The idea is to pay in pesos so you don’t lose money with the fluid and the normally negative exchange rate you are offered around town (there are a few occasions it’s been better to pay in dollars, but they are few and far in between).

Don’t forget to tell your bank you’ll be using your bank card at ATMs in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas so they don’t block it.

Once you are off the plane and have gone through immigration, baggage claim, the shark-tank and you’re out in the airport lobby, that’s the place to look for a bank-affiliated ATM (not before the lobby!). There should be some from the official ones, like Scotiabank, Banorte, Banamex, Santander, HSBC or BBVA Bancomer, these are the ones to use (avoid anyone saying Cashola!).

You can withdraw up to 7000 pesos, some 350 dollars each time, the service fee depends on the bank ATM, but is around 25 to 40 pesos (1.5 to 2 dollars) and what your bank charges you on the other side. All things considered, that’s a very low charge for the service and the best exchange rate you’ll find in town.

Once you are in town find the same type of ATM, the ones affiliated with bank chains, I would recommend using the ones inside banks or established stores where it would be harder to install number skimming devices that are now part of the dangers in banks worldwide.