Puerto Vallarta Malecon/Boardwalk, view of the Parish and the Main Square

There is no other tourist destination in Jalisco or even Mexico, that combines such a degree of modernity with the delights of the Pacific Ocean and a setting of extraordinary natural beauty as Puerto Vallarta.
Before your trip, take the opportunity to see some photos, panoramas, and videos from our beautiful city. We hope you enjoy them.

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New galleries will be added regularly, some will include photos from Downtown Vallarta, the romantic zone, hotel, north, and south zone. There are many places north and south of Vallarta that are also interesting for both trips and sightseeing, we’ll add galleries from Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerías, Punta de Mita, Sayulita, San Pancho, and Lo De Marcos.

The combination of great weather, beauty, and fun along with the warmth of the people of Puerto Vallarta has made this the most satisfying and revisited beach destination in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Olas Altas & Los Muertos Beach 360° Panorama Tour

Check out our Virtual Reality 360° Panorama Tour of Olas Altas Beach from the Cuale River Mouth, all the way to El Púlpito at the southern end of Los Muertos Beach. Most 360° photo have some hotspots and two links to the photo north and south of it (except the first photo by the river and the last one in the southern end, The Pulpit, which only have one). From North to South Cuale River Mouth Olas Altas Beach Los Muertos Beach Pier/Lookout Los Muertos Beach Las Pilitas (The Baptismal Fonts) The Original Seahorse Statue El Púlpito (The Pulpit)

Puerto Vallarta Malecón 360° Panorama Sculpture Tour

Check out our Virtual Reality 360° Panorama Tour of all the sculptures along the Puerto Vallarta Malecon/boardwalk. Each 360° photo has a short description and two links to the sculpture north and south of it (except the start sculpture, The Millennia and the last one in the southern end, The Friendship Fountain, which only have one). From North to South The Millennia Origin & Destination Nostalgia The Subtle Stone-eater The Good Fortune Unicorn Nature as Mother The Rotunda of the Sea In Search of the Reason Lluvia Triton & Siren The Boy on the Seahorse The Arches The Friendship Fountain

Boca de Tomatlan Photo Gallery

A small fishing town with great traditional beachside restaurants, a starting point for trips to the south beaches and with lots of things to do in and around the Boca village.

Puerto Vallarta Sunset Photo Gallery

It is nearly impossible to find a travel review of the city that doesn't mention the gorgeous views during a Puerto Vallarta sunset when the sun drops into the horizon. No doubt you've seen nature's own spectacle from the patio of your Puerto Vallarta room or villa. The scene is nearly impossible to describe a swath of brilliant gold and scarlet spilling across a blue velvet sky. Have you ever wondered, though, what makes that gorgeous palette?

Yelapa Photo Gallery

You may not know this, but the best beaches and most interesting small towns are found south of Puerto Vallarta. You can only access these locations by boat though- so don't worry if you're an avid swimmer! The Banderas Bay region is a one-of-a kind destination for those looking to get away from it all. Whether you want the serenity of being alone or enjoy sharing your vacation with someone special, Yelapa has what you need! If you need a break from the city’s noise, people and frenzy this small secluded town might just be what you're looking for. Yelapa is as mentioned a quiet beautiful place surrounded by nature with jungle on all sides bathed in waves of bay waters! © These photos are the property of M. A. Gallardo unless credited to someone else on the photo, all rights reserved.

Olas Altas Farmers’ Market Photo Gallery

Olas Altas Farmers' Market has become one of the best weekend attractions in Puerto Vallarta, locals and ex-pats enjoy purchasing and sampling fresh local produce in the Romantic Zone by Lázaro Cárdenas Square/Park.

Puerto Vallarta Malecon Photo Gallery

The original Puerto Vallarta Malecon/Boardwalk runs from Hotel Rosita to the Amphitheater and The Malecon Arches, right beside the main city square in Downtown PV. How long is the Puerto Vallarta Malecon then? It is exactly 2500 ft (760 meters) long. More recently there’s a new section going from The Arches by the Dolphin statue to the Cuale River, which is called Malecon II (Malecón Dos or Malecón 2), by the river there’s a nice footbridge (wheelchair and bike-friendly) that goes over the river (also includes a lookout and foot access to the Cuale River Island) and into Old Town (Romantic Zone). Even though it is a semi-continuous path, the real Malecon is the one in the historic downtown area, north of the Cuale River, actually north of the Naval Museum and The Arches, not by Playa Los Muertos as wrongly stated on important sites like Expedia and in Google Maps.