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Real estate in Puerto Vallarta is booming and also along the edges of Bahía de Banderas. The construction rhythm today is higher than at any other time in the past. It starts in the south, past Mismaloya in Jalisco and continues all the way to Punta Mita in the northern Nayarit state.

The developments in Nuevo Vallarta are now breaming with life, new homes, condos, resort hotels and golf courses.

There seems to be no end in sight, PV offers a plethora of options and opportunities both for nationals and international investors. Well diversified between hotel visitors, timeshare owners, full-time ownerships and a now emergent fractional ownership market. Our city has many options for anyone considering a tropical home in the area or perhaps an early retirement.

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Thinking of Buying a “Second Home” in Puerto Vallarta

Thinking of Buying a “Second Home” in Puerto Vallarta From Homes & Living Magazine I) Compensate the insured party for losses suffered, whenever said loss or damage does not result from titling or deeding problem that had been expressly exempted from the policy. Perhaps you are considering retiring in a few years and owning a vacation home. Or maybe you are among the younger set, with children and see this city as a family investment that will render strong dividends. Puerto Vallarta offers all the necessary services and needs of health, security, and entertainment that we all require for our loved ones and ourselves. There are outstanding developers in the present-day real estate market of Puerto Vallarta who are creating a wide range of offerings for investors, who not only seek a vacation option, but also an investment choice supported by attractions of beautiful natural landscapes and activities such as sports fishing, golf, and all types of navigation. There are many choices in terms of investment and Puerto Vallarta possesses the greatest potential of the Pacific coast with its unlimited attractions that allow travellers to find something new every time they return. You will be enchanted by the bay that is a paradise of intense colours and exuberant –beaches. Explore the natural land and submarine wonders. The new real estate market not only offers residential alternatives for personal reasons but as a short and medium-term investment as well. Acquiring real estate isn’t just buying a house of a certain ...

Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta, the ultimate souvenir

The ultimate souvenir of a fabulous vacation… Real Estate Text by: Carl Timothy • Photos: Danilo Rottigni from Homes & Living Almost everyone has taken a vacation and wondered what it would be like to live in that exotic place. During one of my many vacations to Puerto Vallarta in the 90s, a friend of mine was driving me to the airport and asked if it would be possible to stop by his marina town-home to check on his boat. Coming from the Los Angeles area I knew that a townhome in the marina with a dock would cost a fortune when I saw how nice his townhome was and how inexpensive they were to purchase, the wheels started to turn. He mentioned that his next-door neighbor was interested in selling and the rest is history. I was a broker in Beverly Hills and was aware that Mexican laws are different than US real estate law. I decided I didn’t want to represent myself in the transaction. Although I had lived in Argentina for a few years and my Spanish was very good, reading through the legal documents was over my language level at the time. To make sure I wasn’t making any mistakes I hired a professional to represent me. In the end, I found the transaction was less complicated than I expected. With the rat race of working in Los Angeles and the temptation of alluring Puerto Vallarta calling, I moved into my marina townhome and started my ...

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Guide

A Guide to Acquiring Property Safely in Puerto Vallarta and Jalisco Text by Lic. Alejandro Flores Von Borstel - Photos by Danilo Rottigni The first step is to retain the services of a specialized real estate company that will charge a 6 to 8% commission based on the property’s value. You must also choose a trusted notary public. Look for the abbreviations AMPI in the real estate company’s description, so that there will be a guarantee in legal review. This will facilitate the transaction since the closing period is fundamental. Make clear that the seller is in charge of all closing costs, including expenses, taxes, and fees. Analyze all financing possibilities. Now there is direct financing on short and medium terms for Mexican and foreigners. Foreigners also have mortgage credits to buy or build their vacation home in Mexico. This type of financing is available from firms such as Collateral Mortgage LTD, which grants credits of up to 50% of the value of the property, starting at $400.000.00 USD and for 20 years, to American citizens who wish to build, remodel or purchase a vacation property in Mexico. Another way in which foreigners obtain funds to purchase real estate in our country is by obtaining financing using properties or assets in their home country as collateral. The minimum down payment is 30%, and the annual interests start at 8.75%. The minimum credit is for the amount of $100.000.00 USD and the maximum is $800.000.00 USD. The notary ...

Buying ejido property in Vallarta should not be cause for alarm

The idea that buying “ejidal” land in Mexico is very complicated is still a persistent myth.Text by: David Guerrero Berger • Photos: Danilo Rottigni from Homes & LivingThe idea that acquiring “ejido” land in Mexico is a very complicated matter is still a persistent myth, and for the most part untrue. Just mentioning the term "ejido" to a prospective buyer usually creates uncertainty due to the idea that there is little legal jurisdiction involved. If we add to this underlying fear the recent news about problems that have surrounded some high-profile ejido property transactions, most notably in the case of the new Pemex refinery or even going back to the Atenco case where the alternate airport was going to be built, the situation could look bleak for some.Nevertheless, the cold reality is that a very large percentage of real estate in Mexico, which maybe be of interest to foreign investors, would fall under the “ejido” or communal property designation. Many are part of important projects which are successful in their own right.What many people may forget is that over half of all existing land in Mexico is ejido property, both along the coastline or in the country`s heartland. As such, this article serves to illustrate the very real possibilities of purchasing ejido lands and informing prospective buyers to help in their decision-making process.Before 1992, investing in ejido property WAS difficult, because agrarian laws prohibited the sale of this communal land and on a whole, any commercial activity was very ...

5 good reasons to invest in a beach property

Text by: Diego Bañuelos • Photos: Danilo Rottigni from Homes & Living In these times of economic turbulence, evaluating profitable investment options can be a difficult task. Historically, the real estate industry has always set itself up as a secure investment mechanism. Five good reasons to invest in Beach property in Puerto Vallarta However, there are properties that have a much higher return on investment: beach properties. Following, we mention the five factors that have the greatest influence in consolidating this niche. Limited offer. One characteristic that distinguishes a beach property from other real estates, is the fact that the amount of ocean-front land is extremely limited: less than 1% of the total area of the country is located at the ocean. For example, Cancun has run out of areas for construction of new residential developments and the same thing is happening in the Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta, whose growth gave birth to the Riviera Nayarit. This phenomenon, which follows the behavior of supply and demand, has allowed these assets to gain value rapidly, because the lower the supply, the higher the price.Even in these times, prices for Mexican properties at or close to the beach are extremely affordable compared to places like Florida (Miami) or California, but it is possible that in some years they will catch up. Strategic location. Mexico has a privileged geographical location. Practically all the beach destinations have 12 months of good weather each year. In addition, Mexico is between 2 and 5 hours ...

Puerto Vallarta’s Perfect Buyer’s Market

Data derived from market activity in the first half of the year 2009 Text by: Carl Timothy • Photos: Danilo Rottigni from Homes & Living Even though this article is from 2012, considering we have the opportunity to look back in time, it's quite useful for decisions and ideas for the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta Year 2012. Puerto Vallarta's buyer's market Everyone wants to purchase their new property at the very bottom of a real estate market. Most of us believe a perfect buyer’s market to be when the market hits rock bottom. This theory has three problems: Number one, once people believe the bottom of the market has been reached seller usually starts to lose their flexibility and start raising prices attempting to recuperate their lost equity. Number two, more buyers start bidding, which can lead to multiple offers. Number three, by the time you think the bottom of the market has been hit it is usually six months too late and market values have started to increase. Believe it or not, this is really what defines a “Perfect Buyer’s Market”. When the market is a buyer’s market demand is low for the available inventory. Translated this means that there is a wonderful array of inventory to choose from. It is an opportunity to purchase a property that otherwise you could not afford or may not normally spend the money to purchase. It is a time for a beachfront instead of a hillside, or ...

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