Jorullo Bridge, a new tourist attraction in Puerto Vallarta

The city is constantly evolving and growing, offering new and cool ways to enjoy your stay in the area.

One of the most recent additions is Jorullo Bridge (Puente Jorullo), which is part of Canopy River's activities and tours.

They are an ecotourism resort 3 miles (15-20 minutes) outside Puerto Vallarta, offering many adventures that at the same time take care of the environment and natural resources that make PV a world-class tourist destination.

Puente Jorullo

Jorullo Bridge is actually the longest suspension bridge in the world for vehicles, as mentioned, quite close to Puerto Vallarta in the Sierra Madre Occidental over the Cuale River, the same one that further downstream goes through the middle of the city. This large hanging structure was built in the course of 18 months in the Ejido El Jorullo, they started it off in November 2015. It's 1550 ft long (470 meters) and hangs almost 500 ft (150 meters) above the Cuale River. When you cross, you are treated to some very spectacular panoramic views of the mountains, the valley below, and the river.

The actual tour consists of a very exciting trip called RZR (Racer), a type of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for several people, running through trails, slopes, and streams in the jungle. In the end, you reach the bridge that hangs majestically above the green valley that surrounds the Cuale River below.

Puente Jorullo

On board an ATV, you'll explore trails in the Sierra Madre Occidental (Western Mother Sierra) and desert and sub-tropical rainforest ecosystems. You will also be able to experience the beautiful scenery from vantage points along the trail in the mountains.

For those who love water and swimming (you'll want to refresh along the way, it's hot, humid and dusty) there's a 30 minute stop at the "El Salto" waterfall where you'll enjoy crystal clear waters and unique nature experience.

There's a stop along the way for refreshments at the bar "El Mirador". After that, the adventure continues with the most exciting part of the tour, the Jorullo Bridge and vertigo you may feel while crossing it.

Puente Jorullo

The normal way to cross the bridge is on board the ATVs which is a very exciting experience even for those that enjoy more extreme adventure tourism; but if road vehicles are not for you, you can walk over in a more pleasant and relaxing way, on foot.

Puente Jorullo

In order to fully enjoy the ride and tour, we recommend:

  • Use comfortable clothes and shoes, bring good sunblock cream and sunglasses.
  • Bring a swimsuit, towel and bug repellent.
  • Vehicles are made for 4 people.
  • Minimum driving age 18 years old with a valid driver's license, the minimum age for the companions in the vehicle is 6 years old.
  • This activity isn't recommended for pregnant women.

Puente Jorullo

At the end of this exciting tour, you can wind down enjoying a Tequila tasting tour and also replenish your energy levels having a fabulous meal with an excellent view of the green areas and the bridge, under the palapas of the Los Coapinoles restaurant within the Canopy River facilities, the restaurant offers Mexican and seafood dishes and on the weekends a buffet breakfast (not included in the tour price).

Jorullo Bridge is one of the new attractions in the Puerto Vallarta area, especially for those who want a unique adventure activity that is also in harmony with nature and prioritizes environmental protection too.

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