Mountain Biking in Puerto Vallarta

While people in Scandinavia bike all the time and everywhere, as more of a routine than for fun, in Puerto Vallarta you enjoy mountain biking as an ecological sport that keeps you fit in colorful tropical surroundings and landscapes.

Mountain biking Puerto Vallarta

You'll see the lazy ones jump into a yellow truck with huge wheels and bounce away into the jungle with a beer in a plastic cup in their hand, the road warriors prefer to sweat and peddle up the rugged paths into the jungle and hills around the city and into the Sierra for a real adventure.

The origin of this sport is attributed to either Joe Breeze or Gary Fisher from the U.S. in the early seventies, and already in 1996 it was included in the Atlanta Olympic Games, so mountain biking took under 20 years to become an official Olympic discipline, quite amazing, don't you think?

Almost any kid in the world has had lots of experience on bikes and the normal lack of precaution makes many of them unwittingly practice their own style of mountain biking around the block, in the parks or hills of their hometowns.

Mountain biking in the jungle

When it comes to mountain biking riders need to feel the gear as an extension of their bodies. You need practice and a great bike too, well built, in good shape and very important, lots of good safety equipment, these include helmet, gloves and adequate clothing. Considering the irreplaceable nature of your health and body, spare no expenses when it comes to protecting it.

This sport is quite tough at times, going down hills is fun, but in the long run, you need to be in great shape, legs, arms, your back, all need to be healthy and fit. In any case, most tour providers offer various options for various levels of experience and resistance.

Puerto Vallarta is the ideal place to enjoy this sport because of its location and natural attractions, once you roll into the jungle you'll enjoy the flora and fauna, beautiful views and paradise-style landscapes you can only find and enjoy on foot or on two wheels.

In any journey, you will encounter physical obstacles such as steep slopes, rocks, rain, mud, humidity, and heat characteristic of the area, but you will mainly confront the challenge of your own limitations, your fatigue, loneliness, and all kinds of surprises, but once you surmount them, they become the most rewarding of experiences, both purifying and relaxing and most important, unforgettable.

MTB in Vallarta

Take into account these simple tips so you can enjoy your mountain bike ride even more:

  • constantly hydrate, do not wait until you are thirsty
  • eat to diminish your hunger, try eating a fruit or a cereal/energy bar and a bottle of water every hour
  • brake before taking a corner and choose well your line of attack and your route so you can avoid unexpected maneuvers
  • distribute your weight in a well-balanced fashion on your bike
  • bring comfortable and appropriate clothing
  • helmet and eye protection
  • use sunscreen
  • take your camera, tennis shoes or specialized footwear, extra money and insect repellent
  • don't forget the tools, extra tires, repair equipment and pump.

safety first when it comes to MTB

If you travel to Puerto Vallarta we can honestly recommend a memorable mountain biking tour, you'll soon forget the drone of the airplane engines and replace it with the air, sounds, smells, and views of the local jungle and its impressive sights and locations.

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