Birdwatching in Puerto Vallarta

Hylocharis leucotis

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful place that not only offers an immensity of species within its waters, in its thick jungles, but it is also the home to beautiful birds that soar through the skies and can be seen and enjoyed at any time of year.

So if you are thinking of traveling to this beautiful harbor, bring your bird watching gear along and don’t miss the opportunity to meet some of the more than 350 different bird species found in the various regions and ecosystems surrounding Vallarta.

Bird watching in Puerto Vallarta
Bird watching in Puerto Vallarta

You will have the opportunity to find beautiful birds like the San Blas Jay, also called Green Jay (Cyanocorax yncas), the largest measure between 10 to 12 inches long. The Green Jay is the only jay in Mexico. Usually, we see them in the Pacific slope from Nayarit to the south, on the slopes of the Gulf of Mexico from the lower Rio Grande Valley to the south and east of Mexico through the Yucatan Peninsula.

Birds in Puerto Vallarta
Birds in Puerto Vallarta

We may also find a bird called the Yellow-winged Cacique (Cacicus melanicterus) a thin bird with a black and yellow crest and white beak or pale green. It has a bright yellow patch on the wing, back-end and much of the tail, their eyes are also yellow. They generally feed on insects, debris, small fruits and aquatic fauna.

Another very interesting bird that we find in Puerto Vallarta is the Golden-cheeked Woodpecker (Melanerpes chrysogenys), this species is found in a limited region of western Mexico, stretching from southern Sinaloa to Oaxaca. These birds have a very strong straight beak and they use it like a chisel to drill into tree trucks with heavy blows in search of insects and grubs which they catch with their long tongues that have spines on the tip which allows them to hook their food. Some woodpeckers use the sounds they make when hitting the trees to communicate with other birds of their species. The tail feathers are really strong and they use them as support when climbing the trees and as support when sleeping too.

Archilochus alexandri

One of the most interesting places for bird watching is undoubtedly the national park Los Arcos in front of which you can also spot beautiful white herons. This is one of the great egrets, one of the larger specimens can have a wingspan of just under 5 feet. The male is usually slightly larger than females. You can also see pelicans, gulls and frigatebirds are usually found flying near the islands rarely going inland and show their grace and acrobatics in the air.

In the mountain area you can find many bird species including parrots, a species that today is seriously endangered and in some cases on the verge of extinction. Natural habitat destruction and illegal trade are the main reasons that have caused the decline of wild populations of the local parrots. That is why if we visit Puerto Vallarta we must admire the birds and help to raise awareness on issues of preservation and the need to avoid their extinction.

Pyrocephalus rubinus

We will also be able to see hummingbirds and motmots (Momotidae) among others. The latter are medium-sized birds that live in the dense jungles and can only be found in the tropical Americas. These birds have a long tail, which move from side to side. In most bird species the central tail feathers are longer near the end and have an area without feathers.

Vallarta is not only sun and beach, it offers a wide variety of options, especially for those who enjoy natural attractions. Let nature delight your senses and enjoy a unique opportunity to witness the wonders that inhabit the surroundings of beautiful Puerto Vallarta.


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