"The Roundabout of the Sea" by Alejandro Colunga (1996)

Another interactive sculpture, strange surreal chairs are awaiting you on the Malecon, full of weirdness and magic, you'll love them if you don't find them creepy.

Alejandro Colunga is a well-known artist in Puerto Vallarta, having traveled to Vallarta on his own more than 40 years ago. His sculptures are now very well known all over the world and they grace his adoptive town too at "The Roundabout of the Sea" (La Rotonda del Mar) on the Malecon.

The collection of surrealistic anthropomorphic statues with human arms and feet adorned with stylized sea creatures and marine elements was unveiled in 1996 and has since been a favorite for visitors and locals alike.

"The Roundabout of the Sea" by Alejandro Colunga (1996)

These strange seats invite you to enjoy them, take a seat, touch them and get your photo taken for posterity.

Alejandro loves this and makes it clear he actually created the works with this in mind, he is convinced that human touch and the interaction gives the statues a patina and color that they wouldn't have if they were protected, a 3D coloring, in his words:

"The chairs are for you, I made them with a lot of love so they could be used and abused, so people could climb up on them and so your children could pee on them, something that might even make them prettier."



Certainly, you can see that the artist is a funny and lighthearted guy, all the better, 'cause those seats are never free from the human "plague" ;-).

Roundabout of the Sea

This sculptural unit was unveiled on December 30, 1996, by the Public Accountant Humberto Muñoz Vargas, at that time, the PV Municipal President.

The promotion of the project before the City Council was in charge of Lic. María Inés Francia Romo, then a Council member, and also donated the foundry expenses, done at the workshops of Salvador Andrade Valdivia, in the city of Guadalajara.

The author donated his creation and the City Council of Puerto Vallarta financed the installation on the boardwalk.

You can find this sculpture where the malecon crosses the end of Aldama Street, a few steps from the ex-Las Palomas.

You can find this sculpture where the malecon crosses the end of Aldama Street, a few steps from the ex-Las Palomas.

Alejandro Colunga (born in Guadalajara Dec. 11, 1948) is a very well known citizen of Puerto Vallarta, to be found in all the "in" places, like the City Dump & Co. with all the jetset of the town.

He was first a rock musician, then a painter and finally a sculptor. Colunga's works can be found throughout Mexico, USA, Europe, and South America.

Author: M. A. Gallardo