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OK, so you might think Mexican music is just a bunch of tired trumpet players blaring behind a group of boring Mariachis. Think again!

Here we offer a page full of interesting rock groups, from many years ago and some more recent, from Pop-Rock, like Maná, to Progressive Rock, which most of you will not even be able to grasp ;-)

So click away and enjoy!

More in Part 2: Julieta Venegas, Jumbo, La Cuca, La Gusana Ciega, Maná, Maldita Vecindad, Moenia, Molotov, Nortec Collective, Santana, Santa Sabina, Zoé

Cabezas de Cera: "Indomable"

Cabezas de Cera (CDC for short) are from Mexico City, started playing in 1995, they are an instrumental progressive rock trio.

Café Tacvba: "De Este Lado Del Camino"

Café Tacvba that is from Ciudad Satélite in Naucalpan, Mexico State. The group plays an eclectic mix of rock, folk, banda and pop.

Café Tacvba: "Eres"

Their name was taken from the famous café in the Old Center of Mexico City and a street of the same name, based on IP rights they were forced to change their name and they changed the U for a V in the name.

Caifanes: "No dejes que..."

Caifanes was a rock band from Mexico City, they started playing together in 1987 and separated in 1995, they reunited for some gigs in 2011 and 2012.

Caifanes: "La Célula que explota"

Many of the Caifanes songs are considered classics in American Rock.

Carlos Santana with Maná: "Corazón Espinado"

Mexican Rock Legend, Carlos Santana together with the most famous current band, Maná, that hail from Guadalajara and have their studio in Puerto Vallarta.

El Tri: "Todo me sale mal"

The oldest active band, El Tri, hails from Mexico City, a long and successful career as, what I would call the "Mexican Rolling Stones".

El Tri: "Pobre soñador"

The band was established in 1984 and is leadered by Alejandro (Alex) Lora, musician, lead singer and author of most their songs. During their 44 years they've experimented with rock and blues.

Ely Guerra: "Quiéreme mucho"

Elizabeth Guerra Vázquez is an artist born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, she is better known as Ely Guerra, she won the Latin Grammy in 2009 for her album "Hombre Invisible".

Ely Guerra: "Vete"

Her discography includes: Ely Guerra (1995); Pa' Morirse de Amor (1997); Lotofire (1999); Sweet & Sour, Hot y Spicy (2004); Hombre Invisible (2009); Invisible Man (2011) Re-release as a jazz version.

Fobia: "Hoy tengo miedo"

Fobia is a rock band that was founded in Mexico City in 1987, during a period when modern bands had very little market and support.

It was founded by Leonardo de Lozanne and guitarist and lead songwriter Francisco "Paco" Huidobro, brother of Micky Huidobro of another famous Mexican group called Molotov (see part 2 of this list of videos).

Fobia: "2 Corazones"

The band has been together in two separate periods from 1987-1997 and then reformed in 2003 and have been active ever since.

Kinky: "Hasta quemarnos"

Kinky is an electronic rock band from Monterrey, Nuevo León. Their music is a mix of various genres, that include rock, dance, samba, electronic, funk and techno and some latin rhythms.

Kinky: "Una Línea de Luz"

Their songs are mostly in Spanish, though they have also recorded a few in English, they are part of a musical movement called "Avanzada regia" (Monterrey frontline).

La Lupita: "Ja, Ja, Ja"

La Lupita is a rock group from Mexico City, one of the most important during the rock in Spanish wave of the 1990's .

La Lupita: "Como sera la Mujer"

Their discography includes: Pa' Servir A Usted - 1992; Que bonito es casi todo - 1994; Tres-D - 1996; Caramelo Macizo - 1998; 2 Temas - 2002; Lupitología - 2004; Te Odio - 2012


  • Mexican Music Videos 2 (Julieta Venegas, Jumbo, La Cuca, La Gusana Ciega, Maná, Maldita Vecindad, Moenia, Molotov, Nortec Collective, Santana, Santa Sabina, Zoé)

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