Las Gemelas Beach, wonderful beach south of PV

Where is Playa Las Gemelas? | How to get there | What to do | Where to stay and eat

Las Gemelas Beach (Playa Las Gemelas), as the name implies ("gemelas" are twins in English), is a pair of small beaches located 5.5 miles (9 km) south of the Puerto Vallarta's main square in the downtown area, offers blue-green waves and clear, soft sand, a wonderful place to get away from all the most popular beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Even so, because Las Gemelas is relatively small, the north beach is about 140 yards long and the south beach is 200 yards long, some 1000 ft (separated by an extensive rock wall where Condominios Girasol Sur is located), the place can feel quite cramped at times, especially on weekends during high season. The north beach is easily accessible to the public, the south beach is protected by a stretch of rocks you'd need to climb over or swim along the coast, which complicates a visit, but it is not impossible. Guests of Grand Park Royal and the Girasol Sur Condos have better access to that stretch of the beach.

To avoid the crowds, you can visit during the week and during high season arrive in the morning to grab a good place in the sand. You should also pack your own supplies: drinks, snacks, sunblock and towels since there are no vendors or shops nearby nor on the beach itself.

Playa Las Gemelas Beach Puerto Vallarta

From the moment you walk out on the beach, you can see they are beautiful, a wide beach of fine and clear sand, bathed by soft waves of bright emerald green transparent water. Las Gemelas is an ideal place for many water sports such as snorkeling and kayaking (you'll have to bring your own equipment along). From the beach you can see Los Arcos to the left further south.

The geographical formation of Las Gemelas is curious and attractive thanks to a combination of two different reliefs, coast, and mountain, which on the coasts of Central and South America are an uncommon phenomenon. Furthermore, Las Gemelas coexists very well with the developments, composed mostly of resorts, condos, and villas.

Where is Playa Las Gemelas Beach

Las Gemelas Beach is south of Puerto Vallarta, on kilometer 7.5 of the Federal Highway 200 to Barra de Navidad, that's about 20-25 minutes south of the city's Plaza de Armas (9 km). The posted schedule is from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM and you can access it for free. It is a bit over half a mile past Garza Blanca if you are coming from Puerto Vallarta, so pay attention once you've driven by that resort.

How to get to Las Gemelas

It is the same route you would take if you travel to Boca de Tomatlan, of cour,se you will get off much earlier. To get to Las Gemelas you can take the buses that go south to Boca, they are white and orange (as on the photo), and take you to several beaches, Conchas Chinas, Punta Negra, Playa Palmares and Playa Las Gemelas. The buses depart from the corner of Constitución and Basilio Badillo street in the Romantic Zone (Old Vallarta) they charge about $10 pesos (2018 approx. $0.50 USD). 

Bus that takes you to Playa Las Gemelas Beach

You can take a taxi or Uber to get there too. Taxis tend to charge twice as much as Uber, let's see how long that difference stays.

Just north of Girasol Sur Condominium there is an entrance that leads to some stairs that go down to the beach, when I went they were in so-so shape, so take care.

Acceso a la playa

Without a doubt, I can say that access is not possible if you have limited mobility and there's no way if you are in a wheelchair.

What to do

The obvious activities are sunbathing, playing in the sand on the shore and swimming in the sea, all of these are recommended activities at Playa Las Gemelas. Considering that the beach is wide (though not the length), it is possible take advantage of it (depending on the day and the amount of people there) for sports such as volleyball and soccer, although at the entrance they mention that you can not ... you may have to take that into account.

Playa Las Gemelas Beach looking to the NE

We must consider that the beach lacks infrastructure, so I would recommend that you bring your own food and drinks. On the other hand, there are no bathrooms, so it's clear that it'd be a good idea to certify this beach as Blue Flag and offer basic services. You'll have to visit the Girasoles Restaurant in case of emergencies.

I would recommend snorkeling as an activity on this beach, especially when there are small waves, I would take advantage of swimming along the rocky edge (at a safe distance, of course) to the south and visit the other part of Las Gemelas beyond the rocky area.

Finally, amateur fishing also has its place here, small fish and crabs can be found in these waters, although these are protected by the authorities so they can only be captured and returned to the water.

Where to stay and eat

If you are looking to stay in the vicinity there are many options and although it's a bit far from town you can find an accommodation that fits your needs, starting with the luxurious Grand Park Royal Luxury Resort which is located on the south beach of Las Gemelas, also the Garza Blanca resort located under a mile away.

Other more distant options include Hotel Mousai, Villa Karaway, Grand Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta, they offer luxurious, accessible and modest options for all types of travelers.

These resorts are also the main dining areas of the outskirts, the best option is Restaurante Los Girasoles, located next to the beach in the Condominium Girasol Sur.

Las Gemelas (The Twin) Beach

Las Gemelas, despite being a bit rustic and short beaches, is a very popular and ideal place if you are looking to relax, walk along the beach and sunbath while enjoying a beautiful landscape. For those who want to enjoy the beach alone, in an environment that is a true paradise, we invite you to visit and enjoy Las Gemelas Beach in Puerto Vallarta.

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