Las Amapas Beach in Puerto Vallarta

This small beach, Las Amapas, is located a little bit south of Viejo Vallarta (Romantic Zone), the area south of the Cuale River in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

Las Amapas Beach is next to Los Muertos Beach and El Púlpito, the rocky formation, like a peninsula, that sticks out on the south end of Playa Los Muertos in PV.

El Púlpito Past and Present

El Púlpito in 1956 vs. 2012

There is a path with steps that takes you over the ridge of El Pulpito (The Pulpit) and down to Amapas, there are parts that have eroded a bit, so you have to move carefully and it's certainly not a path for those who have physical limitations. 

The name comes from the trees that live in the area, Amapas (Tabebuia rosea). a tree species that live from Mexico all the way down to Ecuador, can grow up to 50 feet tall.

Las Amapas Beach

The beach is flanked by rocks, to the right the aforementioned Pulpit Rock and to the left, rocks that extend to Conchas Chinas Beach to the south.

The beach itself has pale yellow sand of medium texture, the waves are normally soft and the water is the transparent green-emerald seawater of the bay and its well-kept beaches. There are several trees on the shore that offer nice shade, if necessary (some are Amapas, by the way).

Las Amapas, Beach South of Los Muertos
Las Amapas and El Púlpito from the South

On this beach there are no services and, therefore, it is a favorite beach for romantic couples and small families who can enjoy tranquillity and seclusion. We recommend taking the garbage and waste and leaving it in the garbage containers installed there for that purpose (in the south end).

Now there is also a comfortable path edging south from Las Amapas all the way to Conchas Chinas beach, it follows along the side of the houses and villas that were built beside the sea.

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