offer, learn a little about its 100% handmade distillation process (If you love it? Purchase a bottle to take home and share with family and friends) LUNCH ON THE BEACHES OF MISMALOYA Set your clocks back 25 years, Experience Mismaloya restaurants, Enjoy Guacamole as you watch the fishing boats come in, as a special menu we offer you chicken fajitas, club sandwich with fries, hamburgers with fries, chiles rellenos, fish ceviche and quesadillas with chicken (drinks are not included) JUMP ...

Tropical City Tour

We invite you to discover the charm of this beautiful city, through an exciting and fun tropical adventure, aboard an open safari truck, attended by a certified bilingual guide, narrating the most significant of our history, culture, and tradition that identifies us. It stops only in the 2 most important viewpoints, Conchas Chinas and Mismaloya, where the film of the Night of the Iguana took place, afterward entering the river bank to the Western Motherland, enjoying during the trip abundant flora and fauna, dare Of mountains and natural waterfalls we will arrive at an incredible paradise called the Eden (Predator Set) where the Giant Rocks form impressive natural pools witness of the visit of great personalities and of the film of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator)