Thousands of residents and visitors gathered along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta to enjoy the happiness and solemnity of the Mexican revolutionary parade. Civil and military authorities, and various local institutions and groups participated in this celebration.

101 Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution in Puerto Vallarta

101 Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution in Puerto Vallarta

Along with Puerto Vallarta's Mayor, Salvador Gonzalez Resendiz, and his wife Jennifer Serur, thousands of residents and visitors together with civilian and military authorities, gathered for the traditional revolutionary parade on Sunday, where thousands of locals and visitors gathered along the Malecon to enjoy the joy and the participation of each of the contingent offering rhythmic and sports demonstrations, which filled with energy and color this event.

Great enthusiasm and great respect was shown for the national symbols by the more than 3,000 participants that formed part of this historic commemoration, making it one big party. The parade started off at 9 am. on Ignacio L. Vallarta Street, continuing past the City Hall, here both the authorities and the general public recognized the efforts of the various participants.

Subsequently, the contingent continued on Paseo Díaz Ordaz, where thousands of Vallartans had all congregated to celebrate the 101th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, which culminated in Morelos street.

All the newly renovated streets near the Malecon were filled with entire families and tourists who watched the beautiful parade that lasted 3 hours and included the presence of members of the Military Zone, Naval Zone, Traffic and Municipal Police, Fire department, Civil Protection, Municipal Hall Band, the Kids Club 'Mundo Mágico', sports associations, the Institute for Youth, as well as primary, secondary, high school and college educational institutions, as well as Institute of Homeopathy, the Mexican Environmental Army, the Vallartan Motorcycle group and the Charro Association.

In Puerto Vallarta and around the country, this parade filled with marching band, music and dances, colors, energy and much more, takes place year after year, to commemorate this important and proud date for all Mexicans, with a parade filled with sujects and themes related to the Revolution.

This date without a doubt will always be in the minds and hearts of all Mexicans and of course in Puerto Vallarta a city that believes in the revolution of ideas that undoubtedly have helped and will continue to transform the city into a better one, day by day and into the future.

For reference, the Mexican Revolution of 1910 was an armed uprising of Francisco I. Madero against a longtime ruling autocratic government led by Porfirio Díaz. The Mexican Revolution was backed by a series of socialist and liberal movements. It is without a doubt the most important socio-political event in Mexico during the 20th Century. As a result of this struggle the leaders of the Mexican revolution wrote the Mexican Constitution of 1917.

The Revolution is considered to have lasted until 1920. The revolution also created the Partido Revolucionario Nacional, later renamed Partido Revolucionario Insitucional or PRI, that ruled the country, under various presidents, until the 2000 general elections in Mexico.

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Viejo Vallarta Or Puerto Vallartas Romantic Zone Zona Romantica

Puerto Vallarta is a place full of attractions for all tastes and ages, but if you want to enjoy a true Mexican experience, then you should visit Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone or also known as Viejo Vallarta (Old Vallarta Town), the right place to enjoy a tasty bit of Old Mexico. Its picturesque cobbled streets and tree flanked streets are the perfect companions and guides on a tour of the galleries, hotels, shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants this romantic area of Vallarta has to offer.

In the Viejo Vallarta you can find everything, excellent hangouts like Cuates y Cuetes, a now traditional location to spend the day at the beach, relaxing and enjoying a cold cocktail, or if you prefer some beer, at this place you’ll find the famous (or is it infamous) "buckets" (cubetas), they are literally buckets of ice cold beer in a bucket of ice and water. You can also visit a nice place called Época, where you can relax under the shade of a palapa and savor a delicious margarita and enjoy the view. If you like to treat yourself to a delicious Mexican dish, you will find a wide variety of options that will surely satisfy your craving, or if you are looking for a delicious international cuisine dinner or share some quality time with your friends here in the Viejo Vallarta, there are many small local restaurants where the food is practically homemade, all the way up to gourmet restaurants where meals are prepared by local or celebrity chefs from around the country and the world.

For a casual, but delicious dining experience can go to Fajita Republic, for example, where you can find all kinds of fajitas made from chicken, beef, seafood, lobster and even vegetarian fajitas… if you can imagine that, or another great place is the restaurant Café de Olla, both are notably popular when it comes to Mexican or Mexican inspired food.

 If you are looking for a place for your breakfast, Freddy Tucan o El Ándale are ideal and famous in the area, just ask around if you don’t believe us. If you prefer you can enjoy an evening with a scrumptious Italian dinner, you can find that either at La Piazzetta (Rodolfo Gomez 143 - (322) 222-0650, at Pizza Nostra (Francisca Rodriguez 150 - (322) 223-0703) or the Trattoria Michel on Olas Altas 507 ((322) 223-2060).

You can also enjoy a walk in the pleasant Vallarta weather and enjoy the beautiful sunsets by the beach. When the sun has slipped below the horizon it is common to crave a cold delicious drink and then take off to a nightclub in the area, no need to even search, bars, and clubs abound in the Zona Romántica, so just stay in the area and enjoy.

At night, the fun never stops, and once you're ready to enjoy a delicious drink to start off the evening, it is important to not miss the opportunity to savor a famous Tequila, the most famous of the Mexican liquors and proudly Made in Jalisco, which you can undoubtedly find in any of the bars or clubs you visit, if they don’t feel free to move along to a real bar/club. Do not hesitate to take the traditional shot of tequila (caballito de Tequila), a short glass of pure quality tequila (Don Julio, Centenario, Herradura, are good brands), not the bad tequila you normally find around the world, which has to be forced down with salt and lemon, rather the pure delicate distillate that you drink slowly, enjoying the taste and smoothness of liquor in each sip.

Of course, this Viejo Vallarta could not lack an artistic side too. For those who enjoy and truly admire (a like to purchase) beautiful crafts and arts, the romantic section of ??Puerto Vallarta has a corridor that includes more than fifteen art galleries and is held once a week from October to April, the so-called “Art Walk”. These galleries feature diverse exhibits, where you can find everything from classic pieces of Mexican art to completely contemporary art creations.

As mentioned, this beautiful area of ??Puerto Vallarta has something to please the expectations and tastes of each and every one of the visitors. Without a doubt, a stroll around the romantic Old Town area will complement and even complete your visit, making it a truly unique trip where you’ll experience and grasp a little of the essence of the heart of Puerto Vallarta, not only the typical and sometimes bland all-inclusive TV dinner prepackaged trip.

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