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Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel and Romantic Getaway (one of our Top 10 All Inclusive Hotels) has received for the 12th consecutive year, from the AAA, the 2018 Four Diamond recognition.

In an exclusive interview with, Abel Villa -General Director of Buenaventura Hotels- said "we're incredibly proud to have been, once again, recognized by the AAA with this award which reflects the great work from our personnel and the compromise we have to the brands Villa Premiere and Buenaventura Hotels". Their objective is, he added, "to make our guests feel like they've been welcomed to their own piece of paradise. That feeling you can only achieve with the everyday work and warmth of our staff."

According to AAA, a four diamond hotel is refined and luxurious, providing physical attributes of luxury, extensive commodities, and a high degree of hospitality, service and attention to detail. a four diamond restaurant is distinctive of great food, creative preparation and skillful service, often counts with a sommelier, in a luxury environment.

There are about 1,676 hotels in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean that received the Four Diamond Award in the past year: making them 2018 recipients. This category is represented by only 6.1% of the almost 27,000 hotels approved by the AAA.

Fuente: AZ Noticias (Spanish)

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No home, office, school or reunion in Mexico let January 6th pass unnoticed. On this day, known as the Day of the Magi or of the Three Wise Men, tradition obliges you to share a "rosca", a large ring-shaped pastry with a small doll hidden inside.

The doll embedded in the Rosca de Reyes represents Baby Jesus, and whoever is fortunate enough to find it in their slice of rosca acquires the commitment to give a party on the following February 2nd, Candlemas Day, a celebration where tamales and atole, a corn-flour dish and a corn-based drink, are a must on the menu.

Gold, Incense and Myrrh & many other gifts: Santa Claus bringing presents to Mexican children is actually very recent and is not the one that prevails in rural areas, nor in all the social spheres within our cities. Santa Claus might pay a visit, but the Three Kings will never fail to appear at dawn on January 6th, to keep - following their legendary journey carrying gifts and guided by a shiny guiding star, all the way to Bethlehem to worship Baby Jesus - their appointment with all our children.

The Kings finally arrive on January 6th: when the children wake up, anxiously opening the gifts that commemorate Epiphany, and later that evening everyone gathers to share the rosca de reyes. It is then that the Infant Jesus' future godfather is designated.

The Great Tamale Party: Tradition has it that the responsibility of the godparents elected on January 6th shall dress up the Holy Baby. In days preceding the event, it was quite common to read signs on houses that offer services in that specialty: We dress "Holy Infants". After having presented the Child at church, accompanied by those who shared the rosca, it is time to celebrate the occasion with a tamale feast offered by the godparents.

On January 7th the party is over, schools return to their schedules and all you can find in the trash cans are paper plates and small little dolls that surprised their discoverer.

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Though celebrated much like it is in other parts of the world - with dinners, parties, midnight toasts and fireworks - New Year's Eve in Mexico is full of delightful customs that focus on transitioning from the old to the new.

Here are a few or our favorite Mexican New Year's Eve Traditions:

  • Write your wishes for the upcoming year on pieces of paper and put them in a safe place. Burn the paper when each wish comes true.
  • Clean the house; take a bath; or wash the pets and cars on New Year's Eve for renewal. Sweep and mop from the inside outwards. Mop the house with cinnamon water. Heat the water with cinnamon sticks as if you were making tea. Burn incense before midnight.
  • Eat a tablespoon of cooked lentils, and give a handful of raw lentils to friends and family members for good fortune.
  • As the New Year's Eve midnight countdown begins, eat 12 grapes making a wish for each strike of the clock. Each grape represents a month in the New Year; a sweet grape means it will be a good month; a sour grape, a bad month.
  • At midnight on New Year's Eve, open the door and symbolically sweep out 'the old.' At midnight, toss 12 coins outside and sweep them into the house for prosperity.
  • Watch fireworks on New Year's Eve to frighten away evil spirits, allowing safe passage into the next year.
  • Want to travel? On New Year's Eve at midnight, take empty suitcases for a walk outside; encircle the house or walk around the block for the distance to be traveled next year. Another option is to gather the suitcases in the center of a room and walk around them several times.

Source: Banderas News

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Mayor Arturo Dávalos did the touristic walk and instructed the changes needed to guarantee Puerto Valllarta will look its best for the New Year celebrations

To ensure the city's downtown will look its best during New Year's Eve, mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, did a walkthrough around the malecon, malecon II, puente del Cuale, Morelos and Juárez St. and the streets that lead to the sea, in order to supervise the their current state and guarantee everything’s in good shape for visitors and residents planning on enjoying the celebrations in the promenade.

From early on, before the sun was even out, the mayor walked through every single one of these places and noted the lighting, the city's gardening, overall cleaning, trash containers and general maintenance. After this, he ordered instructions on what each area needed to do so everything is in optimal conditions to ring in the new year.

"It's important our city's at one hundred percent so every family, every tourist attending the activities we'll be holding on December 31st will have the best experience. We did the same for the for the vacation season, but we want to improve whatever can be improved to offer everyone in Vallarta the best of our town", expressed the mayor.

Source: Diario de Vallarta (Spanish)


Puerto Vallarta will receive major international recognition through Rammstein's concerts, with people from all over the world slated to attend, including countries where the destination has very little presence, like Russia, Iceland and Japan.

According to the Municipal Toursim Director, Ramón González Lomelí, representing mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña in a press conference concerning this international show. The concerts will take place on December 31 and January 2, working as a valuable promotional tool for our town, which is why the government has been involved in supporting the event and helping with security.

"This concert brings huge international attention to Puerto Vallarta as a tourism destination, it has brought us to places where we had no positioning, through this event we¿ve been making noise in those areas, which is key for those of us involved in promoting and bringing attention to Vallarta", expressed the Director.

Charlie Félix, Production Director of Rammstein's ‘Vallarta New Year’s Eve’ festival, noted that this is an unprecedented concert "this is the only concert the band will have internationally, they'll travel from Germany to Vallarta and back to Germany without any other concerts outside their home country and, in fact, they haven't played anywhere else in two years."

The show will be held in Explanada Flamingos and the venue will open up their doors around 2pm to let attendees enjoy the beach, which is why there will be a Beach Club with a stage. At 7pm the show will begin in the main stage with Rammstein's opening act and then the band's big concert which will close with a New Year's countdown.

Source: AZ Noticias (spanish)

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