Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report November 17, 2018

Dorado Invade PV, Sailfish off Punta Mita, Marlin & Yellowfin Tuna at Corbeteña

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter's Sportfishing & Tackle

Welcome to the best time of the year to be an Angler in Puerto Vallarta! Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, even Yellowfin Tuna are running our world-class deepwater fishing grounds of Corbetena and El Banco. From now until the second week of January is “Bucket List” fishing. With the seasonal rains coming to an end, the bay is mostly clean blue water with plenty of bait and hungry fish. The climate is changing for the “cooler” and tourist are coming back with the cold weather up north. Puerto Vallarta is rocking in November amigos!

Sailfish Puerto Vallarta 

Ok, let’s start with the deep water locations. Corbetena has exploded with Black Marlin to 700 lbs, Blue Marlin to 600 lbs, with Sailfish at tournament winning sizes. Be advised that Marlin are north of the rock from 2 to 6 miles. With plenty of bait and perfect high visibility blue water, you’re chances of boating a Billfish fantasy at better than 70%. Dorado are also in the area but they’re on the smaller side. We saw many Yellowfin Tuna running, depending on the day, from 40 to 80 lbs. One Yellowfin tuna weighed in at 160 lbs for the tournament. Tuna are running in and out, so the Tuna many times are a hit or miss. Having said that Corbetena is on fire and well worth a ten hour day. El Banco, on the other hand, has been ignored. With all the action at Corbetena and the cost of fuel, that turns Corbetena into a “no-brainer”. I always say “they’re bigger at the Bank”, in the tournament those that hit this area got some Sails and Tuna Footballs, could have been a quiet few days. The local wisdom says go to Corbetena, sometimes zigging when others zag can mean the bold get rewarded. Spinner Dolphin has been running the area, find the Spinners and you’ll most likely find 40 lb YF Tuna! 

At Punta Mita after the torrential rains, we had about four days ago produced a beautiful trash line. With Seaweed, all sorts of crap, branches, logs, stumps, basically it’s Dorado Heaven. This was the secret for the tournament in La Cruz this last week and the Dorado from 20 to 40 lbs, by the way, are still roaming the area. Sailfish are more abundant in the area between Punta Mita and San Pancho. Blue Marlin can be had about ten miles on the 320 off the point. All and all the area is producing nicely. Well worth an eight-hour fishing trip on a super Panga.

Inside the bay now that the “Seasonal Rains” have stopped is mostly clean water. Over at the rocks at Los Arcos, there have been some nice sized Dorado as well in the 20 to 25 lb variety. Sailfish are in the same area so there has been a freak Sailfish or two boated this week. Jack Crevalls in smaller numbers at 30 lbs. Bonito, of course, Yellowfin Tuna Footballs around Yelapa, Needlefish are starting to move in around Cabo Corrientes with possibilities of Roosterfish near the shoreline as well. A four hour trip on our 26 ft. Panga is only $275 USD for four people, the best fishing deal in PV so no reason to delay amigos.

The bait situation was to me last week a little scary. You can have too much bait, fish get picky. You can have too little bait, you have fish but nothing to tempt them with. Or like now, you have a perfect balance. With massive amounts of Flying fish, Goggle-eyes, Rainbow runners, Skip Jack Tuna (aka Skippies). As far as water temperatures go, they’re at 82 degrees, a two degree drop from last week, an indication of cooler currents from the north, it is that time of the year you know. But this is a good thing as our warm water species have been hanging around San Diego for way too long now. So they’re moving back into the warmer water areas like PV. Bluewater at all the fishing grounds except behind the trash lines, which are fading fast amigos. The bite has turned into an early bite at 8:00 a.m. or so and the late bite happening at 5 in the afternoon. With the water temperatures dropping there is a good chance we’ll start seeing Wahoo soon, so keep that in mind.

For those looking to go fishing but are on a budget, we have a great option or two for you to think about. Option one is my 26 ft. Panga with capacity for four people, four hours, $275, all inclusive except food and drinks including water. For the eight-hour shared boat, half a super Panga, 28ft Super Panga, with a bathroom (head), very nice boat. Two people, eight hours, half the super Panga is also $275 USD. It’s affordable and we can throw snorkeling equipment on the boats so you can have a multi-purpose excursion on the water. Killing two birds with one stone. Contact us about the details or call us to get your name on our “hook-up” List before you come down to Puerto Vallarta.

Until next week, Don't forget to kiss Your Fish!

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