Inauguran el Festival del Día de Muertos en Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta, Jal.- “The Day of the Dead is a proudly Mexican millenary tradition that distinguishes us in the world, a celebration that has transcended in time, merging culture and pre-Hispanic customs to give way to the greatest of our celebrations, November 2nd, in which we make an altar dedicated to our loved ones who have passed away and visit the cemeteries.”

Professor Luis Alberto Michel Rodrguez said this at the Da de Muertos 2022 Festival in Puerto Vallarta, “a ritual that continues to unite our families, friends and generations.”

Professor Michel led the daytime illumination of the giant catrina near the Malecon Lighthouse, a recognized hallmark of Mexican idiosyncrasy.

The Catrina is a magnificent, graceful and feathered figure, detailed by Guadalupe Posadas and used in Porfirio Diaz’s time to criticize some features of our country’s social environment, as we know it now with the details provided by Diego Rivera in his 1947 work “Sueo de una tarde dominical en la alameda” (Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda).

He stressed that this event represents a beautiful Mexican catrina 23 meters high, in blue tones that suggest the sea, and its superb decoration reminds us of the traditions of our country. In addition, it aspires to break the Guinness record for the tallest catrina in the world.

Professor Michel praised the design of the Monumental Catrina, the work of Alondra Muca from Vallarta, and the effort of everyone involved.

She congratulated the companies that decorated our malecon with catrina palms and large skulls.

The celebration recognized the Universidad Vizcaya de las Américas for the exquisite pan de muerto made by the gastronomy students under the command of Chef Pablo Antonio Díaz, with a Catrina figure. More than 2,000 slices of bread were savored by hundreds of Vallartenses.

Mara de Jess López Delgado, president of the Municipal DIF System; Ludvig Estrada Virgen, director of Tourism and Economic Development; Luis Jess Escoto Martnez, director of the Vallarta Institute of Culture; Jorge Alberto Castillo Nez, general director of SEAPAL; Luis Alberto Villaseor Nolasco, general director of the Tourism Trust; vice-admiral Fernando Ros Sosa, director of the Vallarta Tourism Board; and the vice-admiral of the Vallarta Tourism Board.


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