Scuba Dive at Las Marietas Islands

Originally made famous by Jacques Cousteau in the 1970's, the Marietas Islands Marine Reserve has now become one of the most popular areas in Western Mexico for scuba diving. Part of an underwater mountain range that peaks above the ocean's surface, the Marietas Islands mark the entrance to Banderas Bay from the Pacific.

Share an exciting day

With Vallarta Adventures beginner and certified divers can share an exciting day with friends and family who don't dive. On our Sunday thru Friday trips to the Marietas Islands, non-divers can spend the day sea kayaking or snorkeling while you enjoy exceptional scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of the Mexican Pacific

Trip details:

  • Tanks: 1 (beginner divers)
  • Boat: Mid-sized Catamaran
  • Water Temp: 62-86°F/17-30°C
  • Average Visibility: 39 ft/12 m
  • Depth: 25-75 ft/7.5-23 m

What's Included

  • PADI certified divemaster
  • BCD
  • Wetsuit
  • Regulator
  • Weights
  • 1 scuba tank
  • Lunch and beverages

What to Wear & Bring

  • Towel
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Biodegradable Sunscreen
  • Camara


7 hours


From Tuesday  to Sunday


8:30 am. 9:00 am

Departs From:

Nuevo Vallarta at Vallarta Adventures' Center - at 8:30 am and Puerto Vallarta at Maritime Terminal - at 9:00 am.


General Guidelines

Please read and take into consideration the following guidelines when planning to book a Scuba diving tour with Vallarta Adventures:

  • Divers must hold a valid certification card to participate in our diving programs or Non-certified divers need to complete a Vallarta Adventures Discover Scuba pool lesson before their first dive. Beginner dive classes and PADI certification courses available.
  • Certified divers must bring certification card/log-book.
  • Certified divers who have not dived in the past year will be required to take a scuba refresher course with Vallarta Adventures before going to the ocean.
  • To participate in the El Morro, Corbeteña, Los Anegados, El Sequial dives, you must have a valid Open Water Certification card and a previous dive with Vallarta Adventures in the last seven days or you must have 25 logged dives shown in your log-book which you must bring.
  • Non-certified divers will only be allowed one tank dives available at these dive sites: Las MarietasLas Caletas, and Los Arcos
  • Certified divers are automatically entitled to participate in 2 tank dives down to a maximum depth of 60 ft.
  • Advanced divers can participate in 2 tank dives down to a maximum depth of 120 ft.
  • Supervision is normally 1 Divemaster to 3 diver pairs using the buddy system. If there is an uneven number of guests, a seventh person will be paired with the dive master.
  • Diving within 18 hours of your flight home is not recommended.
  • An Acknowledgement of Risk will need to be signed before participating in any of our dive programs.
  • All divers must be in good health and:
  • Not have present any respiratory, cardiovascular or ear problems.
  • Be in good mental and physical condition for diving.
  • Avoid being under the influence of alcohol or drugs before or while diving.



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