Puerto Vallarta Malecon/Boardwalk, early morning shot

Blessed with 25 miles of golden beaches within the spectacular Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta offers limitless possibilities for enjoying the town, jungle, and ocean. Here we try to cover most options, and hopefully, all your doubts regarding this city are answered, if not, feel free to contact us.

Some quick facts

Currency, Banks & Money Exchange
 The Mexican Peso is the national currency, although USA dollars are widely accepted in businesses throughout town. Major credit cards are also accepted in most establishments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express are standard, some also receive Diners). Hotels also offer currency exchange services, but normally at a lower rate. More at ATM, Banks & Currency.
 Business Hours
 Most shopping malls are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., continuously. Many downtown businesses and shops tend to close between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. for lunch, but malls and supermarkets are open even longer hours, without the midday rest. Read more.
Puerto Vallarta enjoys a warm, tropical climate all year-round, average daytime temperatures of 80ºF (27ºC), and cooler evenings in the winter. Summer is sunny, warm, and humid, with some afternoon rains, enough to cool things a bit. Read more in our Weather section.
Mexico operates on the same 110-volt current as the United States, so electrical current adapters are not needed, not all plugs have 3 prongs, so you may need a plug adapter reducing from 3 to 2 prongs. Read more.
Hundreds of flights per week service Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport (PVR), from gateways throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico. International carriers include Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, United, and others. More in the Airport information.
 Geography / Location
Located in the heart of Mexico’s Pacific coast, Vallarta is within easy reach of the USA and Canada by air. The city is encircled by the lush jungle-clad Sierra Madre mountains to the east and the Bay of Banderas to the west, one of Mexico’s largest natural bays. To the North is the State of Nayarit and Riviera Nayarit, which includes Nuevo Vallarta. Check out our map.
 Hotel Rooms
Over 22,000, in a wide variety of price ranges and styles. All-inclusive (AI) hotels and resorts offer both food, drinks, activities, and tips for one price. EP or European Plan rates only include the room. See more at hotels & resorts
Modern First-World medical facilities of the highest level. There are several private hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, with insured, emergency health care, and emergency air-evacuation services also available.
PV is home to 255,725 residents (2010 Census) and attracts more than 5 million visitors annually (2019 CVB data).
This town enjoys a healthy economy and a stable political environment. A special tourist police corps is on hand to provide assistance and directions. Vallarta doesn’t have the violence the media informs about in the border towns and cities between the USA and Mexico, so the city and surroundings are just as safe (or even safer) than most comparable cities and towns in the US and Canada. More on crime and safety.
 Water Quality
Tap water is of a very high standard, even so, purified water is available in all hotels and restaurants.

Puerto Vallarta Zones & Zone Map

[toc] Introduction An important part of planning for a great vacation, in this case to Puerto Vallarta, is to know where you want to stay and why. Location, location, location! a cliché real estate agents repeat like a mantra, and in this case, it actually is very important. It's no fun to arrive at your resort or hotel and find out that Puerto Vallarta is an hour or more away and you had planned to check out all attractions, restaurants and nightlife options in town. This can actually affect all your planning and will make you waste valuable time and money on transport. You'll end up stuck at your resort, eating the same ol' boring food, watching the same watered-down inane shows each night trying to remember if you are in Cancun, Punta Cana or Puerto Vallarta... ;-) So anyway, let's avoid this typical tourist error by getting a grip of the general areas in the Banderas Bay, where Puerto Vallarta is located relative to them. It can be a bit confusing as most online tourist agencies (and some old-fashion brick-and-mortar travel agencies) try to fool and sell you any location within the bay as "Puerto Vallarta", you'll find out that is not the case. General overview of the zones Puerto Vallarta is located halfway from north to south in Banderas Bay in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. Puerto Vallarta's main attractions are found in the Downtown area and the Romantic Zone. The North ...

Archie Alpenia, Archie’s Wok and Puerto Vallarta

Archie Alpenia and John Huston (Quimixto) in 1984 Start of the adventure I can still see him there, a serene, solitary Asian man walking the beaches of the Sea of Cortez with his fishing rod in one hand and his wok in the other. He was living his dream. A few months prior, in the spring of 1976, Archie had decided to leave his position as chef at a well-known Santa Barbara resort, the San Isidro Ranch. He packed his most valued treasures—his wife, son Sergio (7), and daughter Kiyoki (3), favorite fishing equipment, and trusted cooking utensils, starting with his wok, into his Dodge van. Cabo San Lucas to Puerto Vallarta Ferry, 1975 "And our family headed south under sunny skies into Mexico on a journey of exploration, to "see how the rest of the world is living." They traveled with no specific destination in mind and drove down Baja California, Archie would fish and prepare the catch along the way. Arriving in Puerto Vallarta In midsummer, we crossed the Sea of Cortez on the ferry from Baja California to the Mexican mainland and cruised into the small