ATMS and banks

ATMs and banks

You can find ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) throughout Puerto Vallarta, both at the banks, the airport, in supermarkets and in strategic locations around town. ATMs are linked to the Cirrus and PLUS systems and offer service in English and Spanish, dispensing pesos at the current exchange rate.

ATMs give the best exchange rates, many times have very low fees and if affiliated with your own bank you can avoid them altogether.

Foreign Bank Local Bank in Puerto Vallarta
Bank of America (Merril Lynch) Santander
Citibank Banamex
Scotiabank Canada Scotiabank

Users recommend ATMs at major banks and supermarkets because those at convenience stores, gas stations, and other locations often have fees associated with them, plus those at banks and supermarkets are normally safer, as it’s harder to tamper with them (in case of card cloning) due to monitoring and heavy use.

You’ll get the best exchange rates for your dollars using your debit card at a bank ATM. If that’s not an option, then you can try the bank itself, if that’s not an option exchange your dollars at a “Casa de Cambio”. The worst place to change your dollars to pesos is at a Hotel in the area.

Some tips:

Credit card cloning and theft are on the rise, do take some precautions:

  • A thief needs the PIN to use your card. Cover your hand when you punch the code in, even if you think you are not being watched (think hidden cameras).
  • Don’t let anyone distract you while you are at the ATMs, if someone is too close, ask them to back off a bit. If you notice anything strange or do not feel comfortable, leave and find another place.
  • Notify your bank before you travel that you will be using your card at ATMs in Mexico so you aren’t met with denial the moment you try to make a withdrawal.
  • Make sure you bring along the right PIN 4 digit code.
  • Change the PIN regularly.
  • Some accounts can send an SMS message to your cell phone when there are withdrawals, this could be a useful option.
  • Check your bank statements online regularly so you can react in time if any unrecognized charges appear on your account.
  • Users mention having problems with an ATM CI Banco on Olas Altas in the Romantic Zone across from the Sama Bar. It might be best to avoid this ATM.

ATM location map

Some Puerto Vallarta ATM locations

  • Banamex (Citibank) – Juárez and Zaragoza Streets (Main Square)
  • Banamex (Citibank) – Plaza Genovesa
  • Banamex (Citibank) – Emiliano Zapata 48, El Pitillal
  • Banamex (Citibank) – Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2880, Hotel Zone
  • Banamex (Citibank) – Calle Prisciliano Sánchez 123, Hotel Zone
  • BBVA Bancomer – Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 1740, Col. Olimpica
  • BBVA Bancomer – Villas Vallarta, Loc. 8 y 10
  • BBVA Bancomer – Juárez and Mina, Downtown
  • BBVA Bancomer – Plaza Caracol (Shopping Mall)
  • BBVA Bancomer – Plaza Marina
  • Banorte – Just outside the Marine Terminal
  • Banorte – Medina Ascencio 500
  • Banorte – Olas Altas 246, Romantic Zone
  • Banorte – Paseo Díaz Ordaz 690
  • HSBC – Corner Libertad and Miramar
  • HSBC – Francia 100 corner of Francisco Medina Ascencio Blvd., Hotel Zone
  • HSBC – International Airport
  • HSBC – Plaza Caracol (Shopping Mall)
  • Santander – Avenida México 1326
  • Santander – Rio Cuale, at west bridge
  • Santander – Plaza Genovesa
  • ScotiaBank – Av. Juárez 374
  • ScotiaBank – By the Los Muertos Pier
  • ScotiaBank – Chedraui Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2735, Hotel Zone
  • ScotiaBank – Hotel Krystal
  • ScotiaBank – Plaza Marina
  • ScotiaBank – Plaza Peninsula
  • ScotiaBank – Puerto Mágico (Cruise terminal harbor area)

If you use the correct ATM-based in your bank’s affiliation you will normally not be charged a fee.

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