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Whale Watching Ecotours

Expert biologists will lead you through the marvelous world of humpback whales aboard our specially designed authorized boat for whale watching. Before launching in this adventure we’ll provide you with a lecture about these magnificent creatures. Once in the water, we’ll discuss the humpbacks’ behavior, while we see them breach, slap their tails, travel, play or fight. We’ll also listen to their intriguing songs. You can participate in our research project. The head researcher of the Banderas Bay Photo identification Project might be leading your trip! If you like personal and professional attention and want a close encounter with our earth’s mightiest creatures, this is the tour for you!! …It is not to be missed!

Whale Watching Experience

The humpback whale visits us every year in season, come and be amazed by these giants. The warm waters of our bay are perfect for giving birth to your young, feeding them and preparing their journey back north. Our boat is designed so that you can appreciate them in any perspective, equipped with hydrophones to listen to their songs. The tour is guided by a biologist who will teach you about these mammals. We begin our adventure leaving the marina in search of these beautiful beings. We travel part of the bay in contact with other boats and attentive to the sea looking for the Whales or the trail they leave when they go out to breathe. When we find a group of whales by rules of environment and protection we keep our distance so as not to disturb the whales. But we are far enough away to see how majestic these are.

Whale Watching Tour at Catamaran

Come see the humpback whales visiting the Bay. We set sail to watch them, live an unforgettable moment. Enjoy the incredible feeling of being close to whales, their beauty and behavior will bring you closer to Mother Nature. A majestic and peaceful spectacle. A 4-hour tour around the bay where you can enjoy our amenities and our excellent service of continental breakfast, open bar and buffet-style food.

Whale Watching Photo Safari

Puerto Vallarta whale watching is at its best from December until March. We run specialized whale watching excursions that you will not want to miss on your upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta. You’ll see whales as they migrate from the arctic to breed and rear their young in the sheltered coasts of Banderas Bay and warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean. Capture memories like none other as you encounter the beauty and grace of humpback whales in Banderas Bay. Relax onboard our boat and enjoy the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll be led by one of our expert tour guides with extensive whale watching experience in Puerto Vallarta’s tropical waters. Our tour takes you to a number of scenic sea-level spots where you can get an up-close look at whales in their natural habitat. Take some incredible pictures from this unique, sea-level vantage point—a perspective hard to get in the natural world.

Whale Watching Encounter

You´ll be taken by an expert on Marine Mamals and get involve in a totally diferent adventure full of adrenaline and action, right in the midle of the wild whales, check out how the males compete for the females and how the moms care about the calves. 3 hours in a totally shade and fast boat equiped with sound to hear them to sing. You´ll learn by a bilingual tour guide, and be able to participate on photo id and research projects to protect the whales.

Whale Watching Beach Boy

Every winter we have the visit of these majestic creatures that come to the bay to give birth to their young, our expert group of guides and biologists will make sure that your experience is unforgettable! Our hydrophone installed on the boat will let you hear the whale’s songs while they communicate with each other.