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What was the first hotel in Puerto Vallarta?

The first formal hotel in Puerto Vallarta was the Hotel Gutiérrez, initially located on the second floor of the Saucedo Theater on Juarez Avenue in downtown Puerto Vallarta, you can still find the original building on the corner of Juarez and Iturbide. Hotel Gutiérrez was later on moved to an independent building that had been the harbor master's office and later changed its name to Hotel Océano between the Malecon and Morelos along Galeana Street (by the "lighthouse"). This is the list of the first hotels in Puerto Vallarta: Hotel Gutiérrez (Teatro Saucedo) 1939 Hotel Gutiérrez (Galeana & the Malecon) 1940 Hotel Rosita, 1945 Hotel Chula Vista, 1946 Above photo: Hotel Océano, formerly Hotel Gutiérrez Mrs. Catalina Montes de Oca Contreras, the first city historian, recounts: Continuing with my narrations on the development of the hotel business, I will mention in this branch the house of assistance of Doña Cuca Novoa, which was the only one that the port had; it was located where today is the Central Hotel. Years later, Doña Eloisita, mother of Güero and José Manuel Preciado, came from Mascota and took over the same business because Doña Cuca was leaving here. This was around 1934. Doña Eloisita had her house of assistance for many years and her meals were famous, with the authentic homemade flavor and she charged $1.00 peso for three meals! The port had these accommodations until 1939, when Don Manuel Gutiérrez Santana started the first small, but more comfortable ...

How far is the airport from Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta's Airport (PVR) is located north of downtown Puerto Vallarta a few minutes away from Marina Vallarta. If you drive into the heart of the city, the main square, right by the Malecón, the distance is 5.5 miles (8.9 km), some 25 minutes if you drive straight there along Francisco Medina Ascencio Boulevard. If you take the so-called libramiento, the bypass, the distance is 6.2 miles (10 km) and takes around 30 minutes. The time it takes will, of course, vary depending on the time of day.

Is Puerto Vallarta better than Cancun?

Puerto Vallarta and Cancun are two of the most popular destinations in Mexico. Though Puerto Vallarta has existed for more time, Cancun is a destination that gets more promotion and is better connected to the countries that are north of Mexico. They are located on each side of Mexico, so visiting both is not really a viable option, so you will have to choose one of the other. Which one will depend in part on what you enjoy the most and what you expect from your trip. The main elements to consider when you travel are, for example, distance (flight time), cost, activities, safety and culture, let's see if we can clear up these factors one by one. Flight Time Puerto Vallarta is closer to the Western States and Provinces in USA and Canada, this will make travel time shorter. Cancun is closer to Europe and this makes it more attractive to visitors from this part of the world, but because there are some direct flights and the longer flight time in general, the extra distance does not make much difference for Europeans. Cost When deciding between Cancun and Puerto Vallarta based solely on price, Puerto Vallarta wins. The cities on the Mexican Pacific coast are cheaper than almost any other city in Mexico, including Tijuana. If you're willing to shop around, you can easily stay in Puerto Vallarta for under $40 per person per night. For a more luxurious, all-inclusive experience, it's about $200 per person per night. Cancun ...

Is going to Puerto Vallarta safe?

Puerto Vallarta is a city that combines what people expect of the Mexican charm and the convenience of a great and modern beach destination. When you are planning a great vacation and trip to get away from all of the modern stress, one unsettling question may come to mind: Is going to Puerto Vallarta safe? We do recommend you check online on reliable sources of travel information and make up your own mind. It's important that you use common sense in interpreting the information out there. We also understand that reading about just how safe Puerto Vallarta is from a Puerto Vallarta website is not really an unbiased source, though we strive to be one, can we really be one? Even so, the data do show that Puerto Vallarta is actually one of the safest tourist destinations in Mexico. Millions of travelers from all over the world safely enjoy their family vacations on the beautiful coast of Banderas Bay. Where can US citizens and Canadians travel? During this COVID-19 Pandemic, closed borders and travel bans have been a constant these last two years, with many news sources mentioning the latest Mexico travel advisory or other criminal activities around the country. This bombardment of negativity will, of course, make you doubt and wonder if a trip to Puerto Vallarta is safe. At no point in time has Mexico closed its borders to international travel, so if your country is not restricting international travel, you are free to travel to Puerto Vallarta. ...

How big is the Hidden Beach (Marietas Islands)

Marieta Islands Hidden Beach is a very small one, it's located inside a cave carved out into the island by seawater erosion. Because it is so small its total size will depend mostly on the tides, sands also come and go, evolving in time and after stormy seasons the beach may all but disappear too. In general, I would say it is about 30 m length x 15-20 m wide (100 x 50-60 ft) - both times I've visited the beach, it's had a useable edge. When I visited in 1999 the beach was flatter and the sand was softer. Now in December 2021, it was a bit steeper and I felt the sand a bit rougher than what I remember. Marietas Islands' Hidden Beach, also known as Playa del Amor (Love Beach) is not visible from the sea outside, you can see a bit of light through the access tunnel. It's a 35 m (110 ft.)  long water tunnel connecting the beach to the outside, the Pacific Ocean. There is between 3 and six feet of space above the water in the tunnel, so in the past, at times visitors could reach the beach by kayaking, today, due to restrictions, the only way in is swimming. Read more on the Marietas Islands and the sightseeing options there beyond the Hidden Beach.

Do I need a passport for Puerto Vallarta?

If you're from the USA or Canada, a valid passport is all that's needed to fly into Puerto Vallarta as long as your stay is shorter than 180 days. If your stay will be longer than that - don't forget about taking care of an additional form, talk to your local authorities to make sure what else you need. Visitors should have accurate information when going through customs so they know what documents are required for entry in order not to exceed their visa limit.

What USA Airlines travel to Puerto Vallarta?

The current (Oct. 13, 2021) USA -based airlines that travel to Puerto Vallarta are: Alaska Airlines American Airlines American Eagle Delta Air Lines Frontier Airlines JetBlue Southwest Airlines Spirit Airlines Sun Country Airlines United Airlines United Express

Is there more than one airport for Puerto Vallarta?

No, there's only one airport serving the Banderas Bay area. Both Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta are served by Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (sometimes abbreviated as Lic. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport) (IATA: PVR, ICAO: MMPR)

What is Puerto Vallarta’s airport called?

The International Airport in Puerto Vallarta is called: Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (sometimes abbreviated as Lic. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport) (IATA: PVR) (ICAO: MMPR) It is an international airport in the city of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. The airport is named after the Mexican President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz (1964–70). More information on the PVR Airport

Was Elizabeth Taylor in The Night of the Iguana?

Ava Gardner and Richard Burton starred in the movie "The Night of the Iguana" (1964) that was directed by the famous John Huston. However, when Elizabeth Taylor traveled with Richard Burton (both being married to other people at the time) the "Iguana" saga attracted paparazzi, made international headlines, and transformed Puerto Vallarta the area into a world-famous tourist destination. So, no, Elizabeth Taylor was not part of the movie but was part of the reason why there was so much publicity surrounding the movie at the time.