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Yelapa Tour

Fall in love with Yelapa. Enjoy the small and picturesque village of Yelapa, its vegetation, waterfalls, and beautiful beach, surely you will fall in love with this fishing village. Yelapa is accessible only by sea.

Yelapa Majahuitas

This excursion is ideal for travelers who want to take a step further in their trip. For those looking for cultural experiences and adventures that transform them. This trip includes opportunities to get to know the local gastronomy, private homes, swim in destinations of marine fauna, ride a horse or coexist with species in their natural habitat. This tiny village in Mexico is the perfect destination for beach bums and escapists. What’s best about this place, aside from its glittering tropical beauty, is its timelessness. In the carless village, donkeys still serve as cargo trucks, sunshine and roosters are the only alarm clocks, and life’s major decisions are of the snorkeling-or-siesta variety. Ready to experience a hidden Yelapa waterfall? This is the tour for you! Stroll through the charming fishing village to the cascading, Cola de Caballo waterfalls and jump into the refreshing water, or simply sit and enjoy the natural beauty. Browse through the native artisan handicrafts along the way, then kick-back in the sun at Yelapa’s expansive beach where the river streams into the ocean, surrounded by an incomparable green mountains landscape. Whether you hike to the waterfalls, snorkel or bury your toes in the sand, you’ll be struck by the idyllic beauty of these tropical retreats.

Yelapa and Majahuitas

Home to sandy beaches, warm ocean waters, and tropical wildlife both on land and in the sea, Yelapa and Majahuitas are everything you’d imagine when you think of a tropical cove paradise. On our Yelapa and Majahuitas Tour you get to experience these coves firsthand. Cruise with us past picturesque coastal scenery, where dolphin encounters and (winter) humpback whale sightings are common occurrences, to an area accessible only by sea. Once on land, relax on the breathtaking beach in Yelapa or take a scenic hike in the area around Majahuitas Cove. For the best of the best among Majahuitas and Yelapa tours in Puerto Vallarta, this is the perfect choice for you. Learn more about our Yelapa and Majahuitas Tour below, and book with us now!

Whale Watching Beach Boy

Every winter we have the visit of these majestic creatures that come to the bay to give birth to their young, our expert group of guides and biologists will make sure that your experience is unforgettable! Our hydrophone installed on the boat will let you hear the whale’s songs while they communicate with each other.

The Predator of the Sea

Live the sensational experience of cruising around Puerto Vallarta and Cabo Corrientes Bay on-board the best catamaran in town — “Predator of the Seas! We will start the tour by cruising alongside the famous landmarks of our beautiful city, admiring the landscapes to make our first stop at “Los Arcos de Mismaloya,” a national marine park considered as one of the most beautiful natural monument in the Pacific. It is a great place for birdwatching, making it a perfect spot for unforgettable pictures. Continuing with the journey, the awesome crew will open the national and international bar for you until we get to Majahuitas Beach, where you will be able to go snorkeling and enjoy the beach for approximately 1 hour. After enjoying this stop at Majahuitas, our next stop will be Quimixto Beach, where you will enjoy lunch and some drinks (not included) at the “Predator Beach Club” (by Las Piñas), where you will decide between some doing beach activities (volleyball, kayak, and paddleboard), taking a sunbath or visiting the Quimixto Waterfall by renting a horse or taking a 40 minutes hike. Close to the end of this wonderful day, it’s back on the boat for some fun as your tour guides spice it up with music, entertainment, onboard audience-participation games, and of course, unlimited drinks from the open bar!

South Paradise Tour at Catamaran

Live the experience of sailing with us, as we go to the south side of the bay, we will stop at “Los Arcos” national underwater park where you can snorkel or just stay aboard enjoying the view, the sun or a cool drink. We will continue to our beachclub Mike’s at Las Animas beach where a buffet lunch has been prepared specially for you. The fun is not over yet, at the beach you can either swim, take a walk, kayaking, play football or volleyball, or just lay down on a deck chair relaxing and getting pampered by our staff.

Snorkeling Tour at Catamaran

Come with us on a full of fun half-day snorkeling tour, we’ll sail along the coast line so you can appreciate the beautiful view of the City and the Sierra Madre, while heading to the pristine waters of the south of Banderas Bay. Our friendly staff will guide you to the thrill of snorkeling and discovering the incredible marine wildlife of the bay, whether you’re an amateur or a pro snorkel or if you prefer kayaking or paddle boarding equipment is also available. A fresh made snacks buffet and cool drinks will be waiting for you to enjoy while recovering your energy and sharing your experience with new friends and our staff get ready for a prime time show specially set for you.

Rhythms of the Night

As the stars appear in the sky, the spirit world convenes here in a dazzling world-class show that will take your breath away. Conceived of, written and directed by Gilles Ste-Croix, co-creator of Cirque du Soleil, Rhythms of the Night – SAVIA is a celebration of spectacular acrobatic skill, pulsating rhythms, vibrant dance, amazing costumes and Ste-Croix’s breathtaking interpretation of the Aztec creation story. SAVIA: The Legend of the 5 Suns is truly a feast for the senses. Great entertainment, food, and adventure await. As you take your place in our incredible outdoor amphitheater for a show at the pyramid under a serene starry sky, you’ll feel like you’re entering another time, another place. And perhaps you are, for each night in Puerto Vallarta, this is where the spirit world of the ancients once again comes alive!

Pirate Show of the Bay

If you want to enjoy a dinner Under the Sea, tasting a delicious lobster tail combined with filet mignon, livening up with Live Music and delights the only show for adults that really want to have fun. Then you will have to board our amazing 700-ton Galleon and set sail through Puerto Vallarta´s Bay, where characters with special makeup, fireworks, a pirate tavern with special effects. Seven delicious options for dinner, Premium open bar, activities and an excellent service will make you live the funniest night of your holidays. Remember that when you set sail with us, come willing to have fun, because party poppers walk the plank. A night full with fun, dancing, games and a brand-new pirate show awaits on this four-hour cruise that begins just before sunset. Ignite your spirit of adventure and soak up the pirate atmosphere surrounded by your countryfolk on the deck of a real wooden pirate galleon.

Pirate Ship Adventure

A wild and crazy tour aboard the Marigalante, a real pirate ship that features pirate shows, singing, swordfights, and a 2-hour stop at Majahuitas Beach for snorkeling, beach volleyball, banana boat rides, kayaking, and a delicious lunch. This tour is raucous fun for the whole family. We recommend this tour for families with kids. The tour starts with a full breakfast with eggs, fruit and cereal. You will be treated to audience participation games and a pirate show on the boat ride to Majahuitas. Once on there, the bar opens on the boat and beer, sodas and alcoholic drinks mixed with soft drinks will be served continuously as you enjoy beach activities, or snorkel while the staff entertains the kids with a treasure hunt, tug of war and other fun just-for-kid’s activities. After the tour, photos and a DVD of your tour will be available for purchase.