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Buggy Tour

Experience the iconic to the unconventional, Sun Buggy Tours will take you to all the hidden places in Puerto Vallarta. The only reason to take this adventure is to explore all the never spoken secrets that our Puerto Vallarta can offer you...!!! This Epic Journey includes 5 fun filled activities with a duration of 5 1/2 hours. BUGGY TOURS The first Leg of the journey lasts 45 minutes, You will be cruising down the coastline enjoying the breathtaking open air 360 degree view ultimately arriving at the Botanical Gardens. BOTANICAL GARDENS You will spend an hour being mesmerized by the aromas of the exotic flora of this beautiful and unusual place nestled in the Jungle, you will experience hundreds of varieties of plants & birds, if you need a rest, enjoy lunch or a cocktail at the Botanical Gardens Restaurant. TEQUILA TASTING Visit the El Gusto Del Rey tequila company, a world renowned Tequila Manufacturer, Located in Juntas y los Veranos, Sample the benefits that the agave plant has to offer, learn a little about its 100% handmade distillation process (If you love it? Purchase a bottle to take home and share with family and friends) LUNCH ON THE BEACHES OF MISMALOYA Set your clocks back 25 years, Experience Mismaloya restaurants, Enjoy Guacamole as you watch the fishing boats come in, as a special menu we offer you chicken fajitas, club sandwich with fries, hamburgers with fries, chiles rellenos, fish ceviche and quesadillas with chicken (drinks are not included) JUMP ...

Tropical City Tour

We invite you to discover the charm of this beautiful city, through an exciting and fun tropical adventure, aboard an open safari truck, attended by a certified bilingual guide, narrating the most significant of our history, culture, and tradition that identifies us. It stops only in the 2 most important viewpoints, Conchas Chinas and Mismaloya, where the film of the Night of the Iguana took place, afterward entering the river bank to the Western Motherland, enjoying during the trip abundant flora and fauna, dare Of mountains and natural waterfalls we will arrive at an incredible paradise called the Eden (Predator Set) where the Giant Rocks form impressive natural pools witness of the visit of great personalities and of the film of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator)

Talpa & Mascota

The mountain towns of Talpa and Mascota, Mexico are some of the most beautiful and culturally significant locations near Puerto Vallarta. These Pueblos Magicos (“magical villages”) are must-sees for travelers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Vallarta and experience Mexico’s rich cultural history firsthand. On our Talpa & Mascota Tour here at Vallarta Adventures, we take you on a comprehensive tour of these beautiful mining towns, giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with still-preserved pieces of Mexico’s colonial past. The tour begins with a scenic ride in luxury transportation from Puerto Vallarta through the Sierra Madre mountains. Upon arriving at our destinations, our expert tour guides lead our small tour group on walking tours through the towns of Talpa and Mascota, in Jalisco. We stop at each of the town’s most significant landmarks, giving you in-depth information and stories from Talpa and Mascota’s centuries-old histories.

Sayulita and San Pancho

Are you ready to see a side of Mexico that is bright, colorful and teeming with positive energy? Then join us for a tour of the funky and cool beach towns of Sayulita and San Pancho! These two hidden treasures just north of Vallarta are known for inviting beaches, delicious food, eclectic art, rich history and vibrant culture, plus a bohemian vibe that will make you wish this half-day tour would last all day. Sayulita Has More than Just Epic Surfing. This pueblo has become a famous surfer’s retreat in recent years, but it’s also a must-see destination for anyone who wants to check out a hipper side of Mexico. What’s your pleasure? You can lounge on the beach amid a sea of colorful umbrellas or sip cerveza in the shade of a beachside bar’s canopy while watching the waves reshape the soft sand. Love to shop? You’ll be in good company in Sayulita’s many stores! You’ll usually hear music in the streets as you explore this vibrant and colorful town, and every day can feel like a party. San Pancho Is an Art-Lover’s Dream. The second stop on your Sayulita and San Pancho tour couldn’t be more different from the first! From native Huichol crafts to wild upcycled creations that support the community’s children, culture is always on tap in San Pancho (which is sometimes called San Francisco). Check out Entreamigos, San Pancho’s community center, library and performance space. Love sports? Where Sayulita has surf, San Pancho has polo. ...

San Sebastian del Oeste

If you’re in the market for scenic views, spectacular architecture, and authentic glimpses into traditional Mexican culture, San Sebastian del Oeste has hotspots to spare. Nestled deep within the hills of the Sierra Madre mountain range, this historic Mexican town dates back to 1605, where it was settled by silver miners looking to strike big on the region’s natural resources. Many of the town’s original structures and cultural traditions still stand today, making San Sebastian del Oeste an incredibly immersive piece of Mexican history. On this comprehensive San Sebastian walking tour, our guides will take you to San Sebastian del Oeste Square and other destinations in the heart of the city. You’ll spend time at each of the town’s most important historical landmarks. Learn about San Sebastian’s heyday as a colonial town in the 1700’s, and marvel at the immaculate structural preservation of a town truly tucked away from time.

Offroad Adventure

Our Offroad Adventure is one of the most exciting ways to immerse yourself in the rural beauty of the agricultural communities that surround Puerto Vallarta. This full-day tour takes you into the lush interior of Banderas Bay, where you’ll experience the jungle not only on foot but also on four wheels. The ride is a wild one, with tight turns, climbs and splashdowns that will leave you breathless! Next, our friendly, knowledgeable guides will take you to one of the local towns for some sightseeing and to a family farm where old Mexican traditions are alive and well. Finally, enjoy the awe-inspiring views of a picturesque lagoon and savor the traditional flavors of local cuisine on a delicious al fresco lunch — the perfect way to end a day exploring Banderas Bay countryside in our one-of-a-kind cultural Offroad Adventure.

Mexican Fiesta Night in the Mountains

Your night of culture and fun will begin with a panoramic ride out of the city, through Mexican plantations and small villages, as your tour guide sets the stage for the evening’s festivities. Upon arrival to the ranch you’ll be greeted with a welcome drink and with some traditional charros doing great roping acrobatics and some traditional mariachi music. You’ll be treated to festive traditional music, tasty Mexican snacks as you watch the show. Next, the famous Fiesta buffet is served, with delicious treats such as fajitas, steak, chicken, and more! Save some room for a delicious dessert. After dinner, witness a fabulous folkloric show of dancing, singing, and music, ¡and fireworks!

Hiking Jorullo Bridge

We will welcome you to our adventure with a complimentary drink and safety briefing at the amazing tour site. Once ready, we hike deep into the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental, admiring the extensive flora and fauna of the area. Your local, expert guide will tell you all about the trees and animals that make these lush mountains its home. We walk for an hour towards the Jorullo Bridge, the longest suspension bridge for tourist activities in Mexico! From here we head to the El Salto Waterfall, where you can rest, or swim and cool off in its clear and flowing waters. Then, we will walk back and pass over the bridge a second time, walking its entire length of 470 meters, hanging 150 meters above the Cuale River. Feel the subtle movements as you walk across the wooden planks. The last stop is a look-out point where you will have wonderful views of the bridge and Banderas Bay, as well as the lush vegetation all around.

Hidden Mexico

A Mexico tour is the perfect way to explore the charming south region of Vallarta, rich with heritage, history, and the natural beauty of South America. Awaken your senses to the sights, sounds, and flavors of authentic Mexico! As you tour Mexico, visit a family-owned botanical garden, stroll down the cobblestone roads of El Tuito, see the time-worn petroglyphs and sample artisan bread cooked in an antiquated, hill-side stove as our guide dazzles you with the mythical legends from our pre-Hispanic ancestors. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch and round out your day with a unique tequila tasting and dessert. This is an exclusive experience steeped in culture and tradition. Discover the legends and wonders of the world of pre-Hispanic Mexico and experience the flora and flavors of the dazzling south coast of Puerto Vallarta. Walk through the eighty-year-old garden of a local character and delight in the endemic flora whose history connects the pre-Hispanic myths of our ancestors. Visit an area with petroglyphs that remain an enigma of past cultures and enjoy yourself with a delightful lunch served under the trees, in a creek where the experience of tasting grill-to-table Mexican cuisine while fresh water runs under your feet connects you to nature. End your Mexico tours on a high note with a visit to the small and picturesque village of El Tuito with its beautiful cobblestone streets and captivating craft shops. Enjoy the warm flavor of rustic bread that has been freshly baked in primitive wood-burning ovens. Here you’ll be ...

Dinner Under the Sea

This pirate ship cruise is one of the most popular tours in Puerto Vallarta. This adult oriented event is an authentic pirate show from beginning to end. With pirates swinging from the crows nest on ropes, singing pirate songs, even taking prisoners, this is a great time for all. Enjoy a gourmet dinner and innovative entertainment, music, dancing and audience participation games. Then all bets are off when a Pirate battle royale breaks out! You will be amazed at the spectacle of this epic pirate battle. ¡At the end of the tour, photos and a DVD of your tour will be available for purchase as you enjoy a spectacular fireworks extravaganza!