Had quite a tragic event last night (July 13th, 2008). Having just arrived at Apache’s around 6:30 pm and 4 police vehicles, 3 ambulances and 2 firetrucks sped down Francisco Rodriquez at end of Los Muertos Pier (down from Archie’s Wok).

You won’t believe it but the tour boat Vagabundo exploded in flames right past the Malecon while heading south.

Vagabundo cruise fire

People were in the water, some badly burned and pangas were in full force picking up the injured and bringing them to Los Muertos. Hysteria reigned but the police and emergency crews, as well as citizens, were all organized, fishing people out of the water & bringing them ashore.

Don’t know how many people were on board but Jim & Carol said they saw the boat in flames & someone else reported hearing two explosions and then lots of smoke. Don’t know if any fatalities – can only hope not! There are a lot of Mexican tourists here and undoubtedly the boat was full of them. The city even deployed a city bus to pick up the uninjured or those mobile enough to walk.

What a shock this must have been to those on board.