Lighthouse Lookout on Matamoros street in Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Lighthouse on Matamoros Street in Puerto Vallarta's downtown area

One of the newer remodeled lighthouses (actually it's a beacon) in town, this one is up on the hill overlooking the town, it offers a great view of downtown Puerto Vallarta and the bay.

The lighthouse itself was built and inaugurated August 15th, 1932 by The Harbor Captain Roberto Alcazar. It served the city and guided ships along with the beacon on Galeana street, until June 1978 when it was no longer used.

In 2006 it was remodeled, restored and public street access was made easier, including stairs, a lookout terrace was also added.

When I visited the lighthouse there was even a couch on the top... a dirty old sofa, but should we be picky? :-) Luckily it has since been removed, was a bit too big for the available space.

Lighthouse on the malecon in Puerto Vallarta
Beacon (lighthouse) on Galeana Street and the malecon

The place is great for photography or just enjoying the panoramic view of the town. If you have a good zoom lense you can really get some great angles of the different landmarks around the bay and in downtown Vallarta.

Start off from the malecón, on the corner of Galeana and Morelos, on the malecon, you'll find a smaller lighthouse there, I climbed it and there's a nice view of the surroundings... I'm not sure you can, but there was no sign saying I couldn't, don't try it if you are not athletic enough.

Streets leading up to the Lighthouse lookout
Corner of Galeana & Juárez

Walk up Galeana, towards the hills, cross Juárez, then cross Hidalgo, there you'll start up the stairs, cute houses flank the "street", and nice gardens fill what would be the street itself. Next street is Matamoros (huff, puff...), turn right, some 80-100 ft on your left are the stairs up to the lighthouse.

The view from Matamoros Lighthouse will look something like this:

Panoramic view from Matamoros Lighthouse Lookout
Panoramic view from Matamoros Lighthouse

Downtown Puerto Vallarta seen from Matamoros Lookout
Downtown Vallarta from the Matamoros Lighthouse

How to get to the Matamoros Lookout from the Main Square

Needless to say, the trip and the view is totally worth it, I just need to buy some more lenses for my Digital SLR camera to really take advantage of the lighthouse vantage point. Have fun and send your pictures too! Just so you know, if you continue south along Matamoros you'll be enjoying what is called Gringo Gulch, lots of other photo-ops.

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