Puerto Vallarta Historic Downtown Art Walk

Puerto Vallarta Historic Center ArtWalk

Puerto Vallarta has for decades been famous not only because of its beaches, dining, nightlife, and ecotourism but also due to its bustling cultural life and innumerable art galleries. The Puerto Vallarta Malecon is now more of an open-air sculpture gallery seaside promenade. With each high season, the very active art scene goes into overdrive with the weekly "open house" Puerto Vallarta Historic Center ArtWalk, when the top-dog galleries display a mix of traditional and cutting-edge art both Mexican & International.

The 2018 season starts off every Wednesday from 6 to 10 pm from October 31st till May 29th, 2019. This is the 23rd edition of the PV Art Walk that features a self-guided schedule that includes 13 galleries in the city's historic center. They serve up cocktails to accompany some of the most innovative of Mexico contemporary art - and sometimes even having the artists themselves on hand. Here's a list of the participating galleries with relevant information:


Colectika Ancestral Contemporary Art Gallery: Modern technology has given villages once virtually cut off from the outside world access to new ideas and materials.

Colectika Huichol Art

Simple, almost primitive carvings and paintings are being replaced by more intricate designs as Indigenous and Mexican folk artists alike are discovering new ways of expressing their ancient traditions and beliefs.

  • Address: Guadalupe Sánchez 858, Centro, Puerto Vallarta
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Much of Mexican folk art has its origins in knowledge and techniques that date back to pre-hispanic times. They are skills that have been passed on for generations to this day.

Galeria Petra Luna

Over the centuries, Mexican folk art has kept its original essence and enriched with new generations. Petra Luna is a project where we work to revalue traditional ceramics in Mexico, we invite artists of well-recognized trajectory to decorate our ceramics and thus give a new proposal to this tradition.

  • Address: Guadalupe Sánchez 803-A Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
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For its new location, Galería Corsica chose what used to be the house of renowned Puerto Vallarta artist Jesús Tellosa, just across the street from Café des Artistes and half of a block away from where it used to be.

Corsica Gallery

Corsica features works of art (painting and sculpture) carefully selected by experienced inter-national collector and curator Jean Pierre Renucci, with more than 30 years working in the field. All of the artists featured at Galería Corsica boast an excellent curriculum of international scope and their works are part of important private and public collections in Mexico and the rest of the world.

Galería Corsica I: Manuel Felguerez, Leonora Carrington, Xavier Esqueda, Flor Minor, Miguel Carrillo, Agustín Castro López, Alberto Castro Leñero, Jose Castro Leñero, Nunik Sauret, Ricardo Fernandez, Rodrigo de la Sierra, Flavio Díaz, Carlos Vivar, David Gutierrez, Victor Hugo Castañeda, Marcos Alvarez, Ana Fuentes, Joy Laville, Ernesto Alvarez.

Galería Corsica II: Benjamín Dominguez, Roger Van Gunten, Vicente Rojo, Antonio Castro López, Rocío Caballero, Carlos Oviedo, Teresa Zimbrón, Teresa Cito, Antonio Luquín, Hartwig Rhode, Mozzilandre, Cecilia Bojorquez, Joaquin Barrios, Victoria Goren, Yanira Bustamante, Gabriela Macotela, Irma Palacios, Marco Palomeque.

  • Address: Guadalupe Sanchez 756, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
  • Phone: +52 (322) 128 1467
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Nordsouth Gallery is a furniture and art gallery that offers a complete service of commercial and residential interior designs, regardless of the size of the project, from conception to completion. Nordsouth Gallery is led by renowned international designers, Stéphane Fréchette and Robert Sauvé.

Nordsouth Gallery

They founded the company in 1989 and presently have 3 locations: Montréal, Puerto Vallarta, and Miami. With their international design experiences, Nordsouth Gallery boasts a unique and trademarked style. Their distinctive interiors are immediately recognizable.

  • Address: Leona Vicario 230, Centro, Puerto Vallarta
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Opened in 1987 by its owner/director, Gary Thompson, it has presented an eclectic blend of highly talented and acknowledged artists, mostly Mexican and primarily sharing a diverse contemporary focus, but ranging in age from the mid-thirties to the late eighties.

Galería Pacífico Puerto Vallarta

The prestigious Frommer's Guide to Mexico has recommended Galería Pacífico as "one of the best galleries in Mexico."

  • Address: Aldama 174, 2nd floor, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
  • Phone: +52 (322) 222-1982
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Galería Caballito de Mar presents a rare, extensive collection of Mexican vintage and antique jewelry, textiles, and ceramics.

Galeria Caballito De Mar

In particular renowned Mexican silversmiths from 1910 to 1980 and ceramic artisans who have achieved the distinction of Grandes Maestros de México are on display. The intent of the gallery is to showcase art that is a serious reflection of México's cultural past.

Tango Aceves 
Héctor Aguilar
Damasco Gallegos 
Enrique Ledesma 
Los Ballesteros 
Los Castillo 
Sigfrido Pineda 
Matilde Eugenia Poulat (Matl) 
William Spratling 
Margot van Voohies Carr
(Margot de Taxco)
Alfredo Villasana
Guillermina Aguilar 
Hilario Alejos Madrigal 
José Bernabé Campechano 
Elena Felipe Félix 
Alfonso Castillo Orta 
Nicasio Pajarito González 
Gorky González Quiñones 
Florentino Jimón Barra 
Ángel Santos Juárez 
Juan Jorge Wilmot Mason

  • Address: Aldama 162, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
  • Phone: +52 (322) 113-0363
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Galería Uno was honored and celebrated in 2012 for it's contribution to art and culture for the past 41 years in Puerto Vallarta. This prestigious gallery is located downtown one block from the Malecon on Morelos and Corona streets.

Exhibiting the works of over 30 artists living and working in Mexico features artists that include Arturo Rivera, Vladimir Cora, Sergio Garval, Diego Ayala, Jose Guerrero, Yolanda Marroqui, Claudia Nery, Manuel Martinez, among others established young artists. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you in your selected art purchase in this charming and spacious area.

  • Address: Morelos 561, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
  • Phone: (322) 222-0908
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"2009 LOD is born". Our work is an extension of who we are. Family, heart, quality, uniqueness and a strong connection in our designs. We manage only natural gemstones focusing on Colombian emerald, Mexican opal, among others. Our jewels reflect the art and commitment we have towards our clients.

  • Address: Corona 164, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
  • Phone: (322) 178-2349
  • Website


It is the mission of founder John Strawn to present exhibitions featuring works of the finest contemporary and modern artists of the Americas and beyond.

At The Loft, in a setting evoking the great traditional urban Art Spaces and located in the heart of the historic gallery zone of Puerto Vallarta, respect and passion for Art is reflected in the manner of its selection and presentation.

The Loft Galeria is also proud to present a selection of unique and beautiful jewelry for the discerning collector.
As independent art dealers and advisors, the gallery provides value in assisting individuals and corporations in developing their collections with personalized and confidential service.

  • Address: Corona 176-A, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
  • Phone: +52 (322) 223-6353
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Exclusively dedicated to showcasing the fine pottery of Mata Ortiz, Mexico. This little town in the middle of the desert in Chihuahua State is the hometown to about 300 ceramists who create a unique art form from clay. Each piece is painstakingly hand-built from coils and painted free-hand with great refinement.

It all started when a 15 year old boy, Juan Quezada who lived in Mata Ortiz, left school to help his family by gathering wood  in the nearby mountains. As he wandered across the plains, he found shards of ancient pottery, so he began his quest to make pottery the way it had been done by the ancient peoples of Paquimé. In 1971 after 15 years of observations, experimentation, trial and error, Juan succeeded. He had recreated the whole pottery making process.

Galería de Ollas was established in February 1998 and since then has been dedicated to displaying and selling the works of the finest Mata Ortiz potters.

  • Address: Corona 176, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
  • Phone: +52 (322) 223-1045
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Galería 108 is happy to be a member of the Artwalk, we welcome the sharp eye to meet a unique selection of figurative and abstract collector quality Art. Emerging talents and well-renowned Artists from México, Latin America and the World.

  • Address: Corona 186 B, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
  • Phone: (322) 121-1054
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Ana Maldonado, Teresa Galvan y Yolanda Franco Acevedo have set out on the great adventure to bring about their dream, and the dream has a name: RO'WO, Hands joining passionately for ethnic creations... Searching for these beautiful, unique designs that are hard to be found and stand for ancient times, when art was made with the heart in hands, the hands of the real handcrafter. The love these three women feel for the indigenous arts and all its ethnic manifestations have become a colorful physical space, vibrant with life and movement come and visit this beautiful Gallery.

  • Address: Hidalgo 424, Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
  • Phone: (322) 223-5476
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Art Walk Participating Galleries

Art Walk Participating Galleries