Puerto Vallarta Wi-Fi list

Of course everybody would like to really disconnect from it all when on a vacation, especially in Puerto Vallarta, some can, others want to share their photos and updates, others just can’t or don’t want to lose contact with the web and/or their jobs, so a working internet connection is a must.

Most hotels offer wi-fi access, some for free, others for an extra fee. If you are in town you may want to connect through one of the public Wi-Fi hotspots listed in this section. Do take into consideration the security risks and in some cases, you’ll be expected to consume a beverage or something to gain access.

Public Wi-Fi list

If you know of any other Wi-Fi locations, we’ll be glad to add them.

Business Address Phone Site
Alaska’s Diner Lázaro Cárdenas 515, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-0969 Link
Andale Olas Altas 425 Emiliano Zapata 48380 Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-1054 Link
Blake’s Sports Bar Francisco Medina Ascencio, Centro Comercial Villa Vallarta, Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 293-2397 Link
Blue Chairs Malecon y Almendro #114 Emiliano Zapata 48380 Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-5040 Link
Bolero Ignacio L. Vallarta corner with Francisco I. Madero, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta    
Burger King Galerías Plaza Galerias Vallarta, Fco Media Ascencio, No. 2920, L 301, Col Educacion, Pto. Vallarta  (322) 221-1302 Link
Burger King Genovesa Av. Fco. Medina Ascencio, No. 2023, Col. Las Glorias, Pto. Vallarta (322) 225-9907 Link
Burger King Juárez Juárez 302, Downtown, Puerto Vallarta (322) 223-0805 Link
Burger King Pitillal Av. Fco Villa No. 1642, Subancla B, Centro Comercial Soriana Pitillal, El Pitillal, Pto. Vallarta  (322) 225-4389 Link
Burrito Revolution Basilio Badillo 156, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta    
Cafe Bohemio Rodolfo Gomez 127, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 134-2436 Link
Cafe Canela Lucerna 107-A, Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 293-5423 Link
Cafe Roma Encino 287, Downtown, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222 7378 Link
Caffé Del Mar Basilio Badillo 152, Puerto Vallarta   Link
Caffe Due Francisco Medina Ascencio, Centro Comercial Villa Vallarta, Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta    
Cafesto 399 Olas Altas Zona Romantica 48380, Puerto Vallarta    
Chili’s Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2485, Local B-2. Plaza Península, Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 221-1253  
CoExist Cafe Agustín Rodríguez 175 (Hotel Río), Downtown, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-0366 Link
Coffee Cup Mastil 14-A, Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta (322) 221-2517  
El Brujo Venustiano Carranza 510, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 223-2036  
El Barracuda Paraguay 1290, Downtown, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-4034 Link
El Sofa Cafe Venustiano Carranza 306, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 223-8446 Link
Galería Huichol Paseo Diaz Ordaz #595 Centro 48380 Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-9953  
Garbo Piano Bar Púlpito #142 Zona Romantica 48380 Puerto Vallarta (322) 233-5753 Link
Harry’s Bar Lazaro Cardenas 328, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-4024 Link
Joe Jack’s Fish Shack Basillio Badillo 212, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-2099 Link
Johnny’s Diner Basilio Badillo 336, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-5679 Link
La Bodeguita del Medio Paseo Díaz Ordaz 858, Downtown, Puerto Vallarta (322) 223-1585  
La Dolce Vita Paseo Díaz Ordaz 674, Downtown, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-3852 ‎ Link
La Fuente del Puente Insurgentes #107 Centro 48380, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-1141 Link
La Margarita Bar Lazaro Cardenas 257, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-1367  
Langostinos Manuel M Dieguez 109 Emiliano Zapata 48380, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-0894 Link
Mama Rita’s Pizzeria Pablo Picasso 157, Zona Hotelera Norte, 48333 Puerto Vallarta (322) 293-3180  
Margarita Grill Pino Suárez 321, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-9755 ‎ Link
Malecon The Malecon extends from Hotel Rosita on the north to the Amphitheater by the Plaza    
Mi Querencia Morelos #426 Centro 48300, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-7701  
Mordidas / Bar Raro Manantial 375, Col. Buenos Aires, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-5219 Link
Murphy’s Irish Pub Morelos 484, Downtown, Puerto Vallarta (322) 113-0373 Link
Nacho Daddy Basilio Badillo 180, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 223-0838 Link
Panino’s Ignacio L. Vallarta corner 5 de Febrero, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta    
Que Pasa Aquiles Serdán 625, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 223-4006 Link
Real Silver Diaz Ordaz 874 Interior L-1 Centro 48300 Puerto Vallarta (322) 223-2553  
Red Pub Josefa Ortiz de Rodríguez 157, Downtown, Puerto Vallarta (322) 223-5419  
Santo Burrote Avenida Mexico 1132 5 de Diciembre 48350 Puerto Vallarta (322) 178-2118  
Sea Monkey Aquiles Serdán 174, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-2174 Link
Starbucks Plaza Galerías Francisco Medina Ascencio 2920, Plaza Galerías, Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta    
Starbucks Malecon Morelos 282, Downtown, Puerto Vallarta    
Starbucks Marina Nima Bay, Corner of Paseo de la Marina and Popa, Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta    
Starbucks Peninsula Plaza Peninsula, Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta    
Steve’s Sports Bar Basilio Badillo #286 Emiliano Zapata 48380 Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-0256  
Subway Lucerna 105, Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 293-4488  
The Scotman Bar Libertad 159A, Downtown, Puerto Vallarta (322) 178-0861 Link
The Swede’s Bar & Bistro Púlpito 154 Emiliano Zapata 48380 Puerto Vallarta (322) 223-2353 Link
Twisted Palms Rooftop Lounge Ignacio L. Vallarta 228 int 18, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta (322) 223-8019 Link
Unión Boleteras de la Marina Terminal Maritime Zona Hotelera Norte 48300, Puerto Vallarta (322) 224-5100  
Vallarta Cigar Factory Libertad No. 100-3, Downtown, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-0300  

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