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How to move around the city

Airport transfers and taxis

Check with your hotel if they offer airport transfers, if not, once you get out of immigrations and the baggage claim (through the timeshare shark tank, read more in the airport section) and into the airport hall you can reserve a taxi with one of the two companies there. The fees are fixed by area and you don't need to haggle or worry. Read more on the rates popup.



Taxis are a great option to move around town, you'll find them everywhere in town, they aren't very expensive and charge based on zones, just make sure you are happy with the price before you drive off in one. Minimum rate is around $3.50 (US dollar) and a set fee of around $1.50 (US dollar) per zone. Tips included in the fare, but if you wish you can tip around 10%. They are easily identified by their yellow-white color and signs. Read more popup.


Local Buses

Local buses are also a popular way to move around town, specially for those that have visited a few times, it is a bit scary to start off, but you soon get a hang of it, plus the price is hard to beat at around $0.60 (US dollars). They drive from around 6AM till around 10:30-11PM all week. You can identify them by color, blue buses go to the Marina Vallarta from downtown, the orange ones travel from the Romantic Zone to the south zone and so on.

More information on local buses popup and longer trips in the bay.

Rental cars

You can also rent a car and have the freedom of moving around at will and whenever you want, read more on requirements and find a company in our car rentals section popup.

Malecon II

On foot

A great way to soak it all in, see all the sights and get some great photos is to do it on foot. You'll find the hidden stores, small side streets, find fun paths winding up the hill, small restaurants, it's discovery time.

Though distances can be large if you choose a hotel far from the downtown area, it is still possible to walk almost anywhere in the urban area if you are in the right shape and have the right shoes.

There are sidewalks all over town and you won't need to be worried when crossing bridges or parks, there'll always be some way to get to the other side. Read more popup.

Yelapa Pangas

Water taxis

If you are going to visit the beautiful paradise-like beaches south of Boca de Tomatlán (we recommend them) you'll need to take a water taxi, mainly from the Los Muertos Pier, Marina Vallarta or from Boca de Tomatlán. Here's the schedule popup.

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