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According to José Guadalupe García's report for news site AZ Noticias, Puerto Vallarta is held a 100% occupancy rate for the Semana Santa and Easter 2018 season.

In an interview with, Ludwig Estrada Virgen, Regional Director for Jalisco's Secretary of Tourism, mentiones that just as in previous years, the tourist influx for the destination has been surpassed with 25 thousand hotel rooms counting as registered. Ludwig also said the increase in visitors can be attributed to people visiting family members and friends in our port, people coming over to their beach houses for the holiday and taking advantage of timeshares.

The Regional Director also noted that the occupancy was registered from this past Wednesday (March 28th) until Saturday, March 31st, with most tourists expected to start leaving on Easter Sunday. He also pointed out that the economic benefits for these past two weeks will reach $500,000,000 (five hundred million) pesos, overtaking the $422,000,000 for the same period in 2017.

'There's enough for everyone, and we're really a tourist destination where everyone is welcome,' reiterated Ludwig. Finally, he added that March will close with an 85% occupancy rate, also higher than last year's 82% for March.

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Source: AZ Noticias (Spanish)

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Vallarta Pride 2018's organizing comittee is glad to announce that Mexican transgender actress, comedian, television host, and producer Alejandra bogue is joining Vallarta Pride as a special guest. Alejandra has been one of the most beloved guests because she's supported the event since its beginning in 2014. Don't miss her this year in the Drag Derby on Friday, May 25th (starting at 4pm), which she will be hosting and during the Pride Parade on Thursday, May 24th at 7pm.

Bogue's career began in the early 1980s as a dancer in various nightclubs in Mexico City and Acapulco. In the early 1990s she made her debut in the Teatro Universitario performing the play Baal by German modernist playwright Bertolt Brecht, directed by Jose Luis Cruz. In 1993 she won an award from the Mexican Association of Theatre Critics (AMCT). Bogue continued to perform on stage throughout the 1990s. She worked with Mexican stars including Patricia Reyes Spindola, Adriana Roel, and Darío T. Pie. She then returned to the nightclub with Las Hermanas Vampiro. Bogue met the Mexican television host, actor, and journalist Horacio Villalobos in 2001 through the transgender singer and actor Daniel Vives.

In 2008, Bogue produced and starred in the lead role of the Telehit sitcom ¡Que show con Alejandra Bogue! on which she acts, sings, and dances. The TV show is a mosaic of sketches with a series of characters. This show also featureed versions of famous videos, interpreted by Bogue herself. She did impersonations of figures like Madonna, Annie Lennox, and Nina Hagen among many others. Another aspect of the show was that it served as a forum for various social movements in the country by allowing artistic expression, and providing alternative films and videos. It also supported a diversity of major artists of the cultural scene including: Fashion designers, writers, and dancers from the National Dance Company, to name a few.

In 2010, Bogue was chosen to be part of the Mexican stage version of the film Todo sobre mi madre by Pedro Almodóvar in the role of the transsexual character of Agrado, played in the film by the Spanish transgender actress Antonia San Juan. For the role, many transsexual actresses auditioned, but Francisco Franco, director of the stage play, finally chose Bogue.[6] The stage play was a box office success in the Teatro de los Insurgentes in Mexico City. Besides Bogue, it featured performances by Lisa OwenMargarita Gralia and Ana Claudia Talancon.

Source: Vallarta Pride (Spanish) & Wikipedia

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As always in Mexican towns, the plaza is the heart of the city, and Plaza de Armas in downtown Puerto Vallarta has taken on a new face, thanks to the image renewal work carried out by the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta and local Garden Club, on the occasion of the Centennial Anniversary of the city.

The work was completed before the start of Semana Santa, and you can already see the improvement with the placement of ornamental plants and other suitable species for this space. Beyond the plants, the benches and kiosk were rehabilitated to give greater prominence to this space.

In a recent town hall session, the plenary session approved an initiative for this civil association, which has contributed to the beautification of other areas of the city, to donate the remodeling materials, gardening (ornamental plants and earth) and workers, as well as as consultant through landscape specialist André Lategan, vice president of the organization, at no cost to the municipality.

In as much the City council will contribute employees of the department of Parks and Gardens, and thanks to Vallarta Garden Club, a plaque will be placed in the Plaza de Armas. The contribution of this civil organization can be seen for some years in spaces in the Romantic Zone, downtown, Rio Cuale, Mexico Avenue, among others, “for the joy of living in Puerto Vallarta,” as expressed by its members.

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Source: Vallarta Daily

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Isla Isabel is a nature sanctuary in Nayarit located in the municipality of Santiago Ixcuintla about 70 kilometers off the coast of San Blas in the Riviera Nayarit. It's a Biosphere Reserve as well as a National Park with mountains and cliffs that offer panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

For travelers that value close contact with nature, Isla Isabel is a paradise with spectacular underwater landscapes and a fantastic diversity of marine species and birds extending across some two thousand square kilometers.

This is home to the Blue-Footed Booby and the Yellow-Footed Brown Booty, although occasionally a Red-Footed Booby can also be sighted. The most numerous, however, are the common frigate birds (Fragata magnificens). Many bird species depend on the island as their only nesting ground, which is why this place has become a refuge for these endemic species.

The underwater life just as amazing: manta rays, humpback whales, the unique whale shark, and beautiful coral can be found here, as well as 79 species of fish—all awaiting recreational and professional divers. And there aren’t very many coral reefs in this part of the world, so this island a priceless treasure.

National Park and Protected Area
Isla Isabel was declared a National Park in 1980, a Protected Natural Area in the year 2000, and a Ramsar Site (a wetland of international importance) in 2003. The first man ever recorded to have set foot on the island was French sea captain Abel Aubert Dupetit Thouars (August 3, 1793 – March 16, 1864) back in 1863. The story of his visit can be found in his memoir titled Voyage Around the World Aboard the Frigate Venus.

Among the top activities to be enjoyed are whale and dolphin watching, swimming with the whale sharks, hiking, birdwatching, sport fishing, snorkeling, star gazing, camping, and more.

You can visit our Biodiversity in Vallarta and its surrounding areas page for more info!

Source: Vallarta Daily

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Puerto Vallarta is ready to welcome the thousands of turists that will arrive in our shores to enjoy their Holy Week and Easter holidays. In 2017, PV solidified itself as a favorite during this holiday with a 100% hotel occupancy rate for Semana Santa.

With over 12,400 hotel rooms, Puerto Vallarta is ready to receive the thousands of tourists who will be at the destination during the Easter and Holy Week vacation. It is expected that the popular Mexican Pacific town will register a 95% hotel occupancy during Holy Week and peeking to 100% March 29, 30 and 31.

The projection translates into an economic income of over $730 million pesos, according to data from the Tourism Secretariat of Jalisco (Secturjal) .

In 2017, Puerto Vallarta welcomed 4,522,800 visitors, of which 1,430,000 belonged to the national market and over 3 million from international travelers. Puerto Vallarta is one of the top choices for national tourists who decides to take advantage of the last holiday season before summer. Vacationers are attracted to the warmth of its people, its excellent cuisine of international stature, outdoor activities, beaches, the mountains and its unique sunsets.

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