One of the cleanest and most important tourist beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Camarones Beach (Playa Camarones, “Shrimp Beach”) is a wide piece of clear sand that extends from Villa Premiere to the northern edge of the Malecon in downtown PV. An area that includes dozens of diverse shops, bars and restaurants. Excellent sunbathing beach, you’ll also enjoy the food and drinks at one of the many bars and restaurants that are on the shores of this beach. You can partake in various activities such as parasailing, jet-skiing, SUP, or just relaxing on the shore. It also offers a beautiful setting for your photos, with the boardwalk and the city center as part of the backdrop.

Camarones Beach, drone view looking south, downtown Puerto Vallarta

Camarones Beach (Playa Camarones), drone view looking south, downtown Puerto Vallarta

Camarones Beach has been awarded a Blue Flag certification, an award given to beaches that are clean, have low levels of pollution (strict standards), offer environmental protection, and that have managed to balance human presence without compromising the ecosystem. Playa Camarones is also one of the few beaches worldwide that can have this award despite being located in an urban area, something that clearly shows the city’s commitment to take care of its beaches and surrounding sea and wildlife.

Camarones beach looking north

Playa Camarones beach, Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Where is Playa Camarones

Aerial view of Playa Camarones Beach

Aerial view of Playa Camarones Beach (Photo: Allan Scheie)

It is located along the edge of the northern part of downtown Puerto Vallarta. It starts on the north side by Villa Premiere, you can go in along San Salvador street, it’s 2000 feet long and ends to the south by the rocks that are the foundations of the path that passes in front of Hotel Rosita and reaches “The Millenia” sculpture on the north end of the Malecon.

What to do at Playa Camarones Beach

Camarones Beach looking north, downtown Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Camarones Beach looking north, downtown Puerto Vallarta Mexico

The beach and its sandy surface vary, you can see in the video above where we show two periods separated by a year and a half and the beach in 2018 was much less sandy when compared to 2017. The beaches evolve and change dynamically. When storms or hurricanes pass through the Pacific, they sometimes send swells that affect the beaches in unpredictable ways.

In general, it has a sandy surface, smooth and soft so it is great for practicing sports on the shore and long walks at sunset, many people enjoy spending a family weekend on the beach. It is also a common stroll for those who visit the beach with their pets, which is why you can, from time to time, find a furry friend on your walk along the beach. The waters are crystal clear and although the shore is a bit rocky walking into the ocean the waves are calm, so it is a good place to swim peacefully. The south zone of the beach is very popular with those that practice sports fishing.

Gastronomy is great at Camarones, the local food is well represented in this area, the popular palapas are quite close and you can enjoy a plate of shrimp or fish accompanied by a good drink, some popular restaurants on this beach are El Barracuda and Mango Beach Club.

Camarones Beach, downtown Puerto Vallarta

Camarones Beach, downtown Puerto Vallarta

This beach is also a stronghold of the LGBT community, and in its calendar of events each year, a considerable number of meetings take place here, some of the parties and blowouts until the early hours. Other communities, such as the Expats, organize events in the nearby dining halls and some weekend barbecues on these shores. Camarones Beach is a meeting point for locals and foreigners alike.

As I already mentioned, this beach offers several options for sports and leisure activities, such as Stand-up Paddle (SUP), jet ski, parasailing, boat or horse rides and many more options for those who are not satisfied with just sunbathing.

How to get there

There are many access points to Camarones beach, this one by Hotel Villa Premiere

Getting to the beach is easy, all the streets that go to the sea from Mexico Street in downtown PV take you to the beach, if you are outside the city center you can get there quickly, any bus that has a “Centro” sign will take you here. Do not hesitate to ask if, in doubt, you’ll find out just how helpful people are here.

Where to stay

Downtown from Playa Camarones
Downtown view from Playa Camarones

If you are looking for a nearby lodging option, Playa Camarones has the advantage of being located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta so you will find accommodations in any category and price. Some outstanding accommodations in the vicinity are Hotel Portonovo, Hotel El Pescador, Hotel Rosita, Hotel Mocali, Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel.


Camarones Beach, downtown Puerto Vallarta

Camarones Beach, downtown Puerto Vallarta, view of the Malecón and the Parish in the distance

Camarones Beach in downtown Puerto Vallarta is irrefutable proof that human activity does not always result in the destruction of an ecosystem, that with appropriate regulation we can protect our environment and can be a sanctuary of nature for both locals and visitors. Playa Camarones has earned national and international recognition, something we are all proud of.

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