Our friends over at Vallarta Nayarit Blog, have published a list of 5 vegan restaurants that you’ll definitely love in Puerto Vallarta.

Being vegan or vegetarian no longer has to be complicated. This culture is being  transformed, and now Puerto Vallarta offers a large repertoire of delicious options for people living a meatless lifestyle. We invite you to visit five vegan restaurants we’re sure you’ll love.

Playa Detox: Playa Detox is an excellent choice for healthy eating. Their recipes have been developed by experts in Nutritional Biology, achieving an interesting fusion. The menu offers various options that play with vegetables and natural ingredients. The mixture of flavors and fresh,  original concept make this a great place you’ll want to return to time and again.

MACAI Puerto Vallarta: We love Macai’s concept! It’s a restaurant and juice shop with vegan options in Puerto Vallarta, offering a fresh, healthy, and innovative menu inviting you to try more. Their vegetable-based dishes include organic ingredients, as well as creative and delicious recipes.

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Source: Vallarta Nayarit Blog